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Entity 808

[Guide] Arrow Making

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   Hi there,

Here's a list of the ingredients of arrows and how many you get per craft

TIP:Use Ctrl + F and search the arrow you've been looking for ^_^





609.png Amulet
40 Cursed Arrows
1053.png Ancient Tooth
20 Steel Arrows, 300 Crystal Arrows
7210.png Armor Piece of Dullahan
150 Arrows of Shadow
1068.png Barren Trunk
20 Arrows
7323.png Battered Kettle
50 Steel Arrows
939.png Bee Sting
1 Rusty Arrow
7023.png Blade Lost in Darkness
600 Sharp Arrows, 200 Arrows of Shadow
7024.png Bloody Edge
600 Sharp Arrows, 200 Cursed Arrows
7446.png Blue Bijou
50 Arrows of Wind, 50 Crystal Arrows, 80 Frozen Arrows
717.png Blue Gemstone
30 Crystal Arrows, 1 Frozen Arrow
7753.png Broken Farming Utensil
50 Rusty Arrows, 10 Iron Arrows, 20 Cursed Arrows
7097.png Burning Heart
150 Fire Arrows
7120.png Burning Horseshoe
100 Steel Arrows
7068.png Burnt Tree
250 Fire Arrows
952.png Cactus Needle
50 Arrows
7263.png Cat's Eye
200 Arrows of Wind
7752.png Clattering Skull
50 Arrows of Shadow, 50 Cursed Arrows
1003.png Coal
8 Arrows of Shadow
991.png Crystal Blue
150 Crystal Arrows
7321.png Crystal Fragment
10 Flash Arrows, 30 Sleep Arrows
724.png Cursed Ruby
50 Cursed Arrows, 10 Sleep Arrows
7442.png Cursed Seal
50 Cursed Arrows, 50 Mute Arrows
7315.png Dark Crystal Fragment
30 Cursed Arrows, 50 Arrows of Shadow
604.png Dead Branch
40 Mute Arrows
957.png Decayed Nail
1 Rusty Arrow, 1 Arrow of Shadow
7069.png Destroyed Armor
150 Steel Arrows
1021.png Dokebi Horn
40 Iron Arrows, 2 Arrows of Shadow
1035.png Dragon Canine
50 Iron Arrows, 1 Oridecon Arrow
7123.png Dragon Skin
10 Steel Arrows, 50 Cursed Arrows, 50 Mute Arrows
985.png Elunium
1,000 Steel Arrows, 50 Stun Arrows
714.png Emperium
600 Immaterial Arrows, 600 Mute Arrows, 600 Oridecon Arrows
713.png Empty Bottle
2 Iron Arrows
1011.png Emveretarcon
40 Silver Arrows, 200 Iron Arrows
923.png Evil Horn
20 Arrows of Shadow, 10 Flash Arrows, 5 Stun Arrows
1063.png Fang
40 Silver Arrows, 2 Sharp Arrows
7036.png Fang of Hatii
100 Crystal Arrows
5014.png Fin Helm
200 Crystal Arrows, 200 Steel Arrows
1066.png Fine-grained Trunk
20 Arrows
7451.png Fire Dragon Scale
300 Fire Arrows, 300 Stun Arrows
994.png Flame Heart
1,800 Fire Arrows, 5 Mute Arrows
7021.png Foolishness of Blind
200 Flash Arrows
910.png Garlet
12 Iron Arrows
956.png Gill
80 Iron Arrows, 150 Crystal Arrows
7561.png Glacial Heart
50 Crystal Arrows, 50 Frozen Arrows
2319.png Glittering Jacket
1,000 Flash Arrows
969.png Gold
50 Oridecon Arrows, 50 Flash Arrows
7435.png Golden Ornament
200 Silver Arrows, 300 Holy Arrows
7445.png Green Bijou
100 Stone Arrows, 80 Poison Arrows
997.png Great Nature
450 Stone Arrows, 5 Flash Arrows
993.png Green Live
150 Stone Arrows
7163.png Hard Feeler
20 Sharp Arrows
968.png Heroic Emblem
5 Stun Arrows, 1 Oridecon Arrow
947.png Horn
35 Iron Arrows
958.png Horrendous Mouth
5 Shadow Arrows
7066.png Ice Cubic
100 Crystal Arrows
7562.png Ice Scale
150 Crystal Arrows, 400 Frozen Arrows, 200 Mute Arrows
7316.png Insect Leg
10 Sharp Arrows, 80 Poison Arrows
998.png Iron
100 Iron Arrows
1002.png Iron Ore
50 Iron Arrows
909.png Jellopy
4 Arrows
7026.png Key of the Clock Tower
50 Oridecon Arrows
1041.png Lantern
80 Iron Arrows
7172.png Leopard Claw
10 Sharp Arrows
1038.png Little Evil Horn
50 Iron Arrows, 2 Cursed Arrows
7098.png Live Coal
