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After the recent re-emergence and blooming popularity of Critical Rune Knight build. I've decided to share some of the information that newbies keep asking me about. I do not claim myself as the most knowledgeable on this build but I'll do the best I can to pass on the things that I do know.

This guide will only encompasses the PvM aspect of the build. I'll be using only two-handed sword EXCLUSIVELY since I never really liked shield, but I may touch upon one-handed weapon + shield builds a bit.

Update: After nearly 3 years, I am finally updating the guide with the current the newest META and upgrades. Especially after the most recent updates, the Ignition Break Build has become the go to Build for Crit/Physical RK.

The guide will be divided between builds on certain parts, which include: Ignition Break Build, Auto-Attack Build and maybe Wind Cutter Build later on.


Pros &  Cons

Pros: -

  • Has one of the strongest DPS currently.
  • Access to runes that can boosts your stats.
  • High Natural MDEF when not using berserk (Immunity to Stone Curse and Frozen status effect).


  • Heavy reliance on buffs, foods and runes adds to long term cost.
  • Endgame can be a bit costly (As with most builds anyway.)
  • Reflect still sucks, for now at least.




AGI - Mainly for ASPD

VIT - Raises your Max HP and HP recovery, a 100 total VIT will provide immunity to stun status effect.

INT - Max SP, Faster Cast time for Ignition Break and bonus damage to 2001.png Enchant Blade buff.

DEX - Hit Rate and Faster Cast Time for Ignition Break.

LUK - Raises Critical Hit rate and provides other misc attributes like sATK, sMATK, Flee, Hit and Perfect Dodge.


Allocation suggestion (Ignition Break and :

Disclaimer: The stats given below are by no means the only way you should assign the status points. These are just basic guidelines. You can freely fine-tune the stats to your preferences based on the equipment and buffs that you have.

STR - 120

AGI - 1~70*

VIT - 100

INT - 100+ **

DEX - 100+ **

LUK - 120 ***

*RK have an easier time reaching 193 ASPD than most classes due to various buffs at it's disposal. With additional AGI Buffs/Foods, aspd % bonus, and flat aspd bonus it's pretty easy to reach top speed. However, for One-handed Spear+Shield builds a slightly higher AGI might be necessary to reach the same ASPD outside of zerking. (As for those who are wondering, Flee rate isn't really that important at higher levels.)

**For faster cast time with Ignition Break BuildAlso the extra INT and Matk will help boost your 2001.png Enchant Blade damage for Auto-Attack Build.

***Fixed value for 22005.pngTemporal LUK Boots


The skills mentioned are divided by their utilities such as: General, SituationalIgnition BreakAuto-Attack and others.



Two-Handed_Sword_Mastery.png Two-Handed Sword Mastery (General) - Provide some Mastery ATK when using a two-handed sword.

Magnum Break.png Magnum Break (General, Ignition Break)- Adds 20% ATK bonus for 10 seconds. Best used before using 12726.png Crush Strike and Ignition Break.png Ignition Break.

Berserk.png Auto-Berserk (General) - Cast level 10 Provoke.png Provoke to yourself when your HP is below 25%. Useful during Berserk as you have 0 DEF for the duration anyway.

Endure.png Endure (General)- Adds 10 Hard MDEF, cause why not? One of two skills to provide flinching resistance.


Knight/Lord Knight

Frenzy.png Berserk (Auto-Attack)- The classic LK buff for this Auto-Attack build. It hasn't change much from the early days. With two exception. It now add +200% ATK instead of +100% and the attack speed bonus no longer stacks with Two-hand Quicken's. Please note that it does not increase damage from 2001.png Enchant Blade.

Twohand_Quicken.png Two-hand Quicken (General, Auto-Attack) - Temporarily boosts your attack speed by 30% at max level while equipping a Two-handed Sword. Also adds 20 Hit and 12 Crit at max level. DOES NOT STACK with the attack speed increase from Berserk.

Parry.png Parrying (General) - Your main defensive skill if you are using a Two-handed Sword. Blocks most incoming physical damage at 50% chance. Lasts for 1 minute. Always recast right before using Berserk as it is your lifeline.

Spear_Dynamo.png Concentration (General) - Increase ATK by [5 + (Skill Level x 2)]% and lowers DEF by the same amount. The Hit Rate bonus and flinch resist more than make it worthwhile despite the downside. Keep active at all times.

Aura Blade.png Aura Blade -  (General) -  Adds Mastery (?) ATK for 2 minutes. Formula are as follows, 100ATK+[BaseLv*(SkillLv+3)]

Charge Attack.png Charge Attack - (General, Situational) Lets you quickly move to an opponent with a maximum distance of 14 cells.  Have a lot of practical use, like to rush a target or switch between targets quickly.


Rune Knight:

Rune Mastery.png Rune Mastery (General) - MUST BE MAXED. Rune Knights are called what they are for a reason. More details on this on the Runestone Section.

Dragon Training.png Dragon Training (General) - Provide a permanent Walk Speed boost and a hefty 1500 weight limit bonus at max level while mounting a Ferus. It also allows Spear Class weapon to deal 100% damage to all monster size.

Enchant Blade.png Enchant Blade (Auto-Attack) - Adds Magic Damage on top of your normal ATK. The current formula is as follows, [(SkillLv x 20 + 100) x BaseLv/100*] + Caster Matk + Caster INT(during casting) - Target Mdef).

Ignition Break.png Ignition Break (General, Ignition Break) - Your main Area of Effect Skill for Ignition Break build. It can now crits at half of user crit value, hence Crit modifier works with it. It's functions as a melee attack regardless of the range of the damage. Can be auto-casted for Auto-Attack build. 18971.pngOld Rune Circlet [1] is the best Headgear to use with this skill.

Wind Cutter.png Wind Cutter (General, Wind Cutter) - A easily spammable and versatile effect depending on your equipped weapon counterpart of Ignition Break.png Ignition Break.

  • Two-handed sword, (250 x skill level)% Atk per hit. (Skill will ignore target's defense and deals damage two times)
  • Spear, (400 x skill level)% Atk. (Skill damage type will become long ranged physical damage.)
  • Other weapons, (300 x skill level)% Atk.

Sonic Wave.png Sonic Wave (General, Situational) - A far reaching Ranged Physical Skill available to this build. There isn't really much use for it due to the long cooldown and cast delay. But it is one of the few range damage option for two-handed sword physical RK when you need it.

2008.png Dragon Breath (Situational)-  Deals non-ATK /MATK Fire property damage that ignores DEF/Flee and is treated as a range attack. Has a low chance of inflicting burning status effect. However since the damage depends greatly on range damage modifier and current HP and not ATK, it is not a common skill choice for this build. Not to mention it has a high FCT, VCT and cast delay that make it less than optimal for spamming. But it is of the Reflect countermeasure, for now.

5004.png Dragon Water Breath (Situational) - The Water element variant of 2008.png Dragon Breath that causes freezing status effect instead.

Full Throttle.png Full Throttle (Situational) Fully restores HP and places a temporary buff on the user that increases all base stat by 20% and doubles Movement Speed. But the very short duration, long CD, and the terrible rebound after the effect expires really doesn't make this very useful. 

5.png Skill Setup Example


First Job Skills

Second/Transcended Job Skills

Third Job Skills

Yes, we have some freedom with our skill allocation. As you can see I still have 9 extra skill points. :P




List of equipments that you can use for this build that's available in this server. (Does not include the Spear+Shield crit build) My personal recommended equips will be marked with (R) and be placed at the top of the list.

1185.png?nocache=859717353 Weapons

  • 21018.pngLindy Hop [2] (R) [For every 2 refine ATK +1%. For every refine ASPD  +1%. Indestructable.]  A new addition to the list, you can't go wrong with this sword. It's unbreakable, have the HIGHEST base ATK of any Two-handed Sword and it's pretty heavy making it a perfect  12726.png Crush Strike weapon. In addition it can be Malangdo Enchanted so you can get either more Critical or ATK depending on the enchant you choose. If you are using 28433.pngBlue Luminous Stone getting 4817.pngSharp Lv2 for additional 10% Crit damage is better than getting two FS enchants. 
  • 21016.pngTwo-Handed Sword of Vicious Mind [1] (R) [ATK increased by (Refine*Refine), up to +15 refine. MATK increased by (Refine*Refine)/2, up to +15 refine. Level 70 or higher: Per 10 Base Level, ATK +5. Has with 3 random Options/Charms when dropped by monsters.] A level 4 variant of 21015.pngTwo-Handed Sword of Crimson [2] with slightly higher base ATK/MATK and 1 card socket. However, it came pre-enchanted with 3 random options with varying values that can make this sword into anything from rubbish to the arguably one of the best weapon there is.
  • 21019.pngOnimaru [2] (R) [Every 1 Base STR increase ATK +1, however it's limited up to 120 only. If base STR is 95 or higher, ATK +40. If base STR is 108 or higher, ATK +80. If base STR is 120 or higher, ATK +160. At +7 refine or more, has a 3% to curse enemies when attacking in 11x11 cells, weapon becomes unbreakable. At +9 refine or more, autocast Level 5 Maximum Power-Thrust.png Maximum Over Thrust when using Frenzy.png Berserk.] One of the most sought after weapon for Critical Rune Knights. This particular  sword was outshone by the newer 21018.pngLindy Hop [2] but still one of the more viable options out there. Requires you to raise base STR to 120 for maximum ATK bonus. If possible, upgrade it to +7 and +9 for the unbreakable and the extra 100% ATK during berserk bonus. It's also a hefty level 4 weapon so it's one of the weapon suitable for using 12726.png Crush Strike.
  • 1187.pngGlorious Claymore (R) [Increase ATK on Demihuman by 70%. Ignore 25% DEF of Demihuman. At +6 refine: Ignore +5% DEF of Demihuman, [Slaughter] Lv 2 (Slaughter bonus is capped +14 refine.) At +9 refine: When physically attacking, has a chance of casting Level 1 Spear_Dynamo.png Concentration and Level 1 Aura Blade.png Aura Blade or the highest learned level.] A good weapon to use for Demihuman MVPs and Biolab Nightmare Mobs. It adds a total of ATK +196% towards Demihuman if you refine the weapon to +14 or higher along with a 30% DEF bypass for Demihumans. If you have it then use it. Suitable for Biolab 3~5 farming.
  • 21009.pngThanatos Great Sword [1] (R) [INT +6, VIT +6, LUK -6. Has a 5% chance of recovering 5% HP and 1.5% chance of recovering 5% SP from your damage when Physically attacking. MATK +120. Consumes 100 HP every 10 seconds. Consumes 1,000 HP when unequipped.] This would be the best option for leeching HP and SP while attacking. You will almost never run out of HP and SP while using this weapon while mobbing.
  • 21015.pngCrimson Two-handed Sword [2]  [ATK increased by (Refine*Refine), up to +15 refine. MATK increased by (Refine*Refine)/2, up to +15 refine. Level 70 or higher: Per 10 Base Level, ATK +5. Has a random elemental Option when dropped by monsters.] If you could get it upgraded to +10 or more it is quite formidable as it has a high ATK bonus and some MATK to go with it. A Fire elemental option would be save you plenty of 12114.gifFlame Elemental Converters for Ignition Break.png Ignition Break .
  • 21011.pngGigantic Blade [1] [ASPD  -5%. Increases critical damage on targets by 1% per upgrade level of the item. This item is indestructible. If base STR is 110 or lower, ATK - 250] A high ATK level 4 sword that's also unbreakable. We certainly don't have too many of that. It's also the heaviest sword available making it the best weapon for 12726.png Crush Strike. The Crit Damage bonus is simply wonderful at higher refine level. Too bad it only has 1 card socket.
  • 1186.pngDeath Guidance [2] [STR + 5, AGI + 2, Perfect Dodge + 20. Adds a 1% chance of inflicting NPC Skill Icon.png Hell Power on the target or the user attacking. Adds a 2% chance of casting Level 1 NPC Skill Icon.png Vampire's Gift on the target when attacking. If upgrade level is +9 or higher, Level 2 NPC Skill Icon.png Vampire's Gift will be cast instead.] It is good for recovering your HP and as well tanking. Getting a +9 upgraded one is actually not that hard. Can be enchanted at Malangdo.
  • 21038.pngOriental Sword [2] [For every 2 refine levels: ATK +10. For every 3 refine levels: Increases Sonic Wave.png Sonic Wave damage by 10%. Refine Level +9: Randomly autocasts Level 2 Sonic Wave when dealing melee physical attacks. Refine Level +11: Indestructible. When worn with 22171.pngAncient Hero Boots [1]: Randomly increases STR by 20 and ATK by 15% for 7 seconds when dealing physical attack.] I can't really give an accurate assessment on this sword. Even though the set bonus is quite good, but the low base damage of the sword does not make it favourable. Maybe after Sonic Wave.png Sonic Wave is buffed it will be more useful, but let's give it a benefit of a doubt for now I guess? /hmm 
  • 21003.pngMuramasa [2] [Critical +30, ASPD +8%. Curses its user at 1% chance when attacking.] The weapon ATK might be low, but the +30 Critical would help you reach over 100 Critical Hit Rate more easily. It can now be Malangdo enchanted for that added ATK/Crit. /no1 
  • 21025.pngAvenger Claymore [Increase ATK on Demihuman by 45%. Reduce damage from Demihuman by 10%. At +5 refine: Increase ATK on Demihuman by 25%. Reduce damage from Demihuman by 10%. At +7 refine: Increase ATK on Demihuman by 20%. Reduce damage from Demihuman by 10%. [Slaughter] Lv 2 (Slaughter bonus is capped +14 refine.) At +9 refine: 1% chance of reducing Cast Delay by 100% when attacking. Indestructible.A total of ATK +211% towards Demihuman if you refine the weapon to +14 or higher. It also provides 30% Demihuman damage reduction at +7 Refine. An alternative to 1187.pngGlorious Claymore with a more defensive property. The unbreakable bonus is certainly a plus though. Credit to @Lex Luthorfor reminding me of it's existence.
  • 1117.pngKatana [4] [... 4 card sockets I guess? XD] Anyway, katana has it's uses. Which is.. Figure it out yourselves.:)
  • 21004.pngAlca Bringer [2] [Increases ASPD by 1 for every 2 upgrade levels.] It's very difficult to obtain much less refine. Since ASPD isn't really an issue for Rune Knights. Skip this if you unless you just have to own every existing Two-handed sword out there.



