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VPN Guide

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VPN Usage

What is VPN? It's a program that changes your IP tunnel, simply changes your IP into another destination, and changes your connection location.
Example, if you have a Asian IP, and use VPN to connect to a USA IP, then if you visit USA websites, games, servers etc it will be much faster and stable also you will be displayed having a USA IP.

VPN also hides your "real IP" for saver surfing.


How to use?
There are may VPN programs, like FreedomVPN, ExpressVPN, FFVPN, etc etc etc...tons of them, and most of them are FREE TRIAL, and costs money later on.
Many of those programs have a very simple user interface...install, open, choose destination & connect ~~ 


Since LimitRO is located in North America, I strongly recommend asian players to use VPN (USA IP) while patching LimitRO.exe for more stable connection, and sometimes play the game using VPN.

When I'm in China, I use a chinese VPN called FFVPN, and I pay like 80SEK per month for it's usage.

For those who are not chinese, could use other VPN program, simply google and try the best ones.


For questions, you may post here, and I will reply.

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