100 Fire Arrows
7019.png Loki's Whispers
1,000 Arrows of Shadow
7025.png Lucifer's Lament
800 Stun Arrows, 400 Mute Arrows, 800 Sleep Arrows
1098.png Manacles
50 Steel Arrows
1031.png Mantis Scythe
1 Sharp Arrow
7035.png Matchstick
1,000 Fire Arrows
2618.png Matyr's Leash
50 Arrows of Wind, 100 Steel Arrows, 10 Sharp Arrows
1018.png Mole Claw
50 Iron Arrows, 60 Stone Arrows
7020.png Mother's Nightmare
1,000 Cursed Arrows
2288.png Mr. Scream
200 Sharp Arrows, 300 Steel Arrows
995.png Mystic Frozen
450 Crystal Arrows, 5 Frozen Arrows
1095.png Needle of Alarm
100 Arrows, 5 Sleep Arrows
7002.png Ogre Tooth
30 Steel Arrows, 5 Rusty Arrows
603.png Old Blue Box
50 Sharp Arrows, 50 Sleep Arrows
7022.png Old Hilt
1,000 Oridecon Arrows
7318.png Old Pick
100 Rusty Arrows, 50 Steel Arrows
1043.png Orc Claw
10 Steel Arrows
922.png Orc's Fang
30 Iron Arrows, 5 Steel Arrows, 10 Stone Arrows
984.png Oridecon
250 Oridecon Arrows
2281.png Opera Masque
200 Steel Arrows, 40 Mute Arrows
1010.png Phracon
50 Iron Arrows
7150.png Piece of Bamboo
100 Arrows
7108.png Piece of Shield
100 Steel Arrows, 100 Oridecon Arrows, 300 Immaterial Arrows
7155.png Poisonous Toad Skin
20 Poison Arrows
1027.png Porcupine Quill
70 Arrows, 30 Stone Arrows
7447.png Red Bijou
100 Fire Arrows, 80 Flash Arrows
990.png Red Blood
600 Fire Arrows
716.png Red Gemstone
10 Rusty Arrows, 1 Poison Arrow, 1 Cursed Arrow
1064.png Reins
100 Iron Arrows, 50 Steel Arrows
757.png Rough Elunium
200 Steel Arrows, 5 Stun Arrows
756.png Rough Oridecon
50 Oridecon Arrows
996.png Rough Wind
450 Arrows of Wind, 5 Sleep Arrows
7511.png Rune of the Darkness
300 Shadow Arrows, 150 Flash Arrows
911.png Scell
8 Steel Arrows
904.png Scorpion Tail
3 Rusty Arrows
2408.png Shackles
700 Iron Arrows, 50 Steel Arrows
7100.png Sharp Leaf
30 Sharp Arrows
7109.png Shining Spear Blade
100 Oridecon Arrows
2332.png Silver Robe
700 Silver Arrows
2333.png Silver Robe [1]
1,000 Silver Arrows, 10 Immaterial Arrows
7450.png Skeletal Armor Piece
500 Immaterial Arrows, 200 Arrows of Shadow, 100 Oridecon Arrows
7164.png Solid Peach
30 Stun Arrows
1067.png Solid Trunk
20 Arrows
1000.png Star Crumb
30 Flash Arrows
1001.png Star Dust
10 Flash Arrows
999.png Steel
100 Steel Arrows
959.png Stinky Scale
1 Poison Arrow
7067.png Stone Fragment
50 Stone Arrows, 30 Stun Arrows
913.png Tooth of Bat
1 Arrow of Shadow
7221.png Tangled Chains
50 Steel Arrows, 50 Arrows of Shadow
902.png Tree Root
7 Arrows
1019.png Trunk
40 Arrows
7027.png Key of Underground
100 Arrows of Shadow
2257.png Unicorn Horn
1,000 Silver Arrows
7319.png Used Iron Plate
100 Steel Arrows, 100 Rusty Arrows
7510.png Valhala's Flower
600 Immaterial Arrows, 600 Holy Arrows, 600 Sharp Arrows
937.png Venom Canine
1 Poison Arrow
2292.png Welding Mask
200 Steel Arrows, 40 Stun Arrows
7340.png Will of the Darkness
30 Cursed Arrows, 30 Poison Arrows, 50 Arrows of Shadow
7566.png Will of the Red Darkness
200 Cursed Arrows, 200 Poison Arrows, 100 Arrows of Shadow
992.png Wind of Verdure
150 Arrows of Wind
920.png Wolf Claw
15 Iron Arrows
2328.png Wooden Mail
700 Arrows, 500 Iron Arrows
2329.png Wooden Mail [1]
1,000 Arrows, 700 Iron Arrows
7448.png Yellow Bijou
50 Silver Arrows, 50 Immaterial Arrows, 80 Sleep Arrows
715.png Yellow Gemstone
10 Stone Arrows, 1 Sleep Arrow
7018.png Young Twig
1,000 Mute Arrows
912.png Zargon
40 Silver Arrows
1044.png Zenorc's Fang
5 Rusty Arrows



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