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Coming Changes 2017.06.19

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  • Expedition Report Vol1, Expedition Report Vol2, Expedition Report Vol3 and Expedition Report Vol4 are now tradeable.
  • Crimson Weapon drop rate adjusted accordingly ()
    • Crimson Shuriken is now dropped by Tengu.
  • Updated Combination set making, you can make the following items thru Combination set from HQ.
    • Novice Red Potion
    • Novice Magnifier
    • Novice Fly Wing
    • Novice Cutter
    • Little Unripe Apple
    • Four Leaf Clover
    • Banana Juice
    • Apple Juice
    • Carrot Juice
    • Grape Juice
    • Unripe Apple


  • Removing Quest Maniac NPC
  • Monday maintenance - instance maintenance changed to 13:00 to 14:00 server time, only 1 hour close.

Game Setup

  • Global skill use delay reduced from 250ms to 150ms.
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  • Removed @leavebg, just relog to leave your current queue.
  • Adjusted daily quota of BG A and B to 10 each (20 total).

Ramadan Event

  • Endurance Challenge


  • Reduced Ribbon Chef Hat's cooking sets droprate.

Godly Enchanter

  • Added new options for the following:
    • Infinity Series
    • Nightmare Toy Factory Series
    • Mora (Warlock & Arch Bishop) Series
    • Keris
    • Hero's Ring

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