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What's a Helper?

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A group of regular players who are and have been supporting LimitRO community voluntarily by helping other players with leveling, guidance and other supports, in order to extend the players game play to the full. 

A thankful to Helper by organize a group and give the Helper the right tools to be even more helpful.

Those tools are to a certain degree GM tools, yet limited to minimize the risk of corruption.


Helper's Tools

  • Policy commands (To help out the community order, all actions are logged.)
    • Warn (@warn5 & @warn15) A command to silence player ingame.

Helper's Profile

  • What makes Helper unique from other players?
    • It is very important to be able for us to make sure that Helpers are unique enough to prevent possible scam issues, this is sad, but inevitable.
    • They have a special Aura.
    • They have a special GM color name. 
  • Example of a Helper's Look:


List of Helper

Here is a list of current active Helper in LimitRO

  • <GM> Hilmir
  • Jin Neticist
  • Akin
  • Kyouka
  • Rey
  • Caphleo
  • CasaNova
  • lorder
  • AndiFate
  • Shinchou
Helper's tasks
The duty is totally free of will, there are no force for any Helpers to help out when they are online, although it will decrease their credibility and we do not encourage such behavior of this title.
Helper's are allowed to play in WoE, PvP, or any other activities just like all other players.
They can, in any time use their Helper chars in any way they want, even if they do not feel like helping that day.
  • Forum - Helper's Desk (Answering the questions in Helper's Desk is high priority for Helper.)
  • In game -
    • Arrange instance raids.
    • Help new comers with guidance, showing around the NPC locations etc.
    • Willing to trigger and arrange events with our special Event NPCs.
    • Report and keep the community in a well ordered manner and behavior in Main Chats.
Lai's comment:

Despite how thankful I am towards all Helpers, I'm as the Admin of the server, still in need of control by not letting the evil corrupt minds taking over our human brains.

I do trust by all means, but to the community, IF there is any possible abusive behavior by any of the Helpers, please do report to me directly.
Thank you! 
Edited by Hilmir
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-Helper Activated-

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