  • 4399.pngMemory of Thanatos Card (R) [Ignore the DEF of target and adds ATK by half of the value of your target's DEF. Each attack drains 1 SP, DEF -30, Flee -30.] Most MVP have really high DEF so.. It's awesome. Yeeeaaahh... /rice 
  • 4608.pngWhite Knight Card  (R) [ATK +15. Increase damage inflicted on medium and large size monsters by 20%] If you are going for a more balanced build between Skills and Critical damage this card would be the best option for you, aside from using 4305.pngTurtle General Card. Also I've recently discovered that when combined with 4399.pngMemory of Thanatos Card  it will surpass even 4464.pngAunoe Card even when you are going for the INT/Matk damage bonus.
  • 4305.pngTurtle General Card  (R) [ATK +20%, Has 3% chance of of Casting Magnum Break.png Magnum Break when physically attacking.] When Magnum Break.png Magnum Break procs while attacking, your damage will be higher than when using 4608.pngWhite Knight Card. I personally use this since I use the same weapon for both Skills and normal Critical. The push back might be a hassle for certain situation outside of hitlocking though.
  • 4464.pngAunoe Card (R) [Critical damage +20%.] This card is a cheaper alternative normal Critical Hits. Crit Damage boost under the right circumstances would do more damage to an equivalent ATK rate bonus.Note: This only apply if you are investing on considerable INT and Matk for your normal hits. Read more about it on my FAQ Section.
  • 4115.pngHunter Fly Card [Provides a 3% chance to recover 15% of your damage as HP] Use it together with 21009.pngThanatos Great Sword [1] to augment it's effect.
  • 31024.pngImmortal Cursed Knight Card [ATK +10%. Adds a 2% chance of casting Level 5 Ignition Break.png Ignition Break on the target when performing a physical attack. Set Bonus with 31026.pngStefan Jack Earnest Wolf Card:ASPD + 1] If you wish to go for full auto-cast  Ignition Break.png Ignition Break sub-build combine this with the Rune Knight Shadow Set Combo. Equip it together with 18971.pngOld Rune Circlet [1] for greater damage!!!:D
  • 4689.pngTrue Seyren Windsor Card [Increases Ignition Break.png Ignition Break damage by 20%. When compounded to Level 4 weapons: Increases Ignition Break.png Ignition Break damage by 20%. When refine level +10: Increases Ignition Break.png Ignition Break damage by 20%.] This card will make your Ignition Break.png Ignition Break damage skyrocket to the stratosphere!!! Two of these on a level 4 weapon with the right equipments will probably kill about 90% of non-mvp mobs that's not a Biolab 3-5 monsters.
  • 4407.pngRandgris Card [ATK +10%. Make a weapon indestructible. Has 5% chance of casting Dispell.png Dispell on the target when physically attacking.] Since both 12729.png Fighting Spirit and  12726.png Crush Strike has a chance of destroying your weapon, it's better to have this inserted to your sword. Dispell.png Dispell can be useful against certain MVP's buff that would make your life a nightmare. Update: The unbreakable bonus is a bit redundant due to the availability of lots of unbreakable weapons and the implementation of 19195.pngRacing Cap(Rune Knight) [1].
  • 4147.pngBaphomet Card [Hit -10. Endow a weapon with damage that will splash 3x3 cells around the character with each attack.] An okay tool for clearing mobs. Generally, you want to use Ignition Break.png Ignition Break to clear the mobs, but without high refine 18971.pngOld Rune Circlet [1], it might need more than 1-2 cast to clear it. That's where this card comes in. Additionally, this card also has a great synergy with leeching items such as 21009.pngBroadsword of Thanos [1]. Negligible if you have high enough Ignition Break.png Ignition Break damage. Suggested by @kingtristan.
  • 4172.pngThe Paper Card [Critical damage +20%. Each attack drains 1 SP.] It's just like4464.pngAunoe Card with some minor inconvenience.
  • 4578.pngPyuriel Card  [Critical damage +30%. Damage from all monster types +10%.] This card has been outranked by 4608.pngWhite Knight Card  and 4305.pngTurtle General Card after I did some testing. Don't get me wrong it still provides a considerable damage boost, but with it's rarity and exorbitant price it's not really the most practical choice.
  • 4649.pngInfinite Phreeoni Card [Crit +100] Just like it says on the tin. Can't be more obvious. Would solve all your Critical needs. Period. Update: Currently there are a lot of other options for raising critical rate so it's not very useful anymore.
  • 4072.pngGolem Card [Make a weapon indestructible. ATK + 5] A more economic substitute for 4407.pngRandgris Card. If you want to risk it while using a normal breakable sword, it's your call. You can also prepare a lot of spare weapons bring a FCP slave. :) Update: Made unnecessary due to the availability of lots of unbreakable weapons and the implementation of  19195.pngRacing Cap(Rune Knight) [1].
  • 4521.pngSedora Card/4317.pngMobster Card  [Critical damage +15%.] If 4464.pngAunoe Card is out of your budget, use either of these instead.

5025.png?nocache=181886564 Headgears (2228.png?nocache=367424875 Upper, 5014.png?nocache=71329343 Middle and 2266.png?nocache=120055636 Lower)


Upper Headgear

  • 19195.pngRacing Cap(Rune Knight) [1] (R)  [For every 2 refine: ATK +10. For every 3 refine: Increase attack speed (reduce delay after attack by 2%). If upgrade level is +8 or higher, Increase critical damage by 5% per level of Two-Handed Quicken user learned. If upgrade level is +11 or higher, equipped weapons will be Indestructible. Gains level 5 Double_Attack.png Double Attack.] It's official fellas, the time has come!!! /fsh Saying that this headgear is a MUST HAVE for Critical RK builds is an UNDERSTATEMENT!!!! It adds 50% Crit damage, 25% chance of dealing double damage bonus ATK and some ASPD with every few refines and best of all at +11 refine you can use any weapon without fear of it breaking!!! Be warned though, from what I heard it's costly and serves only as a end-game equipment, use 5388.png?nocache=899002080Snake Head Hat [1]/5531.pngBaby Dragon Hat [1] if you don't have the budget. You still can't enchant it at the moment, but I'm sure you'll wet yourself once you are able to. /heh 
  • 5388.png?nocache=899002080Snake Head Hat [1]/5531.pngBaby Dragon Hat [1] (R)  [Gives 25% chance of performing Double_Attack.png Double Attack with each normal hit.] (Double Attack and other similar skills now allow Critical Hits!) The best low cost upper headgears at the moment, both surpasses nearly every other headgear on the market right now. It boosts your overall DPS by an average of 1.25x!! Similar to 19195.pngRacing Cap(Rune Knight) [1] at +11 refine.
  • 18971.pngOld Rune Circlet [1] (R) [All Stats + 1. MDEF+ 5. Each refine increase ATK + 4. Each 5 refines increase ASPD + 1. Each 2 refine increase Max HP&Max SP by 1%, adds 20% more damage with Ignition Break.png Ignition Break and adds 15% more damage with Hundred Spear.] A must have headgear as it enhances IB damage by a huge margin every 2 refine. The attack speed bonus also helps you to conserve stats points and buff foods on raising AGI. If you are planning to go for the autocast IB sub-build, I must really endorse this headgear. Even if you don't, this will help you a lot with mobbing.
  • 18856.pngWhite King Tiger Doll Hat [0] [STR + 2, DEX + 2. 10% additional damage to Brute monsters. Has 0.5% chance of turning you into an Edgga and adds 25 ATK. Drains 5 SP per second during transformation. Each refine will raise activation chance by another 0.5% and adds another 25 ATK.] Transforms you to an Edgga and gives you a massive ATK boosts when attacking. Higher refine is recommended if you plan on using it, but you might as well get a 19195.pngRacing Cap(Rune Knight) [1] if you can afford this.
  • 5360.pngWickebine's Black Cat Ears [FLEE +10, CRIT +3, Critical damage +10%. Adds 5 % chance of ignoring a monster's MDEF when attacking with Magic. When worn with2855.pngWhikebain's Black Tail: Critical damage +10%. If refine of 5360.pngWickebine's Black Cat Ears is +6 or higher, ASPD +3% CRIT +7.] A total of +10 CRIT and +20% Crit damage for the set.  /no1
  • 5208.pngRideword Hat [1] [Provides a 5% chance to recover 8% of your damage as HP and 1% chance to recover 4% of your damage as SP when dealing damage.] If you are hurting for HP, equipping one of this will help you recover HP as you attack. Works well when doing crowd control.
  • 18752.pngCursed Book [1] [Provides 4% chance to recover 4% of your damage as HP, HP recovered increases by 1% for every 1% for every 2 refine level and 1% chance to recover 4% of your damage as SP when dealing damage SP recovered increases by 1% for every 1% for every 3 refine level.Another variation of 5208.pngRideword Hat [1] that requires you to over-upgrade but much higher leeching potential if you can be bothered.
  • 18509.pngIndo Warrior Cap [1] [Reduce damage from demihuman by 10%, Crit Rate +10, LUK +5, ASPD +1, ATK & MATK +3%. Increase the healing effect of 501.gif Red Potion and 504.gif White Potion by 100%.] Almost all of the effect are useful for this build, even the 10% Demi-human reduction will help you tank against certain Demi-human bosses/mobs.
  • 5363.pngHelm of Abyss [1] [Reduce damage from Bosses by 10%. Increases damage received from normal monsters by 5%.] For tanking that extra damage reduction from bosses. Be wary of the negative side effect though.
  • 5899.pngBlack Ribbon [1] [Increase Sonic Wave.png Sonic Wave, Wind Cutter.png Wind Cutter damage by 50%. Refine +7, add ATK +2 for every 5 Base AGI. Refine +9, increases Ignition Break.png Ignition Break damage by 30%] Just use it for the  Sonic Wave.png Sonic Wave effect. The rest of the bonuses are negligible. 18971.pngOld Rune Circlet [1] is better for Ignition Break.png Ignition Break damage boost.


