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A Story About Me

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Hello there !!!

i want to share my story back then in 2012 =3 that time the person already got my id and already change the password and the Email here it is the SS he keep asking me the kafra storage password because i put all my stuff in my kafra ( with password in it ) and that time i didnt get live time premium yet so i need to use usual kafra, btw im using full screen that time it is kind a blury but u can see a bit clear when you use zooming tool 2 times


first he/she got my White Smith and standing right beside my 2nd account then Little Mammoth whisper at me :




Little Mammoth : your not kevin

Me(using my 2nd account) : im kevin !!!

Little Mammoth : then answer me

Me(using my 2nd account) : hu hu

Little Mammoth : What is your kafra storage ( he means the password )

Me(using my 2nd account) : ---- i didn't know how to react >3<


He also talk to me in Indonesian language so im really Confused !!! Confused = Binggung in Indonesian Language

Please use zooming tool if you want to see it more Clear


Then the second part you can see it in the very top of the client what he was whispering at me




me(using my 2nd account) : ew

me(using my 2nd account) : i'm Kevin

Little Mammoth : ok da fw(gw) save = ( ok sudah saya save ) = Ok i'm already save

me(using my 2nd account) : >,<

Little Mammoth : taro di bank juga bisa di ambil = even if you put it in your KafraBank, Anybody can take it

me(using my 2nd account) : ga bisa = Can't or You Can't take it

Little Mammoth : Kafra ga pake passs = Kafra didn't have Password

me(using my 2nd account) : ga , bisa ada password = No your wrong , Kafra did have password

Little Mammoth : kevin

Little Mammoth : ga da = There is No password on Kafra

Little Mammoth : Why can't you answer my question

me(using my 2nd account) : bisa di kasi pass = You can put password on Kafra

Little Mammoth : its simple im just asking your kafra if your kevin you know it


then i was like uhmm~ well it is my mistake to share the id and pass to him/her *.* can't helped ( in my heart )

im afraid he/she will destroy all of my cute Donation Hats >,< so i cried a bit /sob

Then i contacted Lai using MSN that time =3 , he help me to recover my email after being changed he have the power to look previous email > 3 < then he change the email back to my email and i do reset the password again~


Lai Save my Day and my Account !!!


Thx for reading and looking cleary at the ScreenShoot <3 and sorry my bad english and translation <3






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well the person use it for vending or selling stuff , back then i use my 2nd account to buff me or simply it was my dual account~ then he/she got my main account that's why he/she know that the Arch Bishop is my 2nd account.. well it is my mistake though trusting someone and giving him id and pass =3



@gene CC damage


CC damage was inc by %race and %size card also status int and total attack on your character.. so i use +10 red naght ea4 with 2 Abysmall knight and 1 drake , 100 int and using Phyro (Dieter Skill) i got 270 + 580 attack on my gene =3 and i use Gloom card for more attack XD hehe

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