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Devil's Tower [130+]

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Devil's Tower

Did you know that Thanatos was a hero?
This instance takes us back into what really happened in the Morroc Castle, and the story of Thanatos Tower.


Instance Entrance Location 

  • Dimension Crack (dali02)

Difficulty Level (1-10)

  • 5

Obtainable Rewards

💀Instance Boss

📓Instance Step by Step Guide

  1. Speak to Teleport Device in Asgard, it will take you to Dimension Rift!
    • image.png
  2. Inisde the Dimensional Rift, goto floor 2.
    • image.pngimage.png
  3. Speak to Magic Scholar Arte
    • Create an instance and enter with Dimensional Device.
    • image.pngimage.pngimage.png
  4. Inside the Devil's Tower, speak with Officer Heim.
    • image.png
    • "Right now?"
  5. Healer Fama will appear, and speak to her to get 7641.pngCure Box 
    • image.png
    • Just talk to her for another Cure Box, until you don't need them anymore.
  6. Now you need to heal up 7 Injured Soldiers.
    • image.png
    • "Use first-aid kit."
  7. After you have healed all 7, a cinematic will appear, wait until it's over.
    • image.png
  8. When it's over, proceed to the right and talk to Assassin Dewey.
    • image.png
    • "Move now".
    • He will warp you into action mode ~~
  9. You need to kill all of Evil Shadows in the hall way.
  10. Then Assassin Luoie will appear and speak to him.
    • image.png
    • He will send you to the next room ~~
  11. There, speak with Lucile.
    • image.png
    • "Can I help?"
    • A cast bar will appear above your head and it is really long. While you're at it, mob of evil shadow will attack and intterupt your cast time.
    • Make sure to kill all of them. Then do activate the machine again. Once done, talk to Huey to move to next room. 
  12. Talk to Huey and move to the next room.
    • image.png
  13. You are not at the top of the current "Thanatos Tower", you will see Thanatos battling Satan Morocc
    • image.png
  14. Talk to Lucille.
    • image.png
    • You will activate the action, this is the hard part of this instance.
  15. Now 5 Magic Seals spawn at each edge of the map.
    • image.pngimage.png
    • Kill them all before they reach the center and frees Satan Morocc ~~
    • If you destroy one Magic Seal you will see this message:
      • image.png
  16. After you kill all 5 speak to Lucile.
    • image.png
    • "Follow"
  17. You will enter a new room, kill all Evil Shadows in there.
  18. Speak to Young Girl
    • image.png
    • "Where are they?"
  19. A warp will appear, enter it.
    • image.png
  20. Go inside and kill all  Evil Shadows in there.
  21. A warp will appear, enter it.
  22. You will be in a tiny room with Evil Shadow speaking...let it speak.
    • image.png
    • When he is done, kill him ~~
  23. A warp will appear, enter it.
  24. You will enter a large room and meet a Demonic Shade.
    • image.png
    • Let it talk and then all Evil Shadows will appear.
  25. Kill all Evil Shadows in the big room.
  26. Then click on Loki to trigger a new dialog.
    • image.pngimage.png
  27. After the short dialog, you will be warped to a new room, speak to Loki, and he will become you Mercenary.
    • image.png
  28. Now you have Loki's Afterimage.
    • image.png
    • CTRL + R to open Mercenary menu, then Skill button and take out his skill [Mind Blaster] into your skill bar.
  29. Use the skill [Mind Blaster] on Evil Believer to be able to deal damage to it! Kill it! 
    • image.png
  30. When he is dead, a Treasure Chest will appear.
    • image.png
    • You will receive Slayer weapon from it and some other random items ~~
  31. Speak to Loki to receive a new quest.
    • image.png
  32. Speak to Loki again to leave the instance.
    • image.png
    • "Get out of here."
  33. Speak to Magic Scholar Artie to get some EXP and the instance cool down will start, you can repeat this instance the next day at 4 am server time.
    • image.png


Congratulations, you just learned more about Thanatos and the tower!




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