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Coming Changes 2017-07-03

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  • Zodiac Return #7 is here ~~ Horse pins ~~
  • Fishing Tournament ~~ A Clockwork Hat as reward!
  • Summer Presents are here ~~ 2017.07.03 until end of July ! ~~


  • Sushi making ~~ create different sushi plates as bonus supply ~~
  • You need "Combination Kit" buy it from HQ.
  • Has chance to "Fail".
    • Small Sushi A = Sea Squid x4, Fire Octopus x2
    • Small Sushi B = Red Snapper x2,Tiny Trout x2
    • Medium Sushi A = Small Octopus x3,Alligator Shark x2,Large Tuna x2
    • Medium Sushi B = White Shark x3,River Sickleback x2,Grass Carp x2
    • Large Sushi = Baby Whale x4, Winged Fish x3,Flower Koi x2,Prickly Salmon x2


  • You can socket enchant Mad Bunny Shield at Leablem (10% success chance)


  • Mora Coins are not tradeable.


  • Uploaded new fresh LimitRO Full Installer 2017.07.02 (1.7GB)
    • Removed lite installer.
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