Headgear Card

  • 4529.pngViolent Coelacanth Card (R) [ATK +2% For every 2 refine, ATK +1%, Max SP -1%] The best upper HG card in terms of raw power. But very costly. End-game use only.
  • 4556.pngFenrir Card (R) [MATK +50. Every refine on the headgear increases MATK by 5. Reduce fixed cast time by 70%. (The fixed cast time reduction will be negated if you equip two of them)] With a +16 HG this card increases 130 MATK which adds to 2001.png Enchant Blade output. But the real use is for reducing 12726.png Crush Strike Fixed Cast Time, since re-casting CS mid-fight would normally be interrupted by attacks from the MVP and it's spawn. The 1 second fixed cast time would also render it obsolete as you might as well do the same amount of damage during the time needed to cast it, so reducing it to 0.3 second is godsend. Note: The fixed cast time reduction of this card works with other % reduction like 22511.pngFenrir's Power Scroll. So you can bypass fix cast time entirely! :)
  • 4468.pngDark Pinguicula Card (R) [ATK +10, When killing a monster, adds a chance to have a poisonous herb drop] The most common headgear card. Recommended for beginners.
  • 4513.pngAngra Mantis Card (R) [Critical damage +2%] I'm not certain whether this or a simple ATK card would be the better choice as we don't get the extra Critical damage bonus that the thief classes get. But it is true that for this particular Rune Knight build, Critical damage bonus is THE BEST for your damage. I'm not sure anymore hahaha.
  • 27088.pngFurious Hero Card [ATK +2%, Adds 0.5% chance of gaining Endure effect for 5 seconds when dealing melee attacks] ATK or CRIT damage.. Hmm. /hmm 
  • 27109.pngJitterbug Card [Reduces physical and magical damage taken from Neutral elemental monsters by 10%. MaxHP +500. When used together with: 27107.pngPlaying Pere Card and 27108.pngSinging Pere Card: Adds a chance for 6 seconds when dealing physical or magical attack to restore HP by 2000 upon activation and increases physical and magical damage inflicted on Neutral elemental monsters by 200%] From what I've heard from the grapevine, the combo is pretty useful. With a total 220% extra physical and magical attack towards Neutral MVP and mobs, this card is a good combo. But it's a very situational combo for usage. Credit to @Theodosia for informing me. ;)
  • 4458.pngDuneyrr Card [ATK +10. When dealing physical damage, there's a 1% chance that for 4 seconds Perfect Dodge +10.] A bit better than 4468.pngDark Pinguicula Card as it has a low chance to add +10 Perfect Dodge.
  • 4461.pngPhylla Card [DEX +1, AGI +1. When dealing physical damage, there's a 1.5% chance that for 4 seconds you will receive CRIT + 20] I pick this card over 4411.pngVanberk Card due to the fact that unlike GX, we have lower number of hits per second to activate it effectively. It has 3 times the chance to proc the Critical bonus compared to Vanberk Card if you need that tiny bit of extra Crit. /no1
  • 4411.pngVanberk Card [STR +2. When dealing physical damage, there's a 0.5% chance to recieve CRIT +100 for 5 seconds] Adds +100 Crit when attacking with a very low chance.


Middle Headgear

  • 5918.pngGambler Seal (R) [Crit +3 & Critical Damage +3%. Reduce damage taken from Arrow Storm & Gate of Hell. Every 10 base Luk increases Crit +1, Atk +2 and Matk +2. When Base Luk is 108 or higher, Crit +5, Critical Damage +10%. When base Luk is 120 or higher, Crit +10, Critical Damage +17%, reduces damage taken from Arrow Storm and Gate of Hell by 30%. Every 10 Base Dex Critical Damage -2%.] This has to be one of the most important piece of equipment available for Critical Rune Knights. A potential of +30 Crit Rate, +30% Critical Damage and +24 ATK/MATK at 120 base Luk would put other middle headgears to shame! Despite being a bit costly, it's well worth the effort of getting it. YOU MUST HAVE THIS!!!
  • 5592.pngSigrun's Wings (R) [If worn by a Swordman, Merchant, Thief or Taekwon Classes, increase ASPD +1] It's cheap and add +1 flat aspd. A good beginner's middle HG. :)
  • 5325.pngRobo Eye (R) [ATK + 2%, MATK + 2%, Dex + 1] Easily obtainable. Critical Rune Knights benefits equally from the ATK and MATK bonus. Another newbie friendly HG.
  • 5933.pngCrow Tengu Mask [ATK +1%, long ranged attack +2%. When base STR is 108 or higher ATK+1%, long ranged attack +2%. When base STR is 120 or higher, ATK+2%, long ranged attack +3%.] Provides ATK+4% at 120 base STR. Adds additional ATK +6% and long range attack +3% when equipped together with19112.pngTengu Scroll at 120 base STR.


Lower Headgear

2316.png?nocache=100684866 Armor

  • 15173 Cursed Mail [1] (R) [Reduces all property damage by 5%, ATK +10%, MATK + 10%. If refine level is +7 or higher, the armor becomes Indestructable and additional MaxHP +5%, MaxSP +5%] At present time, this is the armor with the best possible bonus available. Can be a bit more expensive than your run of the mill armors.
  • 15128.pngExerion Suit (R) [VIT +6. If base level is over 130, adds VIT +4. Every 3 refine increases MaxHP by 4%. Indestructable (except in upgrade attempts)] A.K.A Excellion Suit. Best if compounded with the STR/Attack/DEF/ASPD/Perfect/MaxHP reactors are also feasible options. Read more about it here.
  • 15147.pngAbusive Robe [1] (R) [Enable the use of Level 1 Improve Concentration.png Attention ConcentrateBypass defense of Demi-Human, Demon and Undead race by 4 % per refine level. When worn with 2524.pngValkyrian Manteau [1]: Bypass defense of Demi-Human, Demon and Undead race defense bypass by additional 15%. MHP +10%, For each refine additional 1% Max HP +1%. ATK +2%, additional 1% ATK per refine.] A suggested equipment by @Gwenhwyfar for Nightmare Biolab and also for PvP/WoE. If you do not have a 4399.pngMemory of Thanatos Card, you may use this for the defense bypassing properties of demihuman or if you are in WoE. The MaxHP and ATK set bonus is really great if you can get it to higher refine. Getting 4996.pngRune of Strength_Lv 3 or 29008.pngRune of Luck Lv 3 enchants are preferable but might be a bit troublesome to get and requires high refine of the robe for maximum boost. End-game use.
  • 15145.pngEvil Dragon Armor [1] (R) [If upgraded to +8, adds certain chances to drain percentage of your damage as HP  and SP. If upgraded to +9 and +10 refine, the chances and restoration amount increases.] At +10 it has a total of 6% chance of leeching 6% of your damage as HP and 5% chance of leeching 5% of your damage as SP. Helpful in almost all situation. I approve. /ok
  • 15146.pngRobe of Flattery [1] [Enable the use Level 1 Endure.png EndureMatk + 50. When base level is 120 or higher, Matk + 50. When character base level is 140 or  higher, Matk + 50.] The new robe from Banquet for  Heroes that adds a bit of MATK for your 2001.png Enchant Blade damage. Might not be the best option as 15147.pngAbusive Robe [1] has a much better bonus for Biolab and PvP. Similar to 15147.pngAbusive Robe [1] , enchant it with  4996.pngRune of Strength_Lv 3 or 29008.pngRune of Luck Lv 3 for the max effect. End-game use
  • 15041.pngBoitata Armor [1] [FLEE +5, MaxHP +5%, MDEF + 3. Reduces neutral property damage by 7%. Indestructable (except in upgrade attempts).] It's has some decent effect. It is actually indestructable despite the description not saying so.
  • 2357.pngValkyrian Armor [1] [All Stats +1, Indestructable (except in upgrade attempts). If worn by Swordsman, Merchant or Thief Classes stun resist +50%. Full Valkyrie Set: All Stats +1] The cheapest indestructable armor that zeny can buy.
  • 15037.pngPeuz's Plate [MDEF +10. ATK +20, FLEE +17. Full Peuz Set: Increases damage to all sizes monster by 10%. Increases damage of Wind Cutter.png Wind Cutter and Sonic Wave.png Sonic Wave by 100%. Has a 1% chance of activating 12726.png Storm Blast and Spear Dynamo.png Concentration and adding 2 ASPD while physically attacking. Increases SP costs of skills by 10.] This armor is still practical if you could get the right enchant for it especially the Critical Hit Rate from Mora Enchant at +9 Refine. Has it's uses for getting 4818.pngSharp Lv1 and 4817.pngSharp Lv2 enchant to go with 28433.pngBlue Luminous StoneHowever it's eclipsed by the 15128.pngExerion Suit as a unslotted armor counterpart.
  • 15093.pngHeroic Plate [1] [MDEF +5. MaxHP +5%, MaxSP +5%. ATK +10, MATK +10, HIT +10, FLEE +10. 12732.png Storm Blast damage is increased by 10%. Add 1% chance to cast Level 10 Heal.png Heal and Level 10 Storm Gust.png Storm Gust when physically attacking. The chance is increased by 1% for each upgrade level.] I actually don't suggest this for usage. Although Storm Gust.png Storm Gust helps with with damaging and freezing the slaves when confronting bosses, the cast delay of SG is absurdly long and it can hinder you from casting any skills during the delay.  BUT if you want to try out autocast aspd build, this is the armor to use.


  • 4302.pngTao Gunka Card (R) [Maximum HP + 100%. DEF - 50, MDEF - 50] If you are planning on tanking your way out of a one hit KO while on Berserk or simply want to tank the heck out of mobs this is the best card to have. As someone eloquently put it 'You can't DPS if you are dead'. /heh The penalty has no consequences for a Critical Rune Knight when zerking anyway.
  • 4602.pngRealized Amdarais Card (R) [ATK + 20%, MATK + 20%. Each 6 seconds lost 666 HP and 66 SP. Drain 6666 HP and 666 SP as the armor is unequipped.] Best general use card for Physical Rune Knight as you greatly benefit from both the ATK and MATK. You need to be wary of the SP drain though, it can easily bring your SP down to 0. 12730.png Abundance can be used to lessen the effect to a degree. For the HP drain it's hardly noticeable unless your weight is over 50% at the time.
  • 4408.pngGloom Under Night Card (R) [Increase damage inflicted on Holy Property, Shadow Property, Angel Race and Demon Race by 40%.]. Works great for certain mvps like Valkyrie Randgris and other monsters with said properties and/or race.
  • 4337.pngPorcellio Card (R) [ATK + 25, DEF - 5] Good card for beginners.
  • 27126.pngBoitata Card [Increase damage inflicted on Earth Property, Wind Property, Brute Race and Insect Race by 40%.] A notable counterpart for 4408.pngGloom Under Night Card for the stated elemental and properties. If you can afford it, why not right?
  • card.gifElemental Armor Cards Fire, Water, Earth, Wind and Shadow Property Cards are useful. Holy property can be obtained from using12280.pngHoly Elemental Scroll. Undead Property for Stone Cure and Frozen Immunity if you are a pure Berserk Crit enthusiast and won't settle for anything less.
  • 4419.pngKtullanux Card [Increases damage inflicted on Fire Property by 50%. Add a 2% chance of auto casting Level 10 Frost Nova on an enemy when the user receives Physical or Magical Damage.] Useful against certain mobs and MVPs such as Ifrit, Egnigem Cenia, Mulspellskoll and Seyren Winsor..... <_<.
  • 4601.pngAmdarais Card [ATK + 15%, MATK + 15%. Each 4 seconds lost 666 HP and 66 SP. Drain 6666 HP and 666 SP as the armor is unequipped.] A downgraded 4602.pngRealized Amdarais Card. The drain has much shorter frequency meaning you will lose HP/SP at a much faster rate. If the HP drain starts to bother you 14534.pngSmall Life Potion can be used to completely negate it.
  • 4342.pngRSX-0806 Card [VIT +3. Can not be knocked back.Make an armor Indestructable.] There are times where knock back can be a hassle and that's where this card comes in.
  • 4652.pngNightmare Amon Ra Card [Increase magic damage inflicted on Shadow Property and Undead Property, Demon Race and Undead monster by 50%.] For any Race Magic Damage bonus it will affect the MATK portion of 2001.png Enchant Blade. Not exactly sure of the whether Property Magic Damage works similarly though.

