Doram Token Exchange Guide

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Doram Token Exchange


Learn how you can trade in pieces of doram equipment for doram tokens!


1. Log in your Doram character as the NPC refuses to trade equipment with humans.

2. Go to Lasagna (@go lasagna) and locate Used Good Merchants NPC near 135 251.

3. She will convert selected Doram Weapons and Armor into 2 Doram Tokens per item.

  • Weapons
    • Meek Green Foxtail Staff / Strange God Foxtail Staff
    • Delicate Foxtail Model
    • Magical Foxtail Staff
    • Exquisite Foxtail Model
    • Magical Yellow Foxtail Staff
    • Yellow Exquisite Foxtail Model
  • Armors
    • Private Doram Suit
    • Private Doram Manteau
    • Private Doram Shoes
    • Luxury Doram Suit
    • Luxury Doram Manteau
    • Luxury Doram Shoes
    • Elegant Doram Suit
    • Elegant Doram Manteau
    • Elegant Doram Shoes



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