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You find, you win #10

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You find, you win #10

1f914.pngOh oh, where are these spots?

  1. image.png
    • Hint: Many Draco eggs ~~
  2. image.png
    • Hint: A very hot place.
  3. image.png
    • Hint: Gon gon gon ~~


  • Name the Map coordinate for one of the spots.
    • Coordinates must be within 5cells range of the correct coordinations.
      • If map name 100/100 is the correct answer, and your answer must be within 95 - 105 range.
    • If you find identical spots, please name all coordinates in 1 reply - max 3. (make sure they are identical)
  • Your In-game character name
  • You can only guess one of the spots and claim 1 winner spot.
  • You can correct your answer, by replying again! (But do not edit your previous answer.)


  • Event ends, until we have all the winners <3


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Looks like no one can't find the Spot 1 so i will take this chance :]

Spot 1

Location: The Abyss Lake(hu_fild05) 316, 212

Ingame Char: Vera Sansan

next event plis Lai =p

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