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Nidhoggur's Nest [70+]

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Nidhoggur's Nest

In the deep forest of Yggdrasil, stands a big barrier of door, to a vicious monster guarding the place of Yggdrasil.
But, to open up the Doors into the monster's nest, takes a huge amount of effort!
Are you adventurous? If yes, then this is perfect for you!


Instance Entrance Location 

  • Yggdrasil Root F2 (/navi nyd_dun02 99 199)

Difficulty Level (1-10)

  • 6

Obtainable Rewards

  • 6081.pngSplendide Coin
    • Used to different NPCs in Splendide.
    • To make 18580.pngYggdrasil Crown ( Clumsy-Handed Laphine NPC in Splendide 219/118 )
  • 6080.pngManuk Coin
    • Used to different NPCs in Manuk
  • MvP Drop
    • 2554.png Nidhoggur's Shadow Garb
      • Mdef +3, 
      • Increases resistance to all elemental properties by 7%. 
      • MaxSP increases by (Base level / 3) + (refine level x 10). 
      • With 1% probablity, recovers 1% amount of given damage to SP.  
    • 4456.png Nidhoggur's Shadow Card
      • INT + 5. When equipped by a High Wizard or Warlock Jobs, Fixed cast of all skills -50%. 
      • Armor Card

Instance MvP






  1. With 2 or more people in your Party, the party leader must speak with the Yggdrasil Gatekeeper at (nyd_dun02 99, 199) and "Accept Admission".
  2. After the dungeon is created, speak to the Yggdrasil Gatekeeper again to enter the dungeon.
    • Note: A window will appear showing pertinent time limits for the dungeon. If it is closed, it can be opened again with with the shortcut Alt+B.
    • Note 2: There is a 2.5 hour time limit for completing the quest before the instance is destroyed.
  3. Speak to the Murdered Yggdrasilid near the center of the main room. (213,277)
  4. Kill 12 monsters named "Nidhoggur's Guardian".
    • (Phylla Guardian: red, Rhyncho Guardian: green, yggdrasilid npc : yellow)
    • 1nydedit.jpg
  5. Go to floor 2 via the portal at the north end of the room.
    • Note: If you get disconnected at anytime after going to the 2nd floor, you will be unable to re-enter the instance until the cool down has expired.
    Shortest path through the maze
  6. Work your way through a short maze.
  7. At the end of the maze, you will warp to the boss room. Once the party leader steps forward Nidhoggur's Shadow will spawn at the center of the room.
  8. Approximately every 3 min while fighting Nidhoggur's Shadow, the entire party will be warped to 1 of 4 side rooms. They will receive several Status Effects that last for 30 seconds and ignore all resistances/immunities. 3 Ryncho and 2 Phylla will spawn in the side room with the party, they must be defeated before the party can leave the room.
    Southwest (red) room: HP-75%, Bleeding Ailment (icon does not show)
    Northwest (blue) room: HP-50%, Frozen Ailment
    Southeast (yellow) room: SP-50%, Sleep and Chaos Ailments
    Northeast (green) room: HP-25%(?), SP-50%, Poison Aliment
    • Note: The monsters are able to leave the room before they party is, which makes them impossible to be killed. Be sure not to let this happen.
    • Players will not be able to enter another Nidhoggur's Nest instance until after three days.



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Extra Competition [20/20 Claims]

  • Be the top 20 to complete this instance and receive 5x Cash Points.
  • Reward will then be sent to your after confirmation.
  • 1 Reward per account!
  • Reply in this topic after completing this instance:
    • Char Name: (Only include yourself)
    • Screenshot: 5x
      • 1x Enterance
      • 2x Inside the Instance
      • 1x Killing the Instance Boss
      • 1x Killed the Instance Boss
    • Comment:


  1. WinterWish
  2. Yukisaki
  3. BaZinga XD
  4. Mercedes Yggdrasil
  5. xhate
  6. Felgenki
  7. Irvine Von Rochstein
  8. Celestine Aestivalis IV
  9. XIII Sloth
  10. lufiachan
  11. Greed of Thanatos
  12. No Name Char
  13. Zelinel
  14. xKamov
  15. Albaran
  16. Enuma Elish Ea
  17. Cehrina
  18. Finni
  19. Just Asi
  20. DewiSrikandi
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