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Changelogs - Gladiator Feature and New Donation Equipment!

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Changelogs - 03.20.2017


  • Gladiator Tournament *Beta*
    • Beta release
    • Ranking based
    • PvP based tournament - daily server time 13:00 and 01:00
    • Buff removal when enter
    • All vs All, players can party.
    • No level, class or equipment etc restrictions.
    • End game PvP
  • Official Job Change Quests are all activated ~~
    • You may do them for fun :P 

Asgard NPC

  • Added Kunai Maker, Potion Book Sale, Bomb Book Sale NPCs to Walk Street of Asgard.

Event Shop

  • VIP Coins will no longer be available in Genie Shop.

Vending Harbor

  • Revamps the Shop NPCs abit in Vending Harbor, more categorized and easier to browse.
    • Removed several custom added items from Vending Harbor to increase economy between players.


  • Main Chats will now display Cool Down notice, Lack of Zeny notice if you use it while having Cool down or lack of zeny.

Bug Fix

  • Fixed Cookie Bar - not giving +111 ATK / MATK bonus. (It was giving max +33).

Cash Service

  • NPC Mato Mato - enchanting revamped, applies only to Cash Top, Mid, Low and Masks.
    • You no longer need to buy "Gemstones  or Shards" to enchant.
    • You can now Enchant directly with 1 time fee of 10m zeny (compared to before 33m zeny in total).
    • You can now Enchant directly even if you have enchants - (aka no need to unenchant).
  • Cash Headgear Top refine bonus has been changed to - each 3 refines gives you All stats +1, HP&SP+1%, Damage +1% and Dmg reduce 1%.
  • Added plenty of new Cash headgears ~~
  • Donation recycle will be decreased to 70% from 80%.

Battleground Update

  • BG Rush A and B has a map update - much more fun and easier to understand the game.
    • Now, more like a Battleground, instead of "War of Emperium practice".

Bug Fixes




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