Login Screen Contest

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Login Screen Contest
Event End: 2017.03.20


It's time for us to introduce a new login screen! But this time, I'm calling out the talented artists within our own community!

Please help me make a new Login Screen for LimitRO <3


  • Size: 1024 x 768
  • File: .bmp 24-bit
  • Design: You decide. Make sure to "WOOOOOOW my eyes" ;) 
    • Must be ORIGINAL and AWESOME, you can't use anyone else work, we will find out! /go 
  • WIP:  include work-in-progress images. We'll still know if you faked your WIP pics (just like the last time).

Image must include the following:

  1. LimitRO Logo (You decide the size and location)LimitROLogoGLOWByDaifukuDesigns.png
  2. Also add the Gravity small logo, Rated Everyone logo, eA logo and Gepard logo. You can use Google to look for better quality of these logos, or you can trace it from the previous login screens.
  3. Feel free to add your signature, but make sure it's not too big. 
  4. Sign like this: Your name LimitRO (make sure they use same style so people won't think we stole the image .-.-)
  5. Include one of the Deluxe Pets into your artwork.



  • The chosen winner will receive:
    • 25x 32014.png?nocache=1775446605 VIP Coins
    • 10 Roulette Coin Bronze
    • 1x 30021.png?nocache=55320283 Event Box (Balloon)
  • Consolation
    • 20 Roulette Coin Bronze
    • Applies to all who I think is worth the effort.
    • Original artists will be considered, so newbies will be excluded. No MS Paint, no Powerpoint! 


You can reply in this thread for submission!



  • Char Name:
  • Image:
    • 1x (Original - .BMP)
    • 1x .PNG for preview
  • About:



Thank you every much and Good luck! /lv 

Kind regards,

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Night, night! :3

Here's my art.




Saw the new rules. Adjusts. 

WIP: wip.thumb.jpg.f0ffa893c0e573252cf046359d7380c1.jpg


GIF (WIP Evolution):


Character: Ynanna (as the signature lol)

About: I think this art it's all about the spirit of Ragnarok. You know, right? There are some colors and a funny spirit, but the lore its all about the chaos and war. What could bring to our login screen the essence of our game? Yeah, that's right. A rune knight with her sword, facing (maybe) her destiny. Well,... At least thats the scene I see for this login screen. Anyway, hope u guys like it and I wanna say that I'm open minded to change things in this artwork. 

Hope u guys like it.

XOXO from BR ^^



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I see 

ok thanks GM Freya ^_^ <3

Still searching on YouTube how to draw in PS CS6 XD 

But I know I can't submit cause it will took me ages just to learn something XD just getting ready for the next artwork event

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Char Name: Agham

Guild: Otogakure

Image Preview:






Original/BMP 1024x768 File:


About: the loading screen design exemplifies teamwork and camaraderie as LimitRO's motto says: "Together, We make it happen!"

video proofs included: bandicam 2017-03-12 11-25-57-803.avi

PS: rendered or pre-cut images/files and where used to create this work.

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Char Name: luthvirtue

Image: First Time in Gonryun

BMP: limitro_submit.bmp

First Time in Gonryun


About: A cute Taekwon Master, brought her beloved Tamadora to Gonryun for the first time. At first her pet was scared. So, she hugged it and walk across the bridge. Those puffy white clouds in the bright blue sky make them happy. Just look at those smile. This adventure will be one of those that they will never forget. By the way, that TkM wears 5360, 5040, and 5015.



This drawing is the second time that I made for this contest. The first one is about going to Al De Baran, but it wasn't good. So, I remake it.

Anyway, tuturu~

1. Idea:


2. Character Sketch:


3. Line Art


4. Coloring

P_20170307_180213.thumb.jpg.2ea662fdb1af402e5ce31efb3cb70841.jpg P_20170307_185321.thumb.jpg.4afc8378b1a362c5fa094825052e9fd8.jpg

5. Bridge Sketch


6. Coloring


7. Sky (No sketch, just color pencils. I make this four times tbh T_T)


8. Tools


9. Scan, then merge them using Corel DRAW




10. Testing with login dialogue box


I hope my childish drawing is awesome enough for you.

Thank you~



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here is my entry!


I can change the signatures/logos if they're not ideal. That's not my forte..

About: I think Woodie is the cutest of the new pets! I thought it would be fun to see him in disbelief, watching how humans mistreat logs haha ? 

As for the drawing, I used Paint Tool SAI and it took me about 3 days to draw. I used as a reference the official images for the Warlock and Mechanic classes

GIF with the progress: 

and here is the sketch: 



Here are some of my other ideas, with different pets:

I thought the blue unicorn was really cute too, so I wanted to draw it with a tough, evil looking sinX, being all cute and cuddly. I filled the background with dead evil looking monsters (to convey that the sinX was tough) but in the end it was too gory.

I then went to the opposite direction and drew that same sinX, now having tea time with a blue unicorn. I like this one better :)

And since Tamadora reminded me of Togepi (the Pokemon), I thought about drawing a Misty-inspired priest holding one like she does in pokemon, but I don't know if that would be illegal or what?! So I just drew a normal pastel priest instead.



Thanks for looking!

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CharName: AndiBless


LoginScreen 1024x768.bmp




The basic idea here is a party of friends taking a break from a quest, I wanted to show as many things from the game as possible the homun, pets, mercs, mobs, foods and mounts... and make it seem playful, so the story here is that the Sorc dropped his Arunafeltz Sandwich and it was picked by a poring, then the mean AB gives the poring Increase Agility !! and it runs away with the sandwich while the Gene just spits out water in laughter, in the background Luciola Vespa is lovingly glancing at Sera but she only cares for her Apple Pudding and Egnigem Cenia is madly in love with Doppelganger just like Dali Bow Merc who doesn't appreciate the competition, then all the other pets just around their masters...

The technique is mixed media, the photographic background is not from google ;D also my pics

Hope u like it ;3

Facebook page:


First Try:78775f6b-02d1-4511-8815-95ca1d1aee5f.thumb.jpeg.2d1027468724293c46bfbdbec51420af.jpegbc37351c-158f-4a54-853f-93cc1153b761.thumb.jpeg.ada4a888881dbb587aebd2888b33886c.jpegIMG_4920.thumb.jpg.acd840d46551de33ef2ecedc0b1e6b5b.jpg

Second Try xD


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Winner of this Login Screen contest is @Sumikkogurashi, congratulations! ?'

The other submissions, is it possible to remake your drawing suitable for LOADING SCREEN for limitro?

Same size.

Maybe add some fun text or so !

Send to me private PM if you want to submit for LOADING screen. 

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