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House System

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House System



Solace can be found in your own sanctuary...

Houses in Limit Ragnarok (not to be confused with Guild Bases) are places where you can have private time with your friends, change how you look, and enjoy activities that are exclusive to house owners.

Getting your own house is so easy!

Acquiring a House


In Asgard (@go 0), use the Teleport Device to go to House Street. 


There, you'll be able to talk to the Mayor who can rent the house for one month at a cost of 100 cash points (buy VIPs and/or donate to get cash points!)

Right now, eight (8) houses are for rent/being rented. Walk over to the portal of each house to know if the house is currently being rented by another player.

  • Use @home <house number>  to access your house. e.g. @home 3

When renting a house, you'll be asked to set up two passwords: one is for the owner; the other one is for the guests.

House Features

The house is loaded with all-new features that have not been accessible to LimitRO players until now...



The first NPC you'll notice is Room Service girl, who will provide you Maid Luna, a mercenary to heal, buff, and accompany you for 5,000,000z/hour.


Maid Luna automatically casts support spells on you and people who have access to your house!

South of the Room Service NPC is a lush Abacadabra garden where you can possibly summon the strongest MvPs through the sage skill, "Abracadabra." Careful, though: these plants were not made for farming and will take a while to spawn again!


You'll also see the blossoming fruit tree which provides you yummy usables! It only has a limited amount of fruits at the beginning, though. You'll need to take care of the tree through gardening for it to produce more loots.


Gardening Options:

  • Fertilizer - you'll have to bring several item requirements to make the fertilizer. These items will be specified in the dialogue.
  • Water the Tree - You can buy buckets from the Supplier NPC who's next to Room service girl:


These are empty buckets, so you need to click on the ripples for a chance to get them 10 buckets full to water the tree.

There are a total of six ripple spots inside the house (you can try up to 100 times in the house per day). 


When successFULL (*cough*), you'll have a full bucket in your etc:


After a tiresome day of taking care of your trees or killing MVPs, you may want to listen to Neko chan and her team to relax:


Bored with how your characters look like? Click on Clothes next to the cats and have fun trying on something different!


  • Normal
  • Formal
  • Christmas
  • Summer
  • Hanbok
  • Oktoberfest
  • Morroc Robe
  • Queen
  • Maid
  • Shrine Maiden
  • Goddess
  • Dancer
  • Military
  • Gang Member
  • Loki Cosplay
  • Pope Cosplay

Feel like you need to recharge? Go sleep on the bed to make your HP/SP full.


Play your favorite Ragnarok tunes with the Piano. Make sure you turn on your sound effects (/sound) to hear it playing. Wait for the current track to finish before playing another song.


S.O. left you? Terrible day in the office? Bored being a bum? STILL NO MVP CARD? Bartender Mark Isher understands, and he's here to keep you company with something special:


On the menu:

  • Gunslinger - Critical rate and attack speed are increased for 7 minutes
  • Black Sunday - recovery rate is increased for 7 minutes
  • Sandstorm - Max HP increased by 3% for the next 7 minutes
  • Moonshine - Defense and magic defense are increased for 7 minutes

If you chose to try something random, there's a chance you can get any of these drinks and their effects:

  • Kiss of Fire the Spinbird Kick - increased matk for the next 20 mins
  • Black Russian Double - increased HIT by 30 for the next 7 mins
  • Barcadie 150 - evade 1 attack for the next 7 minutes

Two statues near the tree will help you turn on battle modes (PvP, GvG) and change the weather conditions (snow, sakura, leaves, smog)!




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