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Ashes Leonhearin

LF WoE-Guild

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I just started in this server, I'm a well experienced player, played official (euRO) for 8 years before Renewal and never played Renewal at all. So well I know the basics but I miss a lot of updates.

I play RO just because of WoEs, that's the most important part, altough I like everything else from levelling to instances.

In the official I have been guild leader for most of the time I played, and always been in top WoE-fights. I'm not bragging, I'm just saying I know how a guild works, so I'm not gonna be one of those big pain in the ass players who always ask for help and never do shit for the guild.


IRL I'm italian, 31 years old, living in Tuscany and working as software developer. Oh right, my name is Francesco.

Let me know if someone is interested ;)

Best regards.

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