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Charleston Factory Instance [140+]

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Charleston Factory Instance




The cryptic Charleston units are your new adversaries...


  • Level  140+
  • Party
  • Complete steps 1-4 of the Fanatasmagorica Project Quest
  • 4 6213.pngExplosive Powders

Instance Entrance Location

  • Verus, Excavation Site (verus04)

Obtainable Rewards

Difficulty Level (1-10)

  • 3

Instance Boss


Item ID Item Name Drop Chance
6752 6752.png Charleston Parts 100%
16031 16031.png Pile Bunker P 15%
16033 16033.png Robot's Mechanical Arm 5%
21011 21011.png Gigantic Blade 10%
22043 22043.png AGI Complement 15%
22044 22044.png Reinforced Parts - Booster 15%
28101 28101.png Axe Tornado 15%
617 617.png MVP! Old Purple Box 100%
603 603.png MVP! Old Blue Box 100%
732 732.png MVP! 3carat Diamond 100%

Note: Only one MVP drop will be rewarded.


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1. Create a party and go to Verus. /navi verus04 75/114 akbyxh.jpg
2. Talk to Charleston to get the quest for Charleston Factory.
3. Talk to the Machine Device to generate the instance.
4. Walk right into Charleston Unit 1 and she will talk to you.
5. There will be 4 zones. You need to kill all Defense Systems in order to proceed to  the next zone.


6. Go to Professor Bell (116,213). Walk right in front of him to activate the dialogue.

7. After talking to Professor Bell, talk to Charleston Unit 1. She will be asking you to kill 5 mechanisms.

8. Markers will appear on your map which will show the location of the mechanisms.
9. Once you are done killing the 5 mechanisms, head back to Charleston Unit 1 and talk to her.
10. Charleston Unit 1 will be asking you to check the conditions of the three reactors.

11. Markers will appear on your map which will show the location of the reactors.
12. Walk near the reactors and a dialogue box will appear.
13. After checking the third reactor, go back to Charleston 1 and talk to her.
14. Talk to Charleston 2. Kill all the mobs that will appear.
15. After killing the mobs, talk to Charleston 2 again.
16. Go to the center of the map and you will find Charleston 2 and Charleston 1 there.

17. Charleston 1 will be asking you to collect 4 Explosive Powders.
18. Talk to Charleston 1 and hand over the 4 Explosive powders.
19. Once the MVP is killed, head back to Professor Bell and walk in front of him to activate the conversation.

20. After the conversation between Charleston 1 and Professor Bell is done, find Shalosh.
21. Shalosh(77,167) will give you 3 Charleston Parts and will warp you out of the instance.




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Extra Competition [20/20 Claims]

  • Be the top 20 to complete this instance and receive 5x Cash Points.
  • Reward will then be sent to your after confirmation.
  • 1 Reward per account!
  • Reply in this topic after completing this instance:
    • Char Name: (Only include yourself)
    • Screenshot: 5x
      • 1x Enterance
      • 2x Inside the Instance
      • 1x Killing the Instance Boss
      • 1x Killed the Instance Boss
    • Comment:


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