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Changelogs - Tradable Old Bio HGs and WoE 2017 update

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Changelogs - 04-10-2017


  • ? Easter Egg Collector NPC has arrived to Asgard.


  • ?️ Added A+ and A++ bounties in Class A Bounty in HQ.
  • ?️ Readjusted difficulty of clan quests.
  • ?️ Readjusted items in Odin & Magic clan shops.

Item Update

  • ? Old Midas, Old Rune Circle etc will be trade able. (No longer need to ask me to be middle man)
  • ? All fishes are now tradeable.

Gladiator Tournament

  • ?️ Added dual check.
  • ?️ Re-entry delay when killed is now account wide.

WoE 2017 setup

  • New castles
  • Schedule
  • ⚔️ New Silk Mode

Bug Fix


Warning: Please use up all your Fish from the Fishing Tournaments. We will wipe them from our database in 2 weeks to reset it, together with a new Fishing method (100% Anti AFK fishing).


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