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Changelogs - We hit 800+

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  • BG C is no longer Silk mode and it's back to Trans Jobs only.
  • Dominion is now part of the BG daily quest count.

Cash Shop

  • Added 'Guild Base Ticket' to cash shop.


  • Added Roulette feature, the icon under the Cash Shop.
    • The Roulette coin not yet released to public <3
    • You will be able to obtain coins mostly from Forum Events, Global Events and special Donation Bonus Events.
  • Guild Base Rental
    • You can now use Guild Base Ticket (Cash) to rent.
  • LimitRO Server Network improvement
    • Added 6 proxy servers - free VPN for all, no packet loss, choose the proxy that suits you best.
    • I will publish detailed pings on our website in near future.
    • Server main location moved to US west coast (L.A.) instead of "Canada".
      • This location is globally most "middle" place.


  • New gepard.dll and clientinfo.grf patch
    • For new server network - proxy.
  • Added over 90+ new hats waiting for release :P 
    • I came, when I made the many BEAUTIFUL hats ~~
  • Added a patch for Lucky Coins.

Bug fixes:

  • Corrected Morroc Necromancer to be immobile and ranged.
  • Also adjusted skills of Morse Cave mobs.
  • Fixed minor Teleport Device NPC title issue for Guild Hall etc.
    • (Now all Teleport Devices displays correct area name)
  • Fixed Cookie Bar Strenght, Intelligence, Agility, Dexterity and Luck ( was giving % bonus instead of fixed extra bonus)

Skill Bug Fixes

  • m540TYBl.png

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