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Changelogs - Achievement, New Fishing System & Vending Improvement

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Changelogs - 05.01.2017


  • Implemented Achievement System.

New Fishing System

  • Revamped system to make AFK fishing no longer possible.
  • Adding fish combining system to make Sushi.

Improved Vending System


  • Added option to remove refine from Shadow Eq at deRefiner NPC.


Bug Fixes

  • WoE - Fixed WPS not being given in certain castles.
  • WoE - Fixed Amulet not usable in certain maps.
  • Battleground - Fixed issue with Dark Lord MVP in BG C Bossnia mode.
  • Added patch for missing pet taming item sprites.
  • Mummy pet egg is no longer called Nine Tails Egg.




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  • Added support for new pet taming food and Sushi ~~
  • Patched in Achievements
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