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Limit Ragnarok Online RULES

Lai's Personal plead.

In the past years, LimitRO has suffered numerous bad population reputation, and our team leaded by me have worked very hard to correct these misbehavior. Hard work pays off, and our community have improved! Although, we cannot stop here, so I plead that you read the following rules and follow them by your own deepest will from bottom of your heart, thank you.

Punishment Guidance

  • This section lists the escalation of punishments of each offense classification.  Repeated offense will lead to heavier punishments.  
  • Punished player's will be listed here: Crime List
    • The list cleans 1 time per year - next cleanse 2018-10-01

[Level 1]

  1. 1 minute mute and possibly PM warning
  2. 12 hr mute
  3. 24 hr Mute Jail
  4. 1 week account ban

[Level 2]

  1. 1 day Account Ban
  2. 2 days Account Ban
  3. 1 week Account Ban
  4. 2 weeks Account Ban
  5. 1 month Account Ban

[Level 3]

  1. 1 day Account Ban
  2. 2 days Account Ban
  3. 1 week Account Ban
  4. 2 weeks Account Ban
  5. 1 month Account Ban

[Level 4]

  • Permanent Account Ban

[Level 1]

  • Spamming
    • Excessive talking in chat and/or repeating lines consecutively is punishable. People can read what you say, so there's no need to repeat it over nine thousand times. This includes but is not limited to using over 3 lines of chat at a time, or repeating your chat more often than 30 seconds AFTER it's left your screen.
    • Do not spam skills or spells (heals and buffs aside) in town - it may cause lag to other players. This includes and is not limited to dueling in the middle of town.
  • Guild Emblems
    • Copying another guilds emblem without permission is not allowed.
    • In relation to WoE, as stated below, the use of no emblem, or a transparent emblem is not allowed. A highly transparent emblem, even if it not completely invisible, can still be grounds for punishment under this rule.
    • As well, the emblem must be discernible as an emblem. If your name was "Player" and your emblem was using the ingame font to spell out the word "I am" so that when people see your character it would look like your name was "I am Player", that is not discernible as an emblem. Your emblem must be clearly represented as it should be.
  • Kill Stealing
    • If someone steals your kill, use the @noks feature instead of reporting to a GM.
    • If he/she keeps following wherever you go and attempting to steal your kill. Make a report at the report section.
  • Disrespect Towards the Staff
    • Kindly respect and be courteous to the GMs/ Staff members and listen to them.
    • Do not ask to be a GM/Staff member.
    • Try not to bother the GMs unless you are absolutely sure you cannot solve your problem on your own.
    • Do not beg for any items, zeny, events, or to have commands used on you.
    • If you're planning on accusing a current GM of being corrupt, SHOW HIGHER UPS PROOF. If you just call on any specific Staff member corrupt without any solid proof, you WILL BE PUNISHED.
  • War of Emperium
    • Do not enter or participate in WOE (or any Guild PvP Event) in which you do not have an emblem or your emblem is, for majority, invisible.
    • Do not intentionally obstruct another guilds warps by putting warp portals to other areas. Also, blocking castle entrance portals, with skills, items or chat boxes (i.e. warp portal, ice wall, etc), is just outright wrong. In general keep it clean.
    • As a proper WoE guild you must have a guild emblem. Copying another guild's emblem, or using no emblem at all to gain any sort of advantage will not be tolerated.
  • Offensive Language / Excessive Swearing
    • Constant and or repetitive swearing is illegal. There are children who play.
    • The use of racial slurs will not be tolerated. No matter what ethnicity you may be, or how the person you are talking to doesn't mind it, some people can and most likely will be offended in some way. If you want to talk to your friend using that sort of language, take it off of Limitro , or use PM's.
  • Harassment
    • Insulting via public chat, or private messages is not allowed. Depending on the severity, punishment can be given without a warning.
    • Publicly defaming someone's name by saying "Beware of ____, they are a scammer!" or anything similar to it will result in you getting muted. If you have conclusive evidence, make a report about the person through the appropriate channels. This is considered harassment and will not be tolerated.
    • Unless it is severe harassment, use /ex or right click the player and hit "Reject Whispering" to block them first. If you block a person, and that person (or associate) continue to harass you through @mail, or on a new character, that will not be tolerated.
    • MVP harassment, (before anyone complains), MVPs are FREE FOR ALL .
    • Begging for items/zeny/levels/etc, any form of begging is considered harassment and is not allowed.
    • Ultimately it's up to the GM to decide what is/isn't harassment.

