Ghost Palace [120+]

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Ghost Palace


Sakray was once an honorable knight, but he sold his soul to the devil Thanatos, in order to save his beloved Princess Tiara.
The restless spirits of the cursed and deceased.
Wandering aimlessly in the abandoned palace.
What on earth happened there...?


Instance Entrance Location 

  • Dimension Crack (dali02)

Difficulty Level (1-10)

  • 4

Obtainable Rewards

  • 6672.pngGray Shard
  • Weapons
    • 28100.png?nocache=136622622Thanatos Axe
      • ATK: 300 - MATK: 80 - 3rd Job Swordman/Merchant
    • 18119.pngThanatos Bow
      • ATK: 180 - MATK: 110 - 3rd Job Archer
    • 13093.pngThanatos Dagger
      • ATK: 100 - MATK: 130 - Swordman/Archer/Merchant/Thief Jobs
    • 21009.pngThanatos Great Sword
      • ATK: 280 - MATK: 120 - 3rd Job Swordman
    • 16028.pngThanatos Hammer
      • ATK: 180 - MATK: 120 - 3rd Job Swordman/Merchant/Acolyte
    • 28000.pngThanatos Katar
      • ATK: 220 - MATK: 80 - Guillotine Cross
    • 1836.pngThanatos Knuckle
      • ATK: 160 - MATK: 100 - Sura
    • 1496.pngThanatos Long Spear
      • ATK: 250 - MATK: 50 - 3rd Job Swordman
    • 1438.pngThanatos Spear
      • ATK: 150 - MATK: 100 - 3rd Job Swordman
    • 13441.pngThanatos Sword
      • ATK: 150 -  MATK: 100 - 3rd Job Swordman
    • 1669.pngThanatos Staff
      • ATK: 100 - MATK: 200 - 3rd Job Mage/Acolyte - +15% Healing Effectiveness 
    • 2023.pngThanatos Two-handed Staff
      • ATK: 120 - MATK: 250 - 3rd Job Mage/Acolyte - +18% Healing Effectiveness
    • 1933.pngThanatos Violin
      • ATK: 200 - MATK: 130 - Minstrel - +20% Ranged Damage
    • 1988.pngThanatos Whip
      • ATK: 200 - MATK: 130 - Wanderer - +20% Ranged Damage





  • Each weapon can be obtained by exchanging 100 Gray Shards.
  • Each weapon has one card slot.
  • Each weapon has a base level restriction of 120.
  • All weapons have the following effects:
  • INT +6
  • VIT +6
  • LUK -6
  • All weapons except staves: Low change that 5% of physical damage dealt will restore HP and SP
  • Staves: Low chance that unknown percentage of magic damage dealt will restore HP and SP
  • Lose 100 HP every 10 seconds
  • Lose 1,000 HP when unequipped




  • 18820.pngHelm of Gray
    • DEF: 35 - Holy Resist: +3% (+1% per 2 refines) - All 3rd Jobs
  • 15090.pngArmor of Gray
    • DEF: 90 - Holy Resist: +10% (+2% per 1 refine) - 3rd Job Swordman/Archer/Merchant/Thief
  • 22033.pngBoots of Gray
    • DEF: 25 Holy Resist: +2% (+1% per 3 refines) - All 3rd Jobs
  • 20721.pngCloak of Gray
    • DEF: 45 - Holy Resist: +5% (+1% per 2 refines) - All 3rd Jobs
  • 15091.pngRobe of Gray
    • DEF: 55 - Holy Resist: +10% (+2% per 1 refine) - 3rd Job Mage/Acolyte
  • 2187.pngShield of Gray
    • DEF: 75 - Holy Resist: +30% (+1% per 1 refine) - All 3rd Jobs





  • Each piece of equipment can be obtained by exchanging 100 Gray Shards.
  • Each piece of equipment has a base level restriction of 120.
  • Each piece of equipment has a card slot (need confirmation).
  • Equipment Bonus Set 1 for Armor of Gray, Gray Helmet, Boots of Gray, and Cloak of Gray:
  • +15% Neutral resistance
  • Low chance of casting Drain Life level 3 when receiving physical, melee damage
  • Equipment Bonus Set 2 for Gray Robe, Gray Helmet, Boots of Gray, and Cloak of Gray:
  • +15% Neutral resistance
  • +25% max HP
  • +25% max SP
  • +10% MATK




Instance Boss






Note1: You can not reenter this instance if you happen to exit this instance before the instance done (e.g. disconnected, died then respawn). It is suggested to bring Token of Siegfried in case you die on the middle of the instance.

