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[Anniversary Event] Tag, You're It!

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Limit RO 8th Anniversary Event



What's better to celebrate anniversary than being together? Exactly! Let's gather and take a picture so we can capture this moment and remember it forever!

How To Join

  1. Be present for our anniversary photo session on May 20th at 16:00 server time (after WoE).
  2. After photo session finished, @Lai will upload the picture on his Facebook.
  3. Tag yourself into the picture and share the picture to your timeline.
  4. Make sure you share it to public so we can check.
  5. Leave your nickname as comment.


  • Every participants will receive 1x 8th Anniversary Box.


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Been a blasting 8 years, many many more years to come ~~anniversary88.png



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Here's the list of players who will receive the reward.

  1. Jasminasya Chairani Permanda (Veylt)
  2. Ottilia Junia (Clariee)
  3. Glyza Jane Neri (glyzaa)
  4. JhyMa (ReyPinyoko)
  5. Francis F Francis (Essovious)
  6. Rayzter Cruz (Riivai)
  7. Calvin Adam (Collosssuss)
  8. Petrichor Hummingbird (Fluquor)
  9. Stella VM (Suordr)
  10. Wengar Fabian (Y Maybe)
  11. Billie Baluyut (Precky)
  12. Íkha Linkha (Linhhh)
  13. Kurt Jayson (BitchPudding)
  14. Juan Carlos Mungcal (seseBomber)
  15. Ng Yong Ki (lalaprawn)
  16. K-Lent Hanz (lalahantu)
  17. Rebecca Ng (WoShiBecca)
  18. Gentatsu Kusanagi (lxxSTRIKERxxl)
  19. Herdon He (GerobakSatu)
  20. Touno Gak Caemz (Makaryo)
  21. Kaiyou Serra (Entity Genetic)
  22. Aditra Pradhana (HarambeTheSaviour)
  23. Zilly Too (NekozChan)
  24. Hana Hernandez (Carealle)
  25. Jay-r Dalida (Summoner Neko)
  26. Adji Pratama Permana Putra (Jem Wood)
  27. Paul Anton Manzan Bagalacsa (CHIN CHAN SUE)
  28. Ron Sykes Del Rosario (I Wrath I)
  29. Maja Blanca (Maja Blanca)
  30. Dave Hatred Antonio (BabyMaeMae po)
  31. Magilou Mayvin (Magilou Von Mayvin)
  32. David Erickson Esteban (Imutis)
  33. Erika Eizel Delgado (JesikaDLGD)
  34. Alisia Natasha Hendrawan (Cersei Lanista)
  35. Анастасия Одерова (Kaibyo)
  36. Roman Demkin (Asperitas)
  37. Alvaro Arroyo (Cooberto)
  38. Tiago Ribeiro (Ailee)
  39. Naufal Zaidan Muttaqin (Kambing Hitam)
  40. Leninson Nascimento (DjPereiraOriginal)
  41. Gabriel Iga Galas ( Prince B )
  42. Leninson Vicente (TheDockBR)
  43. Guilhermando Fernandes (xSkull Veirax)
  44. Sean Salas (iske)
  45. Ronald John Tongcua (happynald)
  46. Kim Clarenceson Legaspi Maneja (Miss EyoY)
  47. Exiie Feeder (Minamoto no Hikaru)
  48. Bryce Chia  (Roaren)
  49. Eva Lee (Meownica)
  50. Kevin Ortega (Eliphas Levi)
  51. Larky Reyes (iNova)
  52. Robert de Jesus (Ristafell)
  53. Tragic (Alistre) 
  54. Habeeb Danube (Lucana)
  55. Alfardan Yalla (FayeChan)
  56. Leonard JC Sarmiento (Gosei)
  57. Ngek Nguyen (I B I)
  58. Ric Alvarez (Gigasaur)
  59. Sebastiano Vianello (Frehinir)
  60. Wukair Halek (Seravee GUNDAM)
  61. 장경일 (XinZanko)
  62. Kyla Marie (Ellexi)
  63. Rickson Cyan Velasco (Jenetik)
  64. Den Aquino (Thesauri)
  65. Damian Acosta (Sukhoi)
  66. Alberto Lomba (Sindia)
  67. Zolea Queen (Zolea)
  68. Vun Ming (AndyR)
  69. Gabriel Baskerville (Mr Gaaaaaaab)
  70. Ya Ye Yi Yayo (Gandus Lima)


  1. If you're not on the list, it means either you didn't tag, didn't share (or you share but it's not public) or didn't comment your nickname.
  2. If you've done all the requirements but you're not on the list, pm me with screenshot of your comment and link to your shared content.
  3. We will give further information later on how and when the reward will be distributed.
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I have distributed the reward via Facebook message as redeem code. For those who aren't friend with me on Facebook, just check your message request as shown on below:


If you didn't receive any message, probably because your Facebook is private and hidden from search or you block incoming message from strangers. In this case, please add and pm me on >>Facebook<<.


  1. Logout from game
  2. Login to
  3. Choose main > redeem codes
  4. Enter the redeem code and confirm
  5. The reward will be sent to your storage (@storage)

Thank you for your participation! ^^

Edited by Hilmir

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