2505.png?nocache=663814875 Garment

  • 2589.pngFallen Angel Wing [1] (R) [All stats +1, For every 20 base main stats certain status increases.] At 120 Base Luk it will add 6% Critical Damage. It has multiple enchant options. Second and third enchant slots are unlocked at +7 and +9 refine level respectively. The one and only enchant that I would endorse for it is Fatal (Max +28% Critical Damage and +10 Critical Rate). Though you can also go for Fighting Spirit (Max +57 ATK and +15 Hit) if you are not focusing on Critical hits alone.
  • 2576.pngHeroic Backpack [1] (R) [Enables the use of level 1Greed.png Greed. If refine level reaches to +7 and +9 it will give bonus effect when certain base stats are 90 or more.] A much more inexpensive alternative to 2589.pngFallen Angel Wing [1] . +7 HBP is already good enough for this build and will be even better with a +9 refine. Even though it's effect can't stand up to to a fully enchanted FAW, you can use it for multiple characters and builds.
  • 20752.pngGolden Wings [1] (R) [All stats +1 when base stats value is at least 90, and bonus stats with some max hp/sp when refined]. Another alternative for 2589.pngFallen Angel Wings [1] as it can be enchanted with the same enchants as FAW. The main difference is the garment's effect it self. This one is more focused on giving raw stats and MaxHP/MaxSP rather than ATK/MATK/Crit damage. A +16 Refine is recommended. End-game use.
  • 20718.pngGiant Faceworm Skin [1] [MDEF +10. When used together with any types of Temporal Boots, Max HP +15% and Max SP +5%.] When you need more HP and want to save yourself the trouble to get yourself a 20797Etran's Shirt, get one of these. They came pre-enchanted and upgraded.
  • 2554.gif Nidhoggur's Shadow Garb [1] [Add a 7% resistance to all elements. Increases SP by Level/3 + (Refine Rate * 10). When dealing physical damage there's a 1% chance that you'll recover 1% of your damage as SP. MDEF + 3] A basic affordable garment with decent elemental resistance. 
  • 20749.pngCloak of Casualty [1] [Each 2 refine increase MaxHP and MaxSP by 1%. Gives out bonus effect when certain base stats are 90 or more for every few upgrade level.] A superior counterpart to 2576.pngHeroic Backpack [1] obtained from Nightmare Biolabs. But requires higher refine level to surpass HBP. Preferably +10 or higher refine. End-game use.
  • 20783.pngHero's Manteau [1] [Increases Neutral property damage resistance by 1%. For every 3 refine, Flee +3, Neutral resistance +3% (Capped at +10). When refined to +10, Flee +20, Neutral resistance +20%. When compounded with 4174.pngDeviling Card, increase damage taken from Neutral attack by 50%.] This garment provides one of the highest Neutral Property resistance in the game, capping at 30% Neutral resistance. Really helpful when you need to soak up more damage from normal hits and certain skills. Compound it with 4580.pngKades Card for best elemental resistance combo.
  • 20797 Etran's Shirt [Max HP +2%, MDEF + 10. If upgraded to+7, Max HP +4%. If upgraded to+8, Max HP +6%. If upgraded to +9, Max HP  8%. If upgraded to +9, prevent knockback. Set Bonus with 4174.pngDeviling Card: Reduces damage taken from Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Shadow, Holy, Poison, Ghost and Undead property damage by 50%.] +20% Max HP bonus at +9 and prevents you from getting knockbacks at +10 upgrade level. It's designed to perfect the effect of 4174.pngDeviling Card. The set bonus with 2371.pngPantie [1] (Also applies to 2339.pngPantie) adds INT + 15, Max HP + 5%, Max SP + 5%. But you can get better armors


  • 4594.pngPetal Card (R) [Every 10 point of base LUK increases critical damage by 2%.] Even by late end-game, unless you are going for more reduction I would highly recommend this card for Crit damage. Provide a substantial boost for your Critical Damage than most garment cards.
  • 4679.pngRune Knight Seyren Card (R) [If used by Rune Knight, Atk + 15%, Aspd + 2. If the users base level is 175 or higher, All Stat + 10. If upgrade level is +10 or higher, All Stat + 10. When used together with 4689.pngTrue Seyren Windsor Card, adds a 3% chance of buffing the user for 6 seconds when performing a physical attack; Atk + 100.] I can confidently say .... Yeah. Pretty much self explanatory from the description. The combo is rather plain, but it can transform you into SEYREN WINDSOR HIMSELF!!!!! ;) I think you'd have to sell a kidney to get one of these though.. End-game use.
  • 4174.pngDeviling Card (R) [Add a 50% resistance against Neutral Property attacks. Receive 50% more damage from other property attacks.] If the MVP or mobs doesn't use as much Elemental attacks or Spells, this card would be great for tanking. Using it together with 20797 Etran's Shirt will nullify the negative effect.
  •  4580.pngKades Card [Increase resistance to Fire, Water, Earth, WindShadow, and Undead property attacks by 50%. Receive more damage from Ghost and Holy property by 100%.] Combined with the high MDEF from 12733.png Hagalas you can pretty much tank most Magic Spells and elemental attacks which isn't Ghost or Holy property. Very expensiveEnd-game use.
  • 4646.pngInfinite Chimera Card [Max HP +8%, Max SP +4%. When used together with4643.pngInfinite Vagabond Wolf Card Atk & Matk +10%.] Only use it if you have the set.
  • 4133.pngRaydric Card [Increase resistance to Neutral Property attacks by 20%] Basic tanking card. Cheapest on this list.
  • 4588.pngWakwak Card [Every 10 base STR, you gain + 5 ATK] When spamming skills like Ignition Break.png Ignition Break or Bowling Bash.png Bowling Bash , this card is a good substitute for swapping your main garment when using skills for that minor damage boost if you have at least 100 base STR.

2405.png?nocache=908495777 Footgear

  • 22005.pngTemporal LUK Boots/22011.pngTemporal LUK Boots [1] (R) [MaxHP +300, MaxSP +30. For every 3 refine level, MaxHP +100, MaxSP +10, critical damage by 2%. If base LUK is 120 or higher, critical damage +30%. MDEF +5.] One of the only 2 types of boots I would ever use for this build. For newbies it's preferable to get an unslotted one as the slotted variant can be ridiculously expensive due to the advent of Critical Builds. I would suggest enchanting it with Fighting Spirit and Lucky Day/Bear for it and nothing else.
  • 22000.pngTemporal STR Boots/22006.pngTemporal STR Boots [1] [MaxHP +300, MaxSP +30. For every 3 refine level, MaxHP +100, MaxSP +10, ATK +7. If base STR is 120 or higher, ATK +50.] The other boot that I mentioned. If you aren't going for full Critical all the time, this is a good choice as it adds a good amount of ATK. When using an equipment such as 21019.pngOnimaru [2] you'd have both base LUK and STR at 120 so you can simply swap between the two types of boots.


  • 4643.pngInfinite Vagabond Wolf Card (R) [ATK +10, Refined to +7 ATK +10, Refine to +9 ATK +15. When used together with 4646.pngInfinite Chimera Card ATK & MATK +10%.] A total of 35 ATK bonus at +9 refine. The combo can be pretty good.
  • 27249.pngArhi Card (R) [ATK + 15, MATK + 15, MaxHP +500, HIT + 15, FLEE + 15.] Aside from FLEE, you can benefit from all the stats upgrade.
  • 27252.pngGeffen Bully Card (R) [Increase reduces delay after attack by 3%. Increases Critical damage by 5%.] Can be a good damage boosting card for Hitlocking.
  • 4441.pngFallen Bishop Card [MATK + 10%, Maximum SP - 50%. Increases damage inflicted on Demihuman and Angel monster by 50%.] Apart from the MATK bonus, the racial magic damage increase would also work with 2001.png Enchant Blade so this card is viable choice for normal hits. But the damage boost might not be as high as you expect.
  • 27263.pngFay Kanavian Card [Adds +300 Hard DEF for 10 seconds while turning you into a Golem for the duration.] Can be a decent tanking card if you are not under the influence of Frenzy.png Berserk.
  • 4097.pngMatyr Card [AGI +1. Max HP +10%.] A good choice for newbies.
  • 4381.pngGreen Ferus Card [VIT +1. Max HP +10%.] Another good card for newbies.
  • 31017.pngOutrageous Cookie Card [ATK/MATK +1%, Max HP -2%. For every 2 upgrade ATK/MATK +1%, Max HP -2%.] The HP reduction hurts your Rune Knight as you need HP to tank so it offsets the damage bonus it gives. So you decide whether you can live with that. I won't recommend this though.

2615.png?nocache=830375468 Accessory

  • 28433.pngBlue Luminous Stone (R) [AGI +5, CRIT +5, ASPD +5%, critical damage +2%, Enables use of Level 1 10.png SightIf base LUK at least 100 or higher: CRIT +10, Critical damage +10%. When combined with 4818.pngSharp Lv1 : Critical damage +10%. When combined with 4817.pngSharp Lv2 : Critical damage +10%]. One of the best (if not the best) accessory for critical classes. Additional AGI and after attack delay reduction, 12% critical damage15% CRIT, and a potential to get additional 20% more critical damage when combined with 4818.pngSharp Lv1 and 4817.pngSharp Lv2 . The difficult part is getting the enchants for Rune knight. 15037.pngPeuz's Plate can be enchanted by both enchants at +9, but sacrificing card slot for powerful cards, and other better armor. Another way is enchanting Sharp 2 to 21018.pngLindy Hop [2] using 6418.pngA Class Coin.
  • 2992.pngPendant of Maelstrom [1] (R) [ATK +6%, MATK +6%. All Stats +1. When magically attacked, there is a 3% chance to activate Level 1 Maelstrom.png Maelstrom.] The most common accessory for this build. Both ATK and MATK bonus are just fabulous. I'm not quite sure about the usefulness of the autocast, since I can't seem to get it to work on me? Maybe I just missed it.
  • 2928.pngLuk Glove [1] (R) [Max HP +100, Max SP +20. CRIT +1 per 10 points of LUK. Critical damage 1% when LUK is 110 or higher.] If you are in desperate need of more Critical, this is the accessory for you. Getting 12 more Critical with it is easy since you will most likely have 120 Base LUK anyway.
  • 28310.pngSarah's Left Earring/28311.pngSarah's Right Earring [Enables use of Level 1Heal.png Heal /Teleport.png Teleportation] The real value of this accessory lies on the possible enchants you may acquire. You can get a total of +14% Critical Damage and +5 Crit bonus if you have the patience or resources get the max Fatal enchantment.
  • 2855.pngWhikebain's Black Tail [ASPD + 3%, Critical + 7. Set with 5360.pngWickebine's Black Cat Ears: Critical damage +10%. When refine of 5360.pngWickebine's Black Cat Ears is +6 or higher ASPD +3% CRIT +7.] If you are already using the headgear, might as well get the accessory for the additional bonus. :)
  • 2981.pngHeroic Ring [Various enchantments] You can get some good enchants for this accessories. I'll let you see it for yourself here.
  • 2910.pngBakonawa Agimat Tattoo [ATK +7% and ASPD +10%] I'd prefer 2992.pngPendant of Maelstrom [1] over this. RK can make do without the attack speed bonus, unless you can't seem to reach max aspd for some weird reason. Provide some good ATK boost nonetheless.
  • 2884.pngPeuz's Seal [1] [ATK +20, Max SP +20] For newbies who are just starting, you can easily farm this. :)
  • 2678.png Ring of Flame Lord [Str +2, Vit +1, Atk +15. Resistance to Fire damage +10% When dealing physical damage, autocast various skills.] Has a 1% chance of using Level 1 Fury.png Critical Explosion and 3% chance of summoning a spirit sphere (adds +3 mastery ATK each) via Level 1 Summon Spirit Sphere.png Call Spirit Sphere. You can use it to gain the buffs then change it to your main accessory afterwards. You could also use it as it is.
  • 2678.png Advanced Ring of Flame Lord [Str +3, Vit +2, Atk +20. Resistance to Fire damage +10% When dealing physical damage, autocast various skills.] Just the same accessory but with a meager stats bonus upgrade. If you are just going for the extra buff, don't bother with this one.