Note2: All monsters in this instance are either Demon, Demi-Human or Undead, and have undead, shadow, ghost, wind or earth element.

Note3: All monsters have moderate chance to drop grey shard, which is required to purchase equipments and weapons at the end of the instance. Some monsters like dullahans, dark frames and khalitzburgs also drop Herb of Incantation (MATK+30 for 1 minute) and Distilled Fighting Spirit (ATK+30 for 1 minute).

Note4: You can steal from all the monsters in the instance for extra grey shards. this includes the Tortuous Redeemer.

To start this quest, you have to use the Dimensional Device located on Rune Midgard Allied Forces Post within the New World. It will warp you into the Dimensional Gorge. Enter the second map of Dimensional Gorge. The portal is located at (dali 64, 128), near the Sapha.

  1. Talk to Unpleasant Royal Guard in Dimensional Gorge (dali02 43, 129) to start the quest
  2. When instance is ready, click on Dimensional Device and select Enter. You have 1 hour to complete this instance.
  3. Talk to King to start. You will see Sakray is appointed as Princess Tiara's bodyguard for her marriage with a prince. Somehow you see monsters attack the palace. Kill all of those monsters to open portal to second stage (north end of room). Monsters: Bloody Murderer, Ragged Zombie.
  4. Talk to Sakray (132, 122). Somehow the monsters still attacking the palace. Clear the monsters to open portal to 3rd stage (117, 137). Monsters: Dark Frame, Flame Skull, Wind Ghost. 
  5. You will be inside a prison. Talk to King (32, 54) to advance the quest. Sakray is accused as the culprit behind the monsters attack. Cursed Spirit Thanatos will grant him the way out. Kill every monster on every jail chamber until announcement that the exit portal appears (54, 28). Quickly go to southeast corner portal as a big mob of undeads come at you. No need to kill them, but this is a good place to farm Grey Shard since this is the stage where most number of mobs appear. Monsters: Skeleton Prisoner, Zombie Prisoner, Ghoul. 
  6. Kill the monsters. After enough monster killed, you will see king and his soldier fall on the ground. Talk to Prince, you will see that he is the real culprit. he will transform into Torturous Redeemer. Kill it. Kill the last monster to open next portal (southwest corner). Monsters: Khalitzburg, Bloody Murderer. 
  7. You will be inside the prison again. Talk to Princess Tiara (216, 43), and you will find out that she is dying. Kill monsters in every jail chamber until another Torturous Redeemer come. No need to kill it since Sakray will do the job. Talk to Sakray (196, 44). Now Sakray already changed, granted new power from Thanatos Spirit. Monsters: Dullahan, Skogul, Skeleton Prisoner.
  8. This marks the end of the instance. An exit portal will appear in south east (210, 28). Before you go, you can talk to King (205, 29) to trade Gray Shards for Thanatos weapons and Gray equipment. Each weapon is worth 200 Gray shards and each Gray equipment is worth 100 grey shards. See section below for list of weapons and equipment.
  9. When you go to exit portal, you will get 2 Gray Shards as reward in completing the instance as well as EXP.
  10. Talk to Unpleasant Royal Guard again after 23 hours to repeat the instance



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Extra Competition [20/20 Claims]

  • Be the top 20 to complete this instance and receive 5x Cash Points.
  • Reward will then be sent to your after confirmation.
  • 1 Reward per account!
  • Reply in this topic after completing this instance:
    • Char Name: (Only include yourself)
    • Screenshot: 5x
      • 1x Enterance
      • 2x Inside the Instance
      • 1x Killing the Instance Boss
      • 1x Killed the Instance Boss
    • Comment:


  1. Cap Sakimori
  2. Azuma Tatsumaru
  3. Roaan
  4. asdfxd
  5. Lightning Shower
  6. Nihana
  7. Yukisaki
  8. willusion
  9. Z ohan
  10. Ritz Malheur Viera
  11. Dark Knight Sparda
  12. iROBO R X
  13. xhate
  14. Hogar
  15. BAiDa
  16. Ssechtre
  17. Felagund
  18. Patxinea
  19. Tendril
  20. Irvine Von Rochstein
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