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LRO September Round Up

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LRO September Round Up


Summer has passed, Fall has arrived to Asgard!

LimitRO is pleased to bring you our latest contents (updated with kRO), bug fixes, and much much more!
Let’s take a breath and briefly review what had happened in LimitRO.
We hope these new changes and events in September made your journey in LimitRO enjoyable and unforgettable.
We had two events: World Fishing Tournament IX, Zodiac Return IX, two Special

Events: Loading Screen Contest, Deco Stone Walking Show (By Lai) and one open
helper recruitment(interview ongoing).
The biggest change in LimitRO in September was the arrival of 16.1, the banquet of
heroes, read below for more information regarding 16.1 and many other features.

New Quests Added:

  • Episode: 16.1 the Banquet of Heroes
    1. Finding Prince Ernst
    2. Walther Family Quest
    3. The Maid & the Jewelry Box 
    4. Dress Dilemma (Repeatable)
    5. Jurgens & Maid (Repeatable)
    6. Related items added
    • image.png
  • Episode: Edda: An Unawakenning Dream of The Pope and A Girl
    1. Half Moon in the Daylight
    2. Related items added
    • Spoiler



  • Lasagna Island Quest
  • Memory Record Quests:
    1. Krotzel’s Request
    2. Photo Journalist’s Request
    3. Rookie’s Request
    4. Grylls’s Request
    5. Record Piece
    6. Help Her
    7. Air Purifier
    8. Grape Harvest
    9. Subdue Hysterical Patients
    10. Daily Necessities Transport
    11. Collect Memory Records of Research Facilities
    12. Collect Memory Records of Laboratories

Now many more items are enchantable at Mayo Mayo in Malango (213,167)

  1. 21018.pngLindy Hop [2]
  2. 2027.pngSunflower Kid [2]
  3. 28010.pngJuliette D. Rachel [2]
  4. 21003.pngMuramasa [2]
  5. 1664.pngThorny Staff of Darkness [1]
  6. 16029.pngNoble Cross [1]

Our GM team are working hard to fix all kinds of bugs in order to make your journey
in LimitRO best that it can be. Please check out the following bug fixes:

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved several issues where players can’t access Memories of Royal Family
  • Fixed bCooldownVlue -32k underflow
  • Fixed a bug when autospell fails on a certain condition, all skills’ cool down are no longer applied.
  • Renovation Recast bug
  • Agni’s Heater will boost increase the recovery amount of Warmer by 10
  • Madness Canceller will use one sphere (before four spheres were needed)
  • Soul Attack will have fifteen cell range.
  • Added missing delays to Amadarias Reflect and Cecine Kimi’s Heal
  • Fixed Old Glast Heim warp issues

Several new commands are added in order to make your life in LimitRO much much easier:

  • @phone is added for L-Phone owners:
    • it can trigger its function where you are (you don’t need to have the phone in inventory). but each usage requires 5,000 zeny.
  • @magnify + number is added:
    • It can let you purchase magnifiers wherever you are at any numbers (you must have enough zeny xD). @magnify 20 will grant you 20 magnifiers.
    • Ctrl + Right Click + Item:
      • It can help you identify an item instantly.
  • @storage2 for Safety Chest Owners:
    • It enables you use safety chest.

LimitRO is a newbie friendly server. Our GM team had decided to reset Alchemist/Blacksmith/Taekwon Ranks on 1st October.

After that rank will be reseted every 12 months but those changed are still tentative. A poll is undergoing. In addition, a great new for newbie is
that Limit Group Coin now worths 10,000 zeny at NPC! wow!!!

As always, LimitRO greatly appreciate those donations to keep the server fully operational.
In September, GM team had made many changes and added many new contents
in cash shop as special thanks to those supports:

  1. Deco Stones with limited sales:
    •  Deco stones provides different kinds of special effects when equipped.
    •  Deco stones can be melt for 150 cash points at Mato Mato
    •  There are currently over 20 Deco Stones.
    • Spoiler



  2. Three new costumes had been added:
    • Blue Fairy Wings
    • Thanatos Sword
    • Antonio’s Bag
    • Spoiler



  3. Verus Mechanic Enchants was added to Godly Enchanter

In September, we also have a good new for sura lover. Now the Stylist in LimitRO also offer the new Sura alternative outfit!!! In addition, all official clothes palettes for all classes has been added.



Many other minor fixes had been made in September by our hard-working GM team
such as item description, errors and supports for coming updates:


  • Released a new full installer, containing all updates up to 9/17/17. For more information, please check out our download page:
  • Old Glast Heim and Horror Toy Factory behavior are more closer to official version.
  • Added support for more status icons. English translations of some icons Supports for doram skill icons.
  • Correct minor Prontera NPC above head icon positions issues.
  • Added supports for future monsters and NPCs.
  • Added more details to the descriptions of some skills
  • Renamed everything from Property to Element.
  • Some minor skill description issues.
  •  Doram’s new buff skills now have buff icons.
  • Fixed some card illustration errors.
  • Safety Chest is renamed as Safety Chest Contract
  • Corrected some item names to match with database.
  • Corrected some weapon sprites.
  • ASPD + % is now called After Attack Delay
  • Guild Storage permission feature added.
    • image.png


Thank you all for reading this round up, and see you in the great October of 2017 ~~
/Hou Hou

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