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Changelogs 2017.01.08

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  • Merged KvM, Bravery and Valor badge, now using Classic Badge.
  • Added KvM, Bravery and Valor converter into Classic Badge.
  • Added Classic Badge Shop NPC in Battleground Lobby.


  • Updated Rebellion shop in Prontera & Vending Harbour.
    • Removed Slug Shot L, M, H, SH, XH.
    • Added Shotgun Slug (consumed by Slug Shot skill).
    • Removed Flare Sphere, Lightning Sphere, Ice Sphere, Poison Sphere & Blinding Sphere.
    • Added Flare Bullet, Lightning Bullet, Ice Bullet, Poison Bullet & Blinding Bullet.
  • Added Garment preview in VIP Shop.
  • Added KvM Battle Arena C 'Trans Job only BG".
  • Removed War badge -> Other badge conversion.
  • Added magnifier dog.


  • Fixed issue of battleground potions not working in new maps.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Donation cash items cannot be unenchanted bug.



First time we have Sunday maintenance, and its one time!

Because of my wedding is tomorrow ;D 

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