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Your goal in RO life?

Your goal in RO life?  

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  1. 1. What is your ultimate desire of your RO life?

    • PvP - I want to 1 hit 1 kill other players!
    • Guild War - Oh my, with alot of buddies and own all the castles!
    • Monster Hunter - I want to kill all monsters out there, and challenge the hardest MvPs!
    • Friends - The one thing that will make me happy is, to make ALOT of friends ingame.
    • Fame - I do not want, anything else, I just want to be famous <3
    • Zeny - money money money! Limit Coins x 10000 <3
    • Collect - I want to collect....all cards.. all hats... all rare itenz!
    • Become GM - I want to become a Game master of LimitRO <3
    • Find love - I'm actually here to find the love of my life! xD
    • Other - Reply with your own answer <3

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Althought I voted for killing MvPs, which I LOOOOVE another thing I love as much as that is collect cute, beautiful things for my characters. I want every cute hat, garment, costume that my little heart desires.

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