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Changelogs - Tomb of Honor

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Heeey! On past week,
we have been adjusting some game content, and pushed thru some player suggestions!
For the excitement, you can see, our new updated Tomb of Honor aka Biolab Nightmare ~~
Also welcome to our new Traniee Helpers! wohoo! :D 

🖐️Commands Update

  • Added new instances to @inscd.



  • Blacksmith Top 10 Ranking bonus - rebalance. (Currently the +750 turned out to be TOOOOOOOOOOO OP). 1f62c.png
    • just so you know it, so you can enjoy it for 1 week at least :P 
    • So we made a lot of tests and unfortunately, the result were best at +200, the weapons will still be demanded, but not as END GAME.


  • New Western Union donation rates updated, please check LimitRO website for more info.
  • Deco Stones re-stock!
  • VIP Shop no longer sells Safe Refine Tickets.

👮Manner List

  • Disabled those on ingame chats.
    • <GM>, <G M>, <gm>, <Gm>, <gM>, <g m>, <G m>, <g M>
      • To prevent scammers.

🕸️Website Update

  • Banlist is now called Crime List
    • All player's listed there have broken 1 or another server rules.
    • Crime List cleans 1 time per year.
  • Added additional top ranked characters to the frontpage (Fishing, Blacksmith, Alchemist and Taekwon).


  • Support for new NPCs
  • Support for new Bloody Knight shield n it's other items.

🐛Bug Fix

  • Fixed Purring to now give Grooming to party instead of "hiss".
  • Fixed Magical Bullet buff time, it was set to 0sec, now back to 30 seconds.
  • Fixed Wickebine Black Cat Ear slotted version bug.

🏘️Instances Updates

  • Sky Fortress vicious weapons will now enter the player's inventory directly instead of dropping on floor.
  • Players no longer need to remake party to get Geffen Tournament cooldown after finishing the instance.
  • Improved Old Glast Heim monster spawns.


  • Added NPC for Dead Branch Room rental.
    • She is located near Vote Point shop.
    • image.png

⛑️Trainee Helpers

  • (09 October - 23 October)
    • Shinchou
    • Pooh
    • ChiIIax (chiiiax) 
    • Vados
  • You may PM these lovely people for advice/questions during this period!
  • They are obliged to answer your Q&A.

☠️Tomb of Honor Update

  • Ono Tohiro (lighthalzen 320,220)
    • No longer requires Laboratory Permit to access
    • Charges 150,000 Zeny OR 10 Research Charts for Enter to Tomb of Honor
  • Lunar (lighthalzen 320,203)
    • Charges 500,000 Zeny and 15 Sentimental Fragments to access Tomb of Honor (NPC Area)
    • Charges 20,000,000 Zeny and 30 Sentimental Fragments to access Tomb of Honor (Safe Map)
  • Thug (lighthalzen 312,296)
    • Exchanges Energy Particles into Energy Fragments
    • Exchanges Energy Fragments into Sentimental Fragments or Cursed Fragments
  • Experienced Adventurer (lighthalzen 319,213)
    • Exchanges Energy Fragments into Blood Thirst, Will of Warrior or Ghost Chill
  • Memory of Regret (lhz_dun_n 143,269)
    • More efficient conversion process
  • Silent Mind (lhz_dun_n 134,265)
    • Exchanges 3 Souls of same kind into random Soul at certain rate
  • Strange Machines (lhz_dun_n, refer minimap)
    • Provides 30-Minute Buffs which increases damage/resistance against Tomb of Honor Mobs
    • Machine has reuse delay of 1 hour
  • 6820#Energy Fragment now account bound.
  • Sentimental Fragment now summons a random monster when used inside Tomb of Honor.
  • Fly Wing/Giant Fly Wing no longer works within Tomb of Honor.
  • Increased HP
  • Lower Attack
  • Removed many skills
  • Added previously missing skills
  • Biolabs 1~4 Monsters now drop Energy Particles
  • Tomb of Honor mobs now drops their respective Cards!

Mini Boss Summoning

  • Example:
  • Kill 130x Chen Ryu
  • A Sura Chen (Mini Boss) will spawn randomly on map.
  • Unless Sura Chen is killed, a Mini Boss of another class cannot be summoned.

MvP Summoning

  • Example:
  • Kill 4x Sura Chen (Mini Boss)
  • A Sura Chen (MvP will spawn randomly on map.
  • Unless he is killed, a MvP of another class cannot be summoned.
  • Once he is killed, there is a 2 Hour delay before any Mini Boss/MvP summoning can be done.

  • Following skills are now disabled:
    • Teleport
    • Ice Wall
    • Intimidate
    • Spider Web
    • Fatal Menance
    • Abracadabra
    • Call Partner
  • Beware of the dead people lying on the floor!


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