[Level 2]

  • Global Channel - Main, Trade, Recruit and Help
    • English only! We do this so it can be moderated properly as all the staff can moderate English.
    • No suggestions directed at the GMs.
    •  No begging for events.
    • No spamming (we don't want to have to put a chat delay on main).
    • Please do not "sing" in main or break up a sentence into 5-7 different messages. Respect the Enter key. It can be seen as spam to other players, and can be quite bothersome.
    • Take note to keep adult themed conversations off of main chat. Please remain mindful of younger players.
    • Try to keep the topics clean, and be respectful, harassment won't be tolerated on main just like anywhere else.
  • Spawning Monsters In Towns
    • Spawning in towns is fine as long as it doesn't bug anyone. It would be preferred if you'd spawn somewhere that isn't the center of population in town. If someone complains, kindly move away from the crowd.
    • In addition to the above rule, using any items to turn a regular monster into an aggressive monster used to kill other players (or grief in any way, shape, or form) is not tolerated. This specific rule about griefing is not limited to strictly town.
  • Revealing GM Legit Characters
    • If you find out the name of a GMs Legitimate character and reveal it, this is punishable.
    • The act of trying to reveal a GMs legitimate character is not allowed. This can be caused by asking the GM personal questions or other sensitive information that might reveal them.
    • If it's a character that's already out in the open then there is no issue addressing that character as their GM name if that's how you usually call someone. But unless you are specifically TOLD by that character, or they are speaking about it in the open, do NOT reveal who they are. Allow GMs some form of privacy and fun in playing the game, or we get over worked and grumpy.

[Level 3]

  • Battlegrounds
    • The use of dual account in battlegrounds is strictly prohibited. No matter how good you think you are, or how many arms you cannot physically play multiple clients, with your full attention, at the same time.
    • Badge farming, via the above method, or by being AFK the whole round is not allowed. This also includes purposely sitting in a corner and providing no support for your team. Being caught will issue you jail time, badge removal, or possibly a temporary ban.
    • Your ultimate goal should be to win. Do not stall rounds to draw out battlegrounds by forgoing the objectives in order to spawn camp the other team and harass them. As a general rule of thumb, don't be an asshole and try to grief other players. If you or someone on your team is not fulfilling the primary objective of destroying the enemy crystal, you will be punished.

[Level 4]

  • Botting / Macros / Scripts
    •  Do not use ANY bot and/or third party program* under ANY circumstance.
    •  This Includes, but is not limited to, using scripts that can operate for an extended amount of time without any additional input. If one button makes you skip steps on clicking, then you shouldn't do it.
    •  Even if it is not in your computer or attached to your computer, using a ducking-bird to hit a key will enduce the same effect as any bot or script so don't complain when you get banned. GMs can't remote-access your webcam, so to us you are just like the rest of them.
  • AFK Leveling/Farming/Battleground/Fishing
    • Do not train yourself or farm items while away from your computer. This includes by homunculus, reflect, autocasting, or any combination of the three. Doing so under this method will earn you either jail time, item removal, base level removal, or a combination of the 3. If requested to respond you are expected to do so, either by GM or otherwise. Punishment can extend to a temp ban or a permanent ban based on previous infractions.
  • Bug Abuse
    • Exploiting and doing other things deemed against the rules by a GM will result in an insta-ban. Report all bugs/exploits to the GM team via PM Immediately. (Exploiting: Abusing a bug in the game for self gain.)
    • Examples are but not limited to: Using a Ninja character to Shadow Jump to a place that is normally not accessible, making you harder (if not impossible) to attack.
  • Hacking
    • Hacking via a brute force method, is illegal. If you were dumb enough to share your information or trust someone's program that gives you unlimited items/credits, that's your own fault.
  • GM Impersonation
    • Do NOT for any reason claim to be a GM. Unless they can prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt, don't believe anyone who claims to be a GM. Regardless of whether or not they are giving out free items or anything of the sort.
    • Do not use of a name similar to an existing GM's name. The use of a name deemed too similar allows the staff to force you to change it, at your expense, or delete the character entirely.
    • Even if a name was used by a GM at one point, but that person is no longer a GM, the name may be reserved and similar names are not allowed.
    • If the name you have is similar to a GM's name, but your name was chosen PRIOR to the GM's existence, you may be allowed to keep it. Similar names created AFTER the GM's existence are strictly prohibited.
  • Advertisement
    • Do not advertise another server . It is up to the GMs to determine what is advertising or not. Basic common sense will keep you out of trouble.
    • Examples:
      • BAD:"You should consider joining xxxxRO, I could give you a whole set of +7 valk gear."
      • NEUTRAL/TOLERABLE: "I used to play xxxxRO, then I came here," or, "Yeah he quit a while ago and went to xxxxRO."
      • Posting, or otherwise sharing referral links is not allowed. This is due to being unverifiable as non-scams and act to purely benefit the advertising person alone.
  • Scamming
    • Twisting the truth or otherwise deceiving or misrepresenting something in order to get money, items, or accounts. (not holding up your end of the bargain)
    • Disclaimer: buying something at a high price and discovering someone else was selling it much lower is not scamming. You are responsible for knowing a current item's worth prior to buying/selling it.
    • Accidentally vending for too low is not scamming.
    • By dropping an item on the ground (whether purposely or accidentally), failure to use @autoloot, having a full inventory or overweight capacity, you relinquish possession of said item(s). If someone comes by and picks it up, they have the right to keep it.
    • Addendum: In cases of account sharing, the GM team takes no responsibility for items lost or not returned. Account sharing is heavily discouraged, and we warn you to be extremely cautious with lending. As a rule of thumb, lend out only what you would not mind losing, and lend only to people you trust.
    • Selling or Buying anything that is based off of trust is the player's risk. Depending on what sort of evidence you have to support your claim, the GM's reserve the right to deny helping in this sort of report.