  • 27171.pngRevolver Buffalo Bandit Card  (R) [STR +4, ATK +4%] Newest addition to the accessory card list that seems to be the best there is currently in terms of base ATK increase. Right accessory socket only.
  • 4508.pngGold Scaraba Card (R) [ATK +20, Max HP - 1%.] Something that almost everyone uses.
  • 4238.pngOwl Baron Card (R) [3% chance of casting Level 1Lex Aeterna.png Lex Aeterna on a target when physically attacking.] I'm not exactly sure how high this scales for your damage compared to pure ATK % cards. But it's best utilized if you are the sole damage dealer or partnering with a nuker.
  • 27170.pngShotgun Buffalo Bandit Card [Agi + 7, Hit + 7. When equipped with 27171.pngRevolver Buffalo Bandit CardSTR +3, ATK + 3%.] To be used in tandem with the set.  Left accessory socket only.
  • 27107.pngPlaying Pere Card [Increases physical damage inflicted on Neutral elemental monsters by 20%.] Use the full set for maximum effect. Refer to the 27109.pngJitterbug Card entry on Headgear Section for details. Right accessory socket only.
  • 27108.pngSinging Pere Card [Increases magical damage inflicted on Neutral elemental monsters by 20%.] Use the full set for maximum effect. Refer to the 27109.pngJitterbug Card entry on Headgear Section for details. Left accessory socket only.
  • 4430.pngIfrit Card [Increase ATK, CRIT, and HIT every 10 Job Level. Add a 1% chance of auto casting Level 10 NPC Skill Icon.png Earthquake  on the user when the user receives Physical Damage.] Why not? /heh The EQ is fun, but unreliable.
  • 4091.pngKobold Card [STR +1, CRIT +4] Somehow this completely skipped my mind. :P Gives a little boost to Critical Hit.
  • 4639.pngTaffy Card [ATK +1%] A new card from the new Prontera dungeon. Unless your RK have over 2k equip+weapon ATK (including the hidden ATK value like the STR bonus, refine bonus and variance) a 4508.pngGold Scaraba Card is still better.

4908.png?nocache=1404649529 Essence of Evil


Essence of Evil are similar to cards but they can be inserted into ANY EQUIPMENT. Normally they are used on Headgears and Accessories.

  • 4910.pngEssence of Evil Force Lv3 [STR +4, ATK +12, INT -4.] I'm having mixed feeling about this since this build also uses INT to increase the damage as much as STR does. But like I said, if you can forsake INT entirely please go ahead. It'll certainly help with your Skill damage.
  • 4925.pngEssence of Evil Luck Lv3 [LUK +4, CRIT +4, DEX -4.] Some more LUK and Critical Hit won't hurt.


32014.png?nocache=884114902 Donation Costumes (DPCE)

Costume Head gear Gemstones

These are 'enchants' for your costumes headgear. You can have up to 8 but be mindful that you can't have more than 4 of the same kind. At the time of writing, each gems costs 50 cp. Refer to this page for more information about donation system and the items available.

  • 30221.pngDestruction Lv3 (R) [Damage +3%] Power, get the power!! It adds 3% to your final damage, so using 4 of these will add 12% more damage /rice . Highly recommended.
  • 30226.pngSpeed Lv3 [ASPD +1] RK can get 193 ASPD easily, but the main use of this gem is to reduce your agi, so you can allocate the status point somewhere else, like STR for an example
  • 30223.pngVitality Lv3 [+5% HP/SP] Pick this if you want more sustainability. 
  • 30225.pngAlmighty Lv3 [All stat +3] For all rounded purpose.

Credit: @kingtristan

Aura Amulet and Wings/Backpack

[All stats +1] Wing/Backpack occupies the garment costume slot while amulets (aura) can be used by simply clicking them. Most would get these mainly for the appearance alone. You can get them combined with Star Stone for some bonus from 32075.pngStar Stone Box (8 CP ea) but it is quite pricey at 10 CP per box and the chances to get the ones you want requires you to spend a fortune. So I won't recommend this for casual players. Each costs 250 CP or 25 VIP Coins.

You can equip a total of 4 Star Stones on your Donation Garment and 3 Star Stones on your Amulet. You can insert a Deco Stone that adds +2 stats/+3 stats on one of the slot of your Donation Garment

Suggested Starstones



24013.png?nocache=1104731408 Shadow Gears

Scatter Shadow Set


24012.pngScatter Shadow Weapon DEX +5

24013.pngScatter Shadow Armor LUK +5

24014.pngScatter Shadow Shoes AGI +5

24015.pngScatter Shadow Shield VIT +5

24016.pngScatter Shadow Earring INT +5

24017.pngScatter Shadow Pendant  STR +5

It's not really a set. You can freely mix and match it with other shadow gears.

Physical Shadow Set


24018.pngPhysical Shadow Earring ASPD +1%. At +7 refine ASPD +2%.

24019.pngPhysical Shadow Weapon ATK +10. At +7 refine ATK +1%.

24020.pngPhysical Shadow Pendant Max HP +100. At +7 Refine Max HP +1%

Set Bonus: If total combined refine level is +23 or higher, ATK +1%

Only the 24019.pngPhysical Shadow Weapon is worth using.

Class Specific Shadow Set


Swordsman Shadow Set

Knight Shadow Set

Rune Knight Shadow Set

Full Complete Set Bonus (All 6 pieces equipped): All Stats +10, Max HP +5%, Max SP +5%. Ignores Physical and Magical defense of Normal monsters by 50%.


 9001.png Pets


Credit: @kingtristan


12736.png?nocache=708468711 Runestones


 These runes are actually skills that are stored in the form of consumables. They are pretty heavy, weighing 20 each. You can craft readily, keep them on your person or keep them on storage and use @storage to retrieve them. You could also just craft them on the fly. Whichever suites you fancy.

  1. 12731.pngTurisus Runestone (Giant Growth) - Your primary damage rune. Adds 30 STR and +250% (PvM) or +125% (WoE/PvP) extra damage at the end of your damage calculation. Gives a 15% chance of dealing DOUBLE damage when attacking normally. As it multiplies your overall damage and not your ATK, it also amplifies 2001.png Enchant Blade damage. Does not amplify Frenzy.png Berserk damage. Has a very low chance of breaking your weapon.
  2. 12729.pngAsir Runestone (Fighting Spirit) - This rune adds some ample flat ATK that increases with the number of active players in your party during activation. But the most substantial bonus is that it increases your ASPD value by 4 . Another primary rune for this build.
    ATK Bonus (User): 70 ATK + 7 ATK*number of party members
    ATK Bonus (Party Members): (70 ATK + 7 ATK*number of party members)/4
    ASPD Bonus (User): ASPD bonus = (Rune Mastery Level / 10*4)

  3. 12733.pngHagalas Runestone (Stonehard Skin) - Raises your DEF and MDEF immensely. The MDEF bonus alone would reduce magic damage by nearly HALF and provide you with immunity to Stone Curse and Frozen negative status effect. It also reduces damage of normal mobs with a high chance if you are attacked. Use this when you are not zerking.
    DEF/MDEF increase: (Caster’s Job Level*Rune Mastery) / 4.
    30% chance to break attacker’s weapon on normal melee attack.
    30% chance to reduce monster’s ATK by 25% for 10 seconds.

  4. 12726.pngRhydo Runestone (Crush Strike) - Buff your next normal hit with a huge boost in damage. This skill's damage won't be directly increased by any ATK % from active skills or even from Giant Growth damage % amplifier. Weapon Level and Refine rate greatly raises the damage. So does the weight and base ATK of the equipped weapon to a lower degree. Has 1 second Fixed Cast Time and 30 seconds re-use Cooldown. It has a very high (20%) chance of destroying your weapon.
    Damage Calculation: ATK [{Weapon Level * (Weapon Upgrade Level + 6) * 100} + (Weapon ATK) + (Weapon Weight)]%

  5. 12727.pngVerkana Runestone (Millennium Shield) - Gives you 2 to 4 hit damage buffer.  Extremely useful when confronting a MVP/Monster with the tendencies to pull out really dangerous One Hit KO Skill out of nowhere. Has a 1 minute Cooldown.
  6. 12728.pngIsia Runestone (Vitality Activation) - If you are using HP recovery item with fixed value like 522.pngMastela Fruit, it will amplify the effect by 50%. Will stack with 14537.pngRegeneration Potion. It won't work with % HP recovery item such as 12027.pngGiggling Box or 608.pngYggdrasil SeedHowever it reduces your SP recovery items effect by 50% as well.
  7. 12730.pngUrj Runestone (Abundance) - Regenerates 60 SP every 10 seconds. Really helpful especially if you have something equipped that drains your SP like for instance.. A 4601.pngAmdarais Card.
  8. 12725.pngNosiege Runestone (Refresh) - Cures and provides immunity for certain status effects for 1 minute. Can be your savior when facing certain MVPs that spams debilitating status effect like no tomorrow. Has a 2 minutes re-use Cooldown.
  9. 12732.pngPertz Runestone (Storm Blast) - With this build it's hard to wholly use this rune as the cast time is pretty long (unless you have some decent Variable Cast Time reduction) and the knockback effect clashes with Ignition Break.png Ignition Break that requires you be as close to your target as possible. I normally avoid it for this build as we can't spam it fast enough for it to matter. It uses STR instead of INT in the damage calculation now.
    Damage Calculation: ATK [{Rune Mastery Skill Level + (Caster’s STR / 8)} x 100] %
  10. 22540.pngLux Anima Runestone (Lux Anima) - This rune allows you to pass certain rune buff to your party members in a 7x7 area around you. This is also the most costly rune to craft, so use it sparingly. The given rune buff will only last for 60 seconds on the affected party members. Update:It no longer gives the bonus damage from Giant Growth to other classes aside from RUNE KNIGHTS.

504.png?nocache=985792498 HP/SP Recovery


HP Recovery Items

SP Recovery Items

  • 526.pngRoyal Jelly - Cures some abnormal status; Restores 325 ~ 405 HP and 40 ~ 60 SP, 15 weight.
  • 505.pngBlue Potion - Restores 40 ~ 60 SP, has a 0.5 Sec reuse delay, 15 weight.
  • 11520.pngMora Mandarin - Restores 50 SP, 2 weight; for Base Level 100 or above only.
  • 12574.pngMora Berry - Restores 50 SP, 2 weight; for Base Level 120 or above only.

