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Changelogs 2016.12.19

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Changelogs 12-19-2016




  • Added new card Prefix names.
  • Added fix patch for Crimson weapon holy / shadow name bug.


  • Added player suggestion @whosell comma.

Skill Bug Fixes

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Battlegrounds Update:

  • Added AFK checks with autokick mechanism. 10 Minute CD if kicked.
  • Battlegrounds now separated into "Battle Arena A" and "Battle Arena B".
  • To join, simply @joinbg A or @joinbg b. Similarly, to leave use @leavebg A or @leavebg B.
  • Max of 12~14 players per 'Battle Arena'.
  • Revamped reward mechanism of Conquest, Rush, Fortress & Stone.
    • Conquest: 5(base) + [5 x 3 (2stones + 3 cades)] + 10 (Emperium). Minimum 5 Maximum 30.
    • Rush: 5(base) + 5(1stEmpBreak) + [3 x 5 Mobs] + 10 (2nd Emperium-Break/Def). Minimum 5 Maximum 35.
    • Fortress & Stone: Depending on which final point your team obtains (10/20/30/40/50) you will obtain (4/8/12/16/30) badges.
  • Added scoreboard for Conquest mode.
  • Reduced 'game point' of Fortress & Stone to 50.
  • Included 'MobKill' objective for bonus points (Rush Mode).
  • Automatic buffs/heal/repair upon death.
  • Removed auto-respawn in battlegrounds.
  • Added 'Warper' NPC which teleports you back into the battleground.


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