Other Notifications

  • Loopholes
    • Any attempt to use loopholes to your advantage, despite the application of common sense, will be met with an application of the "Catch All" rule. Do not attempt to play games with us. If you are unsure if something is illegal or not, ASK before doing so.
  • Names [Given the option to rename pr delete character]
    • All names, whether they belong to guilds, characters, or pets, need to be appropriate for the game. At most, they should be suitable for a pg-13 rating. If you are unsure whether or not your name is okay, then it is best not to use it.
  • Account Sharing
    • Although not technically illegal, account sharing is heavily frowned upon. Not only does it put your account at risk, but it also puts you in danger of not getting helped. If there is any evidence of sharing, actual or circumstantial, the GM Team reserves the right to refuse to help you in various situations. The account holder is responsible for any and all things that take place when logged in, so "my brother uses my account" will not be a sufficient defense. The entire account will suffer any and all consequences, regardless of how many people use it.
  • Email Ownership
    • Whatever you do, do not give up the email attached to your account, it is your account LIFELINE. We will offer email changes if you are the sole person logging into the account going back for some time, that judgement will be made by the person handling the email change.

Outlaw Rule

  • Inside PvP rooms, you can talk/chat ANYTHING you want in the PUBLIC chat, without being bound to the manner rules of punishments.
    • Does not apply outside PvP rooms.

Catch All

  • The GM Team reserves all the right to administer any form of punishment with just cause. This is generally done through a majority consensus on the GM team, so just obey the rule of thumb and you'll be fine.

How to Report

  1. Help LimitRO and make our server into a nice, calm, and good habitat player based server.
  2. You can report those who breaks our rules or suspect.
  3. Simply make a report 
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Limit Ragnarok Online Forum Rules

  • Do not spam. We define spamming as posting unwanted or irrelevant post or topic. A secondary definition would be the repeated posting of the same, or similar things, in rapid succession. Rule of thumb: if it does not move the topic in the intended direction, do not post it.
  • Keep swearing to a minimum. Swearing happens, we all know. While we're not going to ban you for the occasional swear word, if you find every other word you use is a swear word, there will be consequences. Do not direct swearwords (or any other words meant to offend or harm, for that matter) at other users.
  • Try to use proper spelling and grammar. LimitRO has a large, international community. We understand that not everyone is fluent in English, but trying your best to communicate well will make things easier on everyone. Chat speak and 1337 are not acceptable.
  • Resolve personal issues through PM. And by resolve, we mean maturely. If you have personal issues with someone, do not spread it all over the forums. The forums are a method of communicating with the whole community, and not just a single person.
  • Do not harass other players. This should be obvious. Do not spread rumors about, insult, post demeaning comments, or send demeaning PMs about or to another player. Do not try to find a loophole in this rule, just because we did not mention it, does not mean it's not harassment.
  • Use the search button. We have a lot of members, so chances are, someone was also curious about what you're curious about, they just happened to have been curious long before you were. 
  • Refrain from necro-posting. Necro posting is, basically, posting on a really old thread and bringing it up to the surface. This is, more often than not, frowned upon, because usually the issue or question on that thread has already been resolved or no longer applies. There are some cases in which necro-posting is tolerated, but they are few and far between.
  • Post in the right section. Self explanatory. Not only will this help get more replies to your thread, it will keep our forums happy and spiffy. If you are unsure what section a thread should be in, try your best to place it. if a forum moderator feels there is a better place for it to be, he or she will move it.
  • Do not abuse the report button. The report button is used for reporting infractions of the forums rules, not for drawing attention to your topic because you want a GM to reply faster.
  • Be courteous with your signature and other images. Firstly, images in signatures should be no bigger, in total, than 500x250