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How to Install LimitRO?

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LimitRO Installation Guide

  1. Download LimitRO Zip  from Download Page

  2. Then extract it to your PC.

  3. Folder should contain those files:




  4. Launch LimitRO.exe and start the game!
    • Anti Virus Warning, on first time
      Depends on which anti virus you use, please make sure to add all LimitRO related files to "trust", "white list" or "unblock"! 
  5. Register an account here if you haven't.


  • Q: I launch the game and Gepard loading finishes, nothing shows up.
    • A: Make sure you have setup the opensetup.exe with game resolution.
  • Q: I receive sprite error message.
    • A: Make sure you have patched your kRO and your data.grf is over 2gb. Recommended to download our full installer.
  • Q: My installer is corrupted, can't be opened.
    • A: Please re-download the installer, make sure the internet is stable when downloading.
  • Q: I can't patch LimitRO.exe or kRO, what to do?
    • A: Please use a free VPN to change your IP to USA or Europe and then try to patch again. (google free vpn)

Live Support:


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LimitRO Setup



  • Graphic Device
    • Choose a graphic device you have on your PC.
    • If you have No graphic device, you need to install one, try google for correct drivers.
  • Resolution
    • Here you can set the desired game size.
  • Options
    • Play in Full Screen
      • To play the game in full screen, pretty cool
    • Enable Fog
      • To show fogs on maps with fogs
    • Trilinear Filtering
      • Not sure what it is, I left it out.
  • Sprite / Texture Quality
    • Lower it down if you have game graphic issues.



  • Simply game music settings.



  • On / Off different ingame commands



  • Mouse Freedom
    • Allowing your mouse to move freely in and out of the game window.
  • Codepage:
    • Allow you to use different language and chat codec ingame.


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