Xmas Event #2 - Artwork Galore!

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Christmas Contest 2: ARTWORK GALORE



12.12.2016 - 12.28.2016

Artwork Submission Criteria:

  1. Theme: LimitRO 2016 with the message or slogan of your choice (Suitable for Ingame loading screenshot) and use official LimitRO logo. Take note that the artwork DOES NOT HAVE TO BE CHRISTMAS-THEMED. 
  2. You may include other characters such as yourself, your pet, your friends or even GMs.
  3. You are only allowed to submit 1 original artwork.
  4. Artwork must be colored and may come in traditional or digital format.
  5. Artwork (preferred formats: JPEG, PNG) must have at least 640x480 resolution.
  6. You need to show the progress of your artwork creation, like 5 screenshots of the progress as evidence of making.
  7. Entries submitted after December 28, 2016 (server time) will no longer be accepted. 

Artwork Submission Format (Post your entries in this thread)

  • Quote


    • Title and IGN: Come up with something creative. (e.g. Dreamland by Yuuki)
    • Artwork Images: Must include 2 pictures of progress (lineart, coloring, etc) to avoid plagiarism, then your final output. 
    • Description: Tell us what the artwork is about. (50 words minimum)




  • GM Team + Helpers will vote out the nominee and winners by community ~ (More info when the time comes)

Prize Format:

All winners will get Lambi Ear Fluff, a cute mid-headgear costume! 

  • There will be three winners:
  • First place: 19989.png  Mid-headgear costume + 25 32014.png VIP Coins + 10x 6098.png?nocache=72431480 Snowflake Magic + 30021.png Event Box Balloon
  • Second place:   19989.png Mid-headgear costume + 15 32014.png VIP Coins + 5x 6098.png?nocache=72431480  Snowflake Magic + 30021.png Event Box Balloon
  • Third place: 19989.png  Mid-headgear costume + 8 32014.png VIP Coins + 2x 6098.png?nocache=72431480 Snowflake Magic + 30021.png Event Box Balloon



Official LimitRO Logo


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Oooh ~~ Make sure you post some progress screen saves to prove that you have made it exclusive for LimitRO ~~ 

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On 12.12.2016 at 10:57 AM, IshaDlwaTtlo said:

@Reina  Go присоединиться plox D:

my tablet is dead ... so that I do not draw :(
but this is not the end !!:D I will do for you something soon ^_^

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PolloTowel by LaDelDinero

Description:  I decided not to follow the Christmass theme because yolo? anyway quick description this is a drawing about my deluxe pet Elephant with a towel and is a joke between my friends so this piece is dedicated to LimitRo and my friends ~ que les den bots 


limitro loading copia.png




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So... Here is mine.. It's not good at all but at least i tried :D:D

I drew this cause toy factory is one of my favorite dungeons and horror toy factory my favorite instance (even if i never killed the MVP). I love this dungeon for one reason i think, it's because i used to exp here when i was young and playing pre-renewal with my brothers so it brings back a lot of memories.

Sorry for this bad drawing :PIMG_22122016_1838432.jpgIMG_19122016_131703.jpgIMG_19122016_133648.jpgIMG_22122016_153756.jpgIMG_22122016_183843.jpg

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On 12/23/2016 at 4:14 PM, Best Kind Of Mess said:
  • Happy Lang by Ken Ma 
  • Description: This art work is created to celebrate my 7th year in this server and to show support to this  Event. This is to support the forum event and encourage other players to join! Was Titled "Happy Lang" because Xmas Season is where people share love and happiness! Warm Wishes to Everyone! Happy Holidays! :D
  • p1.jpg
  • p3.jpg
  • PFinal.png

And the Effort award goes to...... 

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Time To Undress For Silk WoE by Hilmir

This entry shows you what Silk Rental Manager sees before every Silk WoE.

Time To Undress For Silk WoE.png

Progress Board:


Edited by Hilmir
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Silent Night, Cold Night by Carealle 

A Christmas theme :D Yay! Chilling under the cold night skies with cute porings at lutie, while wearing a Santa Costume because why not? It's cute and it's Christmas (might get a high risk of hypothermia though XD) Anyway the fire gives the image a warm cozy feeling despite the freezing outdoors where the girl is (that's me :3 sexy eh? lol, I could only wish XD) 










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So I decided to create a non-Christmas themed artwork, and made an awareness-themed artwork instead. ;)

Title : Stop Poring Abuse :P

IGN : Drew Ranger


Everyday, thousands of porings are being tortured and abused around the Rune Midgard. Many of them are being captured, experimented and overkilled. These cute little pink creatures cannot fight back because they're too weak. We should act before it's too late. Let's stop the abuse. Free the porings. Let them live their lives without fear. Spread the message. STOP PORING ABUSE.


B > Poring Card need bulk :P

LimitRO practice JPEG 300PPI-01.jpg

LimitRO practice 3-01.jpg

LimitRO practice 2-01.jpg

LimitRO practice 5.jpg

LimitRO practice 7.jpg

LimitRO practice 8.jpg

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  • Title and IGN: Nidhogg by Rinnnv
  • WIP:  unnamed1.jpgunnamed.jpg2.jpg1.jpg
  • Artwork Images:                          Slide1.jpg
  • Description: Alpha watercolour, Windsor and Newton Inks, on Fabriano. Picking this character to try out new colouring style and mediums. While drawing her, found out that she is actually the Nidhogg dragon that drops proxy, learnt about her background story which is closely related to ragnarok online storyline such as the one in Hazy Forest. Hope you guys enjoyed it. Happy New Year~


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  • Title and IGN: "A gift for nerfing my home" by Ssechtre
  • Artwork Images:

  • Description: It's Christmas so I looked up all the features in game involving the holiday. I came up making having an artwork with the theme of Horror Toy Factory Instance, since her home has been nerfed recently to follow the official mechanics. She's now depressed after having been killed so many times by limitRO players. She's offering a gift of appreciation for torturing her. SPOILER ALERT: The gift contains 1,000 cash points. 






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Title: All I want this Christmas by PaNday KiDs

Description: Made using MS power point. These are good set of cards to help you on your journey to the world of Ragnarok. Nab or Pro, Renewal or Pre-renewal, these are always helpful. I could have drew GTB instead of archangeling, but its very clear that drawing is not my forte, so lets just leave it there =). Playing RO during Christmas season brings a lot of memories to me. This is one of the best time to play because of the holiday season which means more gaming time and more time to hang-out with friends in real life, especially when RO was still a hit here in the Philippines. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all of us. ROK ON!!!

limitro event pic 1.jpg

limitro event pic 2.jpg

limitro event pic 3.jpg

limit event pic 4.png

limitro event submit.png

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