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Buyawa Cave [130+]

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Buyawa Cave

Into the deep forest, there have been tracks found of missing villagers...
The track leads into the a dark cave....
Help us, investigate this...


Instance Entrance Location

  • Malaya Field (ma_fild02)

Difficulty Level (1-10)

  • 5

Obtainable Rewards

  • Boss Drop
    • 6518.png Buwaya Doll
    • 6525.png Piece of Buwaya's Spirit
    • 6499.png Ancient Grudge
    • 2590.png Buwaya Sack Cloth
      • Clothes tailored from Buwaya's kidnapping sack. Full of vindictive spirits that cannot rest in peace. 
        Healing capacity and healing item effect increases 1% per 3 refinement. 
        10% damage decrease from Water, Earth, Fire and Wind Converter monsters. 
        Class : Garment 
        Defense : 8 
        Weight : 20 
        Jobs : All Jobs
    • 2169.png Kalasag
      • Sturdy yet light, practical shield made from rattan. 
        1% damage decrease from boss monsters per 
        3 refinement. 
        If Kalasag, Buwaya Sack Cloth, Bakonawa Scale Armor, and Bangungot Boots of Nightmare are obtained, damage decreased by 30%, and MHP increases at +20%, and MSP by +10% by from all monsters within Philippine Localizing. 
        Class : Shield 
        Defense : 40 
        Weight : 40 
        Jobs : All Jobs
    • 4592.png Buwaya Card
      • VIT + 4. Magic attacks from enemies create a high chance of casting Petrification on enemies within a 23x23 cell area around you. 
        Class: Card 
        Compound on: Armor 
        Weight: 1

Instance Boss





  1. At the entrance, speak with the Guard to create an instance for your party.
  2. After the instance has been set, enter the cave.
  3. Look around the cave for the real Buwaya. There are also fake Buwaya's that look and are named just like the real MVP, but they are a lot weaker and die fast. If you come close to a fake one, you will be warped into its treasure box and poisoned. You also seem to get warped there randomly by chance. Speak to the Kidnapped Woman to spawn two Buwaya's Weaknesses that must be defeated within a a short time period to leave the box. These are plant type, meaning they only take one damage per hit. Once both are defeated, a portal appears at the top of the map that warps you back into the cave.
  4. Find the real Buwaya and get some hits off before the cycle repeats.
  • Note: This portion can be extremely frustrating. The plants in the cave cast Agi Down at all times and there is little time to find and attack the real Buwaya.


  • Right after you got warped inside the box, you will get Poisoned. Speak with the Lady and ask her how can you get out. She hides from the room. The timer will start and 2 Buwaya's Weakness will appear at the top edge of the room. You need to kill it before the old lady re-appears or you will have to repeat killing it. Once you get rid of the 2 Weakness, they each have 20 HP, a portal will open.
  • Speaking to the old man inside the box will give you ATK & MATK buffs.
  • You do not need to start any quests to be able to enter Buwaya Instance.
  • Because of the method used to warp players into the box, dead players are not warped. There is a good probability that players in Hiding will also not be warped.



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Extra Competition [20/20 Claims]

  • Be the top 20 to complete this instance and receive 5x Cash Points.
  • Reward will then be sent to your after confirmation.
  • 1 Reward per account!
  • Reply in this topic after completing this instance:
    • Char Name: (Only include yourself)
    • Screenshot: 5x
      • 1x Enterance
      • 2x Inside the Instance
      • 1x Killing the Instance Boss
      • 1x Killed the Instance Boss
    • Comment:


  1. Mercedes Yggdrasil
  2. Fiscario Logix
  3. Avocado Shake
  4. No Name Char
  5. WinterWish
  6. Kiky Blaire
  7. MochiMaru
  8. Gaaaaaaab
  9. Felgenki
  10. XIII Envy
  11. Z ohan
  12. Jin Toki
  13. Cerrafina
  14. xhate
  15. Aludra
  16. Just Asi
  17. Enuma Elish Ea
  18. Le Bio
  19. xKamov
  20. Vilgyna

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