Other Recovery Food

  • 607.pngYggdrasil Berry - Fully restores your Max HP and SP. On Limit RO it has 3 minute re-use delay.
  • 608.pngYggdrasil Seed - Restores half of your Max HP and SP. On Limit RO it has 3 minute re-use delay.

12522.png?nocache=1048864680 Status Boost


Status Effect Consumables

Primary Status Consumables

Damage Buff Consumables

*For +1~+10 Stats Food the higher Stats value would overwrite the previous effect and restart the timer.
**The higher ATK buff would overwrite the previous effect and restart the timer.
***The higher MATK buff would overwrite the previous effect and restart the timer.

Create Elemental Converter.png Elemental Properties


Elemental Converters

Elemental Resistance Scrolls/Potions

  • 12118.pngFire Resist Potion - Increase Fire property resistance by 20% and lower Water property resistance by 15%.
  • 12119.pngCold Resist Potion - Increase Water property resistance by 20% and lower Wind property resistance by 15%.
  • 12120.pngEarth Resist Potion - Increase Earth property resistance by 20% and lower Fire property resistance by 15%.
  • 12121.pngThunder Resist Potion - Increase Wind property resistance by 20% and lower Earth property resistance by 15%.
  • 12280.pngHoly Elemental Scroll - Changes your Armor property to Holy.
  • 12279.pngUndead Elemental Scroll - Increase Fire, Water, Earth and Wind property resistance by 20%.


Here I shall give a few pointers on starting this build and RK in general. This includes leveling, some zeny tips, basic equipment and many more. If anyone wants to contribute to this section they are most welcomed. /no1 



Level 1 Novice to Level 99 Lord Knight.

Upon creating your character, complete Limit Academy to get the freebies and the first few levels to advance straight to Swordman (Talk to any Admiral NPC at any town to change your job) upon graduating. I suggest choosing the life and defence set at the end of the academy.  You should have a Bow Mercenary and a few mercenary scrolls and 3 12263.pngField Manual on hand. Use the field manual only after you have ran out of the buff you got from the academy and only use the Bow Mercenary for now.

Note: You will given a random combination of 3 mercenaries after passing the Limit Academy, it can be a combination of both 12302.pngEgnigem Cenia Contract and 12301.pngDoppelganger Contract or 3 of either.

Now talk to Warper NPC at any town and pick the 1~20 leveling spot option and raise your base level to at least 25 there. TIP: @autoloot everything the warp to vending harbor (@go 16) to sell all your loots. 

Step 2:
Next learn Bash.png Bash and place it on your hotkey together with the 569.pngNovice Potion and 12323.pngNovice Fly Wing that you got. Pick the level 20~40 leveling spot on the warper and just Bash every monster you see. Raise your job level to 50 and advance to Knight.

Step 3:
You should have a few zeny from  668.pngRed Envelope along with the stuff you've looted and sold to NPC. Buy any weapon that you can wield from Vending Harbor and warp to the level 40-~70 leveling spots. Bash away. Learn and use Bowling Bash.png Bowling Bash after luring the Orc Zombies for faster experience gain and wear the free armor set you got from Limit academy once you reached the required level. You can raise your base level up to 80-85 here.

Step 4:
Afterwards, warp to Veins Field 3 and Bash the Magmaring there until you reach base level 90.

Step 5:
Once your base level 90, warp to Rachel Field 01 and single out the Desert Wolves/Roween there and bash them one at a time. Grind here until you reach level 99/50 and rebirth as a High Novice.

Step 6:
After rebirth, use a 12263.pngField Manual if the previous buff has already worn out and use the 12301.pngDoppelganger Contract from the very start if you have it. Hold Ctrl+R or right click your Mercenary and drag the skill Bash and Two-Hand Quicken to your hotkeys. Directly go to Veins Field 3/Rachel Field 1 from the start and use the Doppleganger to bash or attack the mobs. The trick is constantly teleport and let your mercenary tank and kill while you sit absolutely still and avoid contact with the monsters. Make sure you don't die. You should be able to reach level 99/70 with that single Doppleganger mercenary if you do it right. If you weren't lucky enough to get a Doppleganger mercenary or you lost it you can just continue with bashing just like before.

Level 99 to Max Level Rune Knight
First congratulations for making it this far. /grat  Next, advance your job to Rune Knight. The easiest way to gain levels past level 100 is to join an Infinity Space (IS) leech parties. Sometimes Helpers or other generous players would often host it on the global chat, you can also try asking around at Asgard or use @help to find if anyone is making one.

Another method is grinding like the old days, which I don't recommend past level 140+. As it's quite a chore not to mention it gets progressively harder without proper equipment. You may use Ignition Break.png Ignition Break or Dragon Breath.png Dragon BreathDragon Water Breath.png Dragon Breath Water as your main leveling skill. I'll list out the leveling spots just in case you are up for it. /heh

Level 100~120: Rachel Field 01
Level 110~130: Rachel Sanctuary 01
Level 130~150: Scaraba Hole 02
Level 150~170: Nightmare Clock Tower 3 - To get there, enter Clock Tower 01 and type /navi c_tower1 233/222follow the direction and pay the NPC 500k zeny to enter the level.
Level 160~175: Verus Field 03 - You need to do the first few  Fantasmagorica quests line to enter Verus City and do the Repair the Elevator Quest to gain easy access to Verus city each time.

Note: You could also level up by hunting some MVPs to gain a few levels if you have the resources. But I suggest you reach Max Level before you start your MVP hunt.

Starter to Endgame Equipment Suggestion (TBA)


Place Holder

Gear Swapping


Like some other classes, RK do gear swap sometimes to adapt to a certain situation. Examples are, when you mobbing low HP earth or undead type monsters (like maggots at OGH), you might want to switch to 18971.pngOld Rune Circlet [1] for 1 shot them using IB. Other times, when you can't one shot a shadow mob, you might want to switch your weapon to ones that have 4147.pngBaphomet Card in it. It differs a lot depending on the situation, but here are some example what item for what situation:



  • Main weapon (MVP/IB):21018.pngLindy Hop [2] or 21019.pngOnimaru [2]. You want the highest ATK as possible for these purpose
  • Secondary weapon (HP leeching): 21009.pngBroadsword of Thanos [1]: You might need another sword for  hp leech purpose. Either using that thanos blade or another (if you use Lindy for main too) 21018.pngLindy Hop [2] with bapho and hunterfly card for indestructible version.


  • General purpose: 15173.pngCursed Mail [1]:  could be use for overall purpose, since it gives high ATK MATK percentage, damage reduction, and max HP
  • Sustain:15041.pngBoitata Armor [1]:Got nice neutral resistance and some max HP. 15066.pngEngraved Armor [1] can also do the trick, but this one has high MDEF, so it's useful when facing mobs that spams magic attack (waterballs /swt ). Both can be carded with card.gifElemental Armor Cards. Another choice is 15145.pngEvil Dragon Armor [1] for HP leech, but it need high refine to activate the leeching effect (+8~+10). Kinda hard to recommend but, worth mentioning.

Those items above are just examples and it's what i personally use like a combination of  15041.pngBoitata Armor [1] and 4119.pngBathory Card for raydrics in OGH. There are some other situations that I might not mentioned here, but you get the point.

TLDR: Every weapon/armor for every situation!(it can get costy though.... /desp )

Credit: @kingtristan


  1. Eclage Orb Buff
    This buff gives you +6 Stats, +24 ATK and +24 MATK for 1 and 1/2 hour duration for every 12 hours. It requires a long series of quest to able to enchant, but worth the pain. The NPC will also buff you if you are in the area every 3 hours or so.
  2.  Energy Crystal Buff
    Talk to Reno at Limit Group HQ (@go hq) and pick the Energy Crystal Buff to get the +15 ATK and MATK boost for 3 hours duration that stays even on a character's death. After the buff duration ends talk to Reno again to start the 23 hours cooldown before you rebuff.
  3. Extra 5x 12263.pngField Manual
    Talk to errand boy at Limit Group HQ.
  4. Alternate Costume for Rune Knight
    -You can change your default RK outfit to the alternate version. All you have to do is buy a 32095.pngDeluxe Dress Ticket (400 Event Points? I forgot :P) from the Genie and talk to Dress Genie to change your outfit. Both of the NPC can be found in Asgard.
    RK Sprite.jpg


Image result for anime girl with sword

Future updates & equipments

Episode 16.1: Banquet for Heroes (Added September 2017)



Lindy Hop [2]
Sword once used by berserker Riel. You can feel steady rhythm of enemy movement which passing in your sight.
ATK +1% for every 2 refine.
ASPD  +1% for every refine.
Class : Two-Handed Sword
Attack : 340
Weight : 340
Weapon Level : 4
Required Level : 170
Usable Job : Rune Knight
*Malangdo Enchantable

Note: This sword will be THE BEST multi-function weapon for this build. It has high ATK, indestructable and weighty. If 
21019.pngOnimaru [2] is the best weapon for Frenzy.png Berserk  and 21011.pngGigantic Blade [1] is the best weapon for 12726.png Crush Strike, this sword sits in between and generally suited for every situation.

Two-Handed Sword of Vicious Mind [1]
Two-handed Sword imbued with evil spirit.
Increase ATK by (refine*refine) up to +15 refine level.
Increase MATK by (refine*refine)/2 up to +15 refine level.

Class : Two-Handed Sword
Attack : 220
Weight : 220
Weapon Level : 4
Required Level : 160
Usable Job : Rune Knight and Royal Guard.

My Opinion: A level 4 variant of 21015.pngCrimson Two-handed Sword [2]. Might look shabby at first, but it comes with 3 random Options when dropped that can elevate this sword to the rank of top tier two-handed swords easily, depending on your luck that is. :) Just wait for it's release and you'll know what I mean.


Flattering Robe [1] 
A clothes that was made for no purpose.
Enable the use Level 1 Endure.png Endure.
Matk + 50.
When character base level is 120 of higher, Matk + 50.
When character base level is 140 of higher, Matk + 50.
Worn with 2507.pngCape of Ancient Lord:
Max SP + 10%, additional Max SP +1% per refine.
Flee + 10, additional Flee +1 per refine.
Worn with 2509.pngSurvivor's Manteau:
Max HP +10%, additional Max HP +1% per refine.
MATK +2%, additional MATK +1% per refine.
Class : Armor
Defense : 0
Weight : 10
Required Level : 100
Jobs : All

Abusive Robe [1]

Enable the use of Level 1 Improve Concentration.png Attention Concentrate.
Bypass defense of Demi-Human, Demon and Undead race by 4 % per refine level.
Worn with 2519.pngMorrigane's Manteau:
Bypass defense of Demi-Human, Demon and Undead race defense bypass by additional 15%.
Luk +3, additional Luk +1 per refine.
Critical +10, additional Critical +1 per refine.
Worn with 2524.pngValkyrian Manteau [1]:
Bypass defense of Demi-Human, Demon and Undead race defense bypass by additional 15%.
MHP +10%, additional 1% Max HP +1% per refine.
ATK +2%, additional 1% ATK per refine.
Class : Armor.
Defense : 0
Weight : 10
Required Level : 100
Jobs : All

My Opinion: I would go for Flattering Robe without the full set as the MATK boost is already good enough for this build. The set bonus for it is decent, buuuuut... For more damage or resistance it's better to use other garments. On the other hand, the Abusive Robe bonus is quite dandy by itself but especially useful when equipping it's set combo with 2524.pngValkyrian Manteau [1].

