Outdated: Click here for latest into. Limit Ragnarok Online RULES
👮👮👮👮👮👮 Lai's Personal plead. In the past years, LimitRO has suffered numerous bad population reputation, and our team leaded by me have worked very hard to correct these misbehavior. Hard work pays off, and our community have improved! Although, we cannot stop here, so I plead that you read the following rules and follow them by your own deepest will from bottom of your heart, thank you. Punishment Guidance This section lists the escalation of punishments of each offense classification.  Repeated offense will lead to heavier punishments.   Punished player's will be listed here: Crime List The list cleans 1 time per year - next cleanse 2019-10-01 [Level 1] [Level 2] [Level 3] [Level 4] Other Notifications Outlaw Rule Inside PvP rooms, you can talk/chat ANYTHING you want in the PUBLIC chat, without being bound to the manner rules of punishments. Does not apply outside PvP rooms. Catch All The GM Team reserves all the right to administer any form of punishment with just cause. This is generally done through a majority consensus on the GM team, so just obey the rule of thumb and you'll be fine. How to Report Help LimitRO and make our server into a nice, calm, and good habitat player based server. You can report those who breaks our rules or suspect. Simply make a report https://www.limitro.com/forums/reportcenter/player/