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World Fishing Tournament IX

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World Fishing Tournament 9

Sept 4 - Oct 2


In the vast deep waters out there ..... there are many hidden secret within, waiting for you to discover.

Requirement (How to fish)

  1. Buy the required items from NPC Genie in Asgard.
    • 32020.pngSmall Fishing Rod
    • 32021.pngBaits
  2. Equip the Fishing Rod (2x for extra bonus)
  3. Find fishing spot and start fishing.


  • AFK Fisher caught will get their points removed.

Fishing Areas

  • North part of Prontera City
    •  Grass Carp
    •  Tiny Trout
    •  Enchant Book
    •  Raw Shrimp
  • West part of Alberta Town
    •  Large Tuna
    •  Sea Squid
    •  Fire Octopus
  • South part of Amatsu
    •  Flower Koi
    •  Red Snapper
    •  Golden Fish
  • South part of Brasilis
    •  White Shark
    •  Small Octopus
    •  Bronze Treasure Box
  • East part of Hugel
    •  Winged Fish
    •  Alligator Shark
    •  River Stickleback
  • South of Dewata
    • Black Eel
    • Prickly Salmon
    • Piranha
  • South of Moscovia
    •  Baby Whale
    •  Blue Whale
    •  Big Shrimp


Fisherman Ranking / Prizes

  • Fishing Master (Asgard) has the Ranking list and your total Fish Points.
    • fishermaster.png
  • The Ranking will reset every tournament.
  • Each successful fish you catch, gives you +1 Fish Point.
  • Fishing Master Prizes (January) When you reach the points, you can claim those items at Master. 
  • Tournament Prizes
    • 1st Place
      • 2x 30087.png?nocache=643686491Cash Point Bag(S)
    • 2nd Place
      • 1x 30087.png?nocache=643686491Cash Point Bag(S)
    • 3rd Place
      • 50x 30086.png?nocache=1853396349Cash Point Coins

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Previous Fishing Winners:


  1. Sweet Paprika
  2. Miao MIao
  3. The Bones of Sura

I have sent the gift to your RODex ingame ~~

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Tournament Winners:


  1. The Bones of Sura
  2. happyswordie
  3. MyMoneyFarm

Prizes delivered to your ingame Rodex <3 

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