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Changelogs - Clan System and Egg Hunt

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Changelogs - 03.27.2017


  • ?‍?‍?‍? Clan released.
    • You can join a Clan from the LimitRO Headquarters - @go hq
    • Total 4 Clans: Prontera Knightage, Odin Orthodoxy, Magic Academy, Icarus Society.
    • Clan Buff
      • Different clan has different buffs.
    • Clan Shop
      • Different clan has different shop content.
    • Clan Quest
      • Different clan has different quest.
    • Clan Chat
      • To display Clan Chat 
      • Type /cl text to chat in clan chat
      • clanchat.png
  • ⚔️ Gladiator Tournament




  • Changed Help channel chat color.


  • Added in the New Login Screen - by @Sumikkogurashi
  • Added Easter eggs and easter egg NPC patch.


Item Fixes

  • ? You can now sell the April' Fools Day reward to NPC.
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