Armor Enchantments:

Rune of Strength Lv 3
If upgrade level is +7 or higher, STR +7.
If upgrade level is +12 or higher, STR +1, ATK +8%.
If upgrade level is +13 or higher, STR +1, ATK +2%.

Rune of Luck Lv 3
If upgrade level is +7 or higher, LUK +7.
If upgrade level is +12 or higher, LUK +1, Critical Damage +8%.
If upgrade level is +13 or higher, LUK +1, Critical Bonus +6%.

My Opinion: The are also level 1 and level 2 version for the enchants that I listed above, in fact there's a lot more enchant variations. But I won't mention them here as these two are the only relevant enchants for this build in my opinion. You can get 2 enchantment for each Robes (see the Armors above) and I assume you can get the level 3 enchantment twice. Just imagine it. /rice But hey, I could be wrong.  


Immortal Cursed Knight Card
ATK +10%. Adds a 2% chance of casting Level 5 Ignition Break.png Ignition Break on the target when performing a physical attack.
Set Bonus:
Immortal Cursed Knight Card
Stephen Jack Ernest Wolf Card
ASPD + 1
Compound on: Weapon

My Opinion: What do you mean auto-casting Level 3 Ignition Break.png Ignition Break isn't enough for you? :pow: There you go, Level 5. /gg

New Hugel Monster Race (Added March 2018 - Pending Enchantments)



Racing Cap (Rune Knight) image
Racing Cap (Rune Knight) [1]
ATK +10 Per 2 refine rate.
Increase ASPD by 2% per 3 refine rate.
Refine +8 or higher: Increase critical damage by 5% per level of Twohand_Quicken.png Two-hand Quicken learned.
Refine +11 or higher: Equipped weapon will be Indestructable. Gain Level 5 Double_Attack.png Double Attack.
Class : Headgear.
Defense : 10
Weight : 0
Required Level : 100
Jobs : Rune Knight

Headgear Enchantment

레이싱(룬나이트) 1Lv 이미지
Racing Stone (Rune Knight) 

The following options apply if it's enchanted in a Racing Cap (Rune Knight):
Lv 1
When using Twohand_Quicken.png Two-hand Quicken, increases physical damage to enemies of all sizes by 5% for 60 seconds.
Lv 2
When physically attacking, has low chance to remove the size penalty for 3 seconds.
When using Twohand_Quicken.png Two-hand Quicken increases physical damage to enemies of all sizes by 7% for 60 seconds.
Lv 3
When physically attacking, has low chance to remove the size penalty for 5 seconds.
When using Twohand_Quicken.png Two-hand Quicken, ATK + 40, increases physical damage to enemies of all sizes by 15% for 60 seconds.
My Opinion:


^ Me.

Nightmare Biolab Missing Update (Cards Implemented)


Old Biolab Headgear Enchantment

예기5Lv 이미지
lv 1. : Cri+3, Critical damage+10%
lv 2. : Cri+6, Critical damage+20%
lv 3. : Cri+9, Critical damage+30%
lv 4. : Cri+12, Critical damage+40%
lv 5. : Cri+15, Critical damage+50%
lv 6. : Cri+18, Critical damage+60%
lv 7. : Cri+21, Critical damage+70%
lv 8. : Cri+24, Critical damage+80%
lv 9. : Cri+27, Critical damage+90%
lv 10. : Cri+30, Critical damage+110%

패기10Lv 이미지
lv 1. : ATK +3%, Hit+3.
lv 2. : ATK +6%, Hit+6.
lv 3. : ATK +9%, Hit+9.
lv 4. : ATK +12%, Hit+12.
lv 5. : ATK +15%, Hit+15.
lv 6. : ATK +18%, Hit+18.
lv 7. : ATK +21%, Hit+21.
lv 8. : ATK +24%, Hit+24.
lv 9. : ATK +27%, Hit+27.
lv 10. : ATK +33%, Hit+30.

금강10Lv 이미지
??? (금강)**
lv 1 : Max HP +5%, Def+15

lv 2 : Max HP +10%, Def+30
lv 3 : Max HP +15%, Def+45
lv 4 : Max HP +20%, Def+60
lv 5 : Max HP +25%, Def+75
lv 6 : Max HP +30%, Def+90
lv 7 : Max HP +35%, Def+105
lv 8 : Max HP +40%, Def+120
lv 9 : Max HP +45%, Def+135
lv 10 : Max HP +55%, Def+150

*Google translated.
**Google Translate has failed me.

My Opinion: This is applicable for 18971.pngOld Rune Circlet [1]. You may get +1~5 of any random base stats for the the first two enchant slots. Then you have a chance to get one of these puppies on the third slot. They all started at Level 1 and can be upgraded to higher version with a chance of failure. More info on it here. The info on that link may be outdated as kRO has updated their Nightmare Biolab many times since it was released, it might be easier to get them now.


Seyren Windsor Card
Ignition Break.png Ignition Break damage increase by 20%. When compounded on a level 4 Weapon, Ignition Break.png Ignition Break damage increase by additional 20%. When the weapon upgraded to +10 refine or more, Ignition Break.png Ignition Break damage increase by additional 20%.
Compound on: Weapon

Rune Knight Seyren Card
Effect applicable for Rune Knights only, ASPD +2, ATK +15%.
When Base Level is 175, All Stats +10.
If garment if upgraded to +10 or higher, All Stats +10.
Combo with True Seyren card:
When doing physical attack, there is a chance (3%) for 6 seconds you will transform to Seyren.
When Transforming, ATK + 100.
Compound on: Garment

My Opinion: The normal mob card can tremendously increase your Ignition Break.png Ignition Break damage when used concurrently with a overupgraded 18971.pngOld Rune Circlet [1]. As for the MVP card, it's a really awesome card. Do I need to explain more?

Episode 16.2  Terra Gloria





YSF01 Plate [1]
If refine rate is 8 or higher, ATK +5%.
If refine rate is 11 or higher, add an additional ATK +2%.
If refine rate is 13 or higher, add an additional ATK +4%.
If base Str is 125 or higher, ATK + 1% per refine rate.
When equipped with YSF01 Manteau, reduce delay after skill by 1% per refine rate of manteau.
When equipped with YSF01 Greaves, reduce delay after attack (ASPD) by 1% per refine rate of greave.
If the sum of refine rate of set is 39 or higher, when dealing physical damage, has a chance to transform into YSF01 for 5 seconds.
While in YSF01 form, ignores Def of all races (except player).
Class : Armor
Defense : 78
Weight : 210
Required Level : 170
Usable Jobs : All Jobs

My Opinion: Hmm.. It's not bad. Yeah. Let's see.. If you have 125 STR (A bit more practical with the planned 185/65 level cap) and with +16 refine you'd have 27% Bonus ATK. At least you can skip the hassle of enchanting it, RNG is always a pain.


YSF01 Greaves [1]
If refine rate is 8 or higher, reduce delay after attack by 8%.
If refine rate is 11 or higher, ASPD + 1.
If refine rate is 13 or higher, increase critical damage by 10%.
If base Luk is 125 or higher, increase critical damage by 30%.
Class : Shoes
Defense : 25
Weight : 130
Required Level : 170
Usable Jobs : All

My Opinion: I'd still prefer an overupgraded FS enchanted 22011.pngTemporal LUK Boots [1] over this though for various reasons. I change my mind, +48% Crit Damage sounds awesome upon retrospect. Too bad we can't get BEAR enchantment with it though.

Misc Item


Heart Card in Mouth
Increases critical damage on targets by 5%.
When equipped with5918.pngGambler Seal
Aspd + 1
Additional Aspd + 1, if the users base Luk is 108 or higher.
Additional Aspd + 2, if the users base Luk is 120 or higher.
Increases critical damage on targets by 2%.
Increases critical damage on targets by an additional 2%., if the users base Luk is 108 or higher.
Increases critical damage on targets by an additional 4%., if the users base Luk is 120 or higher.
Increases critical damage on targets by an additional 2% for every 10 base Dex.
Reduces damage taken from Demi-Human race enemies by 2%.
Reduces damage taken from Demi-Human race enemies by an additional 2%, if the users base Luk is 108 or higher.
Reduces damage taken from Demi-Human race enemies by an additional 4%, if the users base Luk is 120 or higher.
Reduces damage taken from 170.png Critical Slash by 100%.
Enables Splash Attack, if the users base Luk is 120 or higher.
Class : Lower headgear.
Defense : 0
Weight : 30
Required Level : 80
Jobs : All Jobs

Personal Opinion: Very good lower HG that adds 13%~37% Critical Damage (the extra Crit Damage by DEX  increment serves as a counterbalance for the Crit Damage reduced by 5918.pngGambler Seal, so they will cancel out each other), +4 ASPD, and makes normal attack become splash damage if equipped with 5918.pngGambler SealThe last part is so beautiful and you can skip4147.pngBaphomet Card with this. The Demi-Human reduction is a welcome for PvP scenario and Biolab Farming. 

Immortal Dog Tag [1]
Atk + 50 , Matk +50
Receive 4% less damage Undead monsters.
When equipped with 28010.pngJuliette D. Rachel [2],
For every refine of 28010.pngJuliette D. Rachel [2], additional increase in physical attack damage by 5%
If refinement level of 28010.pngJuliette D. Rachel [2] is 9 or higher, when using 2036.png Rolling Cutter, 10% chance of triggering Lv10 2046.png Oratio.

When equipped with 2027.pngSunflower Kid [2],
For every refine of 2027.pngSunflower Kid [2], INT +2, 2211.png Crimson Rock Damage +1%
If refinement level of 2027.pngSunflower Kid [2] is 9 or higher, when successfully performed magical attack, 1% chance of increase in Fire Property Magic Attack damage by 50% for 10 seconds,
When monster is defeated, HP + 500.

When equipped with 21018.pngLindy Hop [2],
For every refine of 21018.pngLindy Hop [2], Critical Attack damage +3%
If refinement level of 21018.pngLindy Hop [2] is 9 or higher, CRI +50, Physical Attack damage to Boss Monsters increase by 25%.
Class : Accessory
Defense : 0
Weight : 10
Required Level : 100
Jobs : All Jobs

Personal Opinion:






Bios Island - Reaper Ankou



1) Which is the best card to use in a weapon for this build? Especially the 4464.pngAunoe Card versus the 4608.pngWhite Knight Card debate.
I've been asked this numerous times. It's like the most popular question for this build thus far. Which card is better for my weapon? Okay now I will reveal answer.  Ready? It's 4399.pngMemory of Thanatos Card. It's plain as day. H.O.W.E.V.E.R, if you can't afford it, the most common choice would be either WK card or Aunoe Card. So which one gives the higher damage you ask? It could be either of them. Let me explain.

Since ASPD Rune Knights normal hit damage consist of both the usual Physical damage and the extra Magic damage from 2001.png Enchant Blade, the INT/MATK stats you have and other factors determines which card would yield more damage if compounded. Since Crit Damage % boost increases the the final damage you deal, hence it includes both the ATK and MATK into it's effect. But ATK % damage boost like White Knight Card only increase the ATK portion and is subjected to DEF reduction. Well let me just put some basic guideline on which card to choose.

If base INT is 1~20 (pure ATK build):
WK Card>Aunoe Card

If base Int is 90 or higher (Matk sub-build):
Aunoe Card>White Knight Card

So that's the general outline. But there is an exception to everything. If you include Memory of Thanatos Card into the mix, White Knightage Card would win out against Aunoe Card. Please bear in mind that this question has a rather subjective answer as there are plenty of other factors that comes into play like the the target's DEF and MDEF, the monster's defensive element, the amount of extra MATK you receive from equips/buff and so on. Even I use 4305.pngTurtle General Card myself, as the auto-cast gives a nice bonus.. If it procs that is.

2) Why is there no <insert card/equip/weapon name here> listed in in your guide?
It's usually one of two reasons:
i) I feel that it is not worth mentioning thus I didn't include it.
ii) I forgot about it. I will add it once someone reminds me.B) 

3) Why is Critical/Physical Rune Knight is cheaper than it's Guillotine Cross or Ranger Counterpart?
The most obvious answer is we do not need 4357.pngLord Knight Card for Frenzy.png Berserk at end-game like the other two builds. That card is quite expensive. Another is that we don't use as many weapon cards as GX would. A typical end-game GX would have at least 4-6 weapon card slots not to mention a minimum of  2 weapons.

4) Why can't Critical Rune Knight beat Dual Dagger Double Attack Guillotine Cross's DPS at end-game?
There's a few reason to this and it has something to do with the skill set of both build. I'll list some pros of GX's skills and the disadvantages of our own Rune Knight's skill that play a part in this:

Guillotine Cross:
Double_Attack.png Double Attack - After the Double/Multi Hit Critical Update, Guillotine Cross's DPS is increased by at least 50% due to this skill.

Enchant Deadly Poison.png Enchant Deadly Poison - You should be familiar with this. The basic buff that made GX and it's predecessor formidable. As the ATK and ATK % accumulate it will greatly increase the skill effect.

Dark Claw.png Dark Claw - On top of their other buffs, while it doesnt last long this will amplify their DPS to very high degree for that few short seconds. Pro GX would often start with this skill when killing MVPs and maximize the effect.

Venom Impression.png Venom Impression + Enchant Poison.png Enchant Poison - This combination makes GX more effective towards MvPs with Neutral and level 1-2 Ghost elemental properties compared to Rune Knights.

Frenzy.png Berserk - From 4357.pngLord Knight Card obviously. The +200% ATK boost works nicely with Enchant Deadly Poison.png Enchant Deadly Poison.

Rune Knight:
2001.png Enchant Blade - Our own damage boost buff. While it is a great buff. It comes with some disadvantages. It will always be non-elemental which means it won't be affected by your attacking element or any extra damage that comes with it. Any % ATK multiplier items (like 4305.pngTurtle General Card) would have no effect to this buff. The magic portion will also be reduced by your target's MDEF.

5) Can Critical Rune Knight solo Endless Tower?
Technically possible, but only with proper equipment setup and preferably some dual slaves. 

6) Don't we need 4137.pngDrake Card for size penalty?
Not really. The weapon penalty for Two-handed Sword is only -25% wATK on Small and Medium sized target while One-handed Spears ignore size penalty if you are riding a Ferus. Majority of MVPs are Large (Not including Biolab MVPs) followed by Medium and Small size. So the penalty doesn't really matter most of the time. There are also weapons like 21019.pngOnimaru [2] and 21015.pngCrimson Two-handed Sword [2] get the majority of their ATK from equip ATK so the penalty is less apparent. Not to mention, 10% to 20% of Critical Rune Knight normal damage also comes from 2001.png Enchant Blade which the penalty does not apply. If you are 

7) I don't like using Two-Handed Swords, is Sword with Shield suitable for this build?
Yes. Although I would recommend One-handed Spears or Maces over Sword for anyone who wants to use a shield. Spears will deal 100% damage if you are riding a Ferus while Maces have favourable size penalty mods (100% damage on Large and Medium target) and naturally unbreakable. BUT One handed-Swords generally have better effect and variety. So you have some leeway. Here are some pros and cons of using a one-handed weapon and shield builds.


  • Higher DEF and damage reduction from shields and it's cards.
  • Immunity from magic damage thru 4128.pngGolden Thiefbug Card.


  • Requires high AGI and possibly ASPD modifier items/buff to reach 193 ASPD outside of zerking.
  • Unable to use Parry.png Parrying (the 50% damage block).
  • Lower damage in general compared to Two-handed Swords that normally have higher ATK value.

There exist shields and cards that raises your damage. But since you are trading away Parry.png Parrying for a shield, using them would beat the point of using a shield in the first place and leaves your character with paper thin defense.

Edit: The Shield build can reach just as high damage as a high tier two-handed sword (with help from4608.pngWhite Knight Card+4609.pngKhalitzburg Knight Card set and +12 28901.pngCursed Mad Bunny effect) and have superb defense (also from the aforementioned Knightage Set or 4128.pngGolden Thiefbug Card and 4572.pngRandel Card - Enables use of Level 3 Guard.png Auto Guard).

New:  4636.pngBijou Card gives ATK/MATK +10% and immunity to frozen status, so it can protect you from Frozen status during berserk with the damage bonus.

As for weapons, apart from the Crimson Weapons level 3/4 weapons that have at roughly 160 ATK or higher and have 2 or 3 slots are the best. With exception of Vicious Weapons as they have random effect for each that can augmentyou damage. For example:
Spears: 1443.pngCrimson Spear [2] or 1400.pngSpear of Vicious Mind [1]
Maces: 16003.pngCarga Mace [2]16040.pngMace of Crimson [2] or 16024.pngQuadrille [2]
Swords: 13413.pngTwin Edge of Naght Sieger [3] or 13447.pngByeollungum [2]

8 ) Why don't YOU use a shield?
Stubbornness.. I'm a a bit zealous when it comes to using a Two-handed Sword due to nostalgia. There's also the fact that kRO don't have 4128.pngGolden Thiefbug Card. But since some of our instances/dungeons are doped, I may use a Shield when I am really forced to. I am not without compromise. But I do recommend if anyone is planning on using this branch build. No need to follow me exactly. /heh

9) Is 20860.pngBattle Surcoat [1] practical?
Honestly speaking, I have to say not really. though the multiple hits from Level 10 Double_Attack.png Double Attack and Level 10 263.png Triple Attack may sound tempting. There's nothing wrong with Double_Attack.png Double Attack of course. However 263.png Triple Attack has TWO problems with it.

  1. The hits from the skill doesn't really follow your character ASPD, so the animation will cause you to attack slower instead.
  2. You don't actually attack 3 times and deal 300% of your normal hit damage, it's actually a skill that deals 300% damage at level 10. So certain skills that only works with normal hit like 12731.png Giant Growth final damage multiplier and double damage, 12726.png Crush Strike, 2001.png Enchant Blade's melee MATK boost,  and Aura Blade.png Aura Blade's extra damage won't affect it at all. 

You can get Level 5 Double_Attack.png Double Attack from 3 seperate HG available in-game.


  • My good friend @S e n t i m e n t a L a.k.a Grandmaster of GX a.k.a Yowai and his astonishingly detailed and LONG guide (which I shamelessly copied some of the info from. /gg). He inspired me to write this guide despite me being quite lazy.
  • Another good friend @Caphleo just for being an awesome chap. /no1 
  • A shout out to @kingtristan for updating the guide in my absence. /thx 
  • Also to @Theodosia and @Gwenhwyfar for helping me keeping up to date with the changes. Much appreciated. :D
  • This dude's channel. He is partly responsible for me to go crazy over this build all over again.
  • blackCROSS's guide on warpportal forum. I'm not sure if he is flattered but, he influences me as well.
  • Artwork (NSFW site) by Tsukimori Hiro and edited by @Skillhunter.
  • Artwork by カチ.
  • Artwork by Garuku.


Edited by Akin
Skills edit 3/8/20
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Okay, this will be my first (and only?) guide. There's lot more to add later on.. If you find any mistakes in the guide please feel free to point it out. If you disagree or have some opinion of your own, do comment. If I find it significant, I'll include it in the guide and credit you for it.

If anyone wants to share the PvP build you can pm me. This guide is far from completion. So that's it for now.

@S e n t i m e n t a L Ow, bloody hell mate. Wait for me to comment 1st will ya? /swt

Edited by Akin
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7 hours ago, maehem said:

Hi, on your garments section, the etran's undershirt[1]. Does it have the set bonus with regular pantie or pantie[1]? 

Should be both. I don't actually own one.

Edited by Akin
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8 hours ago, maehem said:

Hi, on your garments section, the etran's undershirt[1]. Does it have the set bonus with regular pantie or pantie[1]? 

Poke a hole in one and try /heh tbh dunno lol

Nice guide! I tried it with the summer crit sword, was quite entertaining ~ and other 1v1 crit builds will love us just for our runes /gg


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35 minutes ago, Parakins said:

Poke a hole in one and try /heh tbh dunno lol

Nice guide! I tried it with the summer crit sword, was quite entertaining ~ and other 1v1 crit builds will love us just for our runes /gg

The script indicates both panties are eligible.

I'll touch upon 'rune slaves' eventually. :)

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55 minutes ago, Parakins said:

Poke a hole in one and try /heh tbh dunno lol

Nice guide! I tried it with the summer crit sword, was quite entertaining ~ and other 1v1 crit builds will love us just for our runes /gg


thx for the free expensive buffs xDDDDDDD

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1 hour ago, Lex Luthor said:

@Akin you forgot Avenger Two handed Sword.... gg

Does Bakonawa Tatto would be applicable for Crit Build? I recently watch kRO Videos 

Owh yeah avenger the weapons. Yeah I kinda rushed the guide so missed a few stuff, gonna add them now. Thanks for reminding. :) 

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15 hours ago, Captain Morgan said:

Hi Sir Akin. How much base dex do i need for a pure crit RK? Is it same for pvp and mvp?


If you are going purely crit, you can go as low as possible. I personally have 9 base DEX to maximize the Gambler Seal bonus. Since its advisable to get your Crit Hit Rate to 120-150 at least.

But if you want to use other skills like SB or IB. Its better to get higher DEX, at least in the range of 40-70 base DEX. Not just for hit but also the cast time of the skills. I'm not an expert on PvP, some opted using glorious mace/spear+shield for crit build instead of 2 handed sword.

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3 hours ago, STKD said:

Very nice guide. Question Is violet fear a good sword for this build? Thanks!

Thank you. For Violet Fear, despite having a decent ATK the DEF piercing effect does not work on MVP and the Meteor Storm proc doesn't really help much as the Rune Update already increased our normal damage by a huge amount. So I won't personally recommend it but it is still viable. /no1

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On 7/12/2017 at 2:58 PM, Akin said:

4556.pngFenrir Card (R) [MATK +50. Every refine on the headagear increases MATK by 5. Reduce fixed cast time by 70%.] What? I'm serious. /swt With a +16 HG this card increases 130 MATK which adds to Enchant Blade output. But the real use is for reducing 12726.png Crush Strike Fixed Cast Time since re-casting CS mid-fight would normally be interrupted by attacks from the MVP and it's spawn. The 1 second fixed cast time would also render it obsolete as you might as well do the same amount of damage during the time needed to cast it, so reducing it to 0.3 second is godsend. :)

Does fenrir card also reduce variable cast time of Storm Blast and ignition break aside from reducing fixed cast time of CS? or is it only applicable for fixed-cast? thanks!

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15 hours ago, Captain Morgan said:

Does fenrir card also reduce variable cast time of Storm Blast and ignition break aside from reducing fixed cast time of CS? or is it only applicable for fixed-cast? thanks!

Fenrir card is only applicable to Fixed Cast Time. So it won't help with Ignition Break cast (fully variable).

8 hours ago, dendypp said:

hay @Akin  sorry maybe this is a stupid question, how to get 12418.pngFull Swing K ? /heh

It's the exclusive item you can purchase if you join SwordClan.png.cf80dd0a213b5629c56a5b0d6bef4998.png Prontera Knightage. It costs 20 LMP each and can't be stored. You need to join the clan with your RK.

Edited by Akin
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18 minutes ago, Mavne said:

Hi, how about wandering wolf hat + angry snarl, they are also nice for its extra 10% crit for a cheap price. :)

You need to upgrade your hat to +7, which is not really advisable for something that gives so little in return. Might as well buy/make an Indo Warrior Cap.

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Update (22/09/17):
-Included Episode 16.1 equipments/cards (those that are already available anyway)
-Corrected some inaccurate information, added some tweaks and rearrange some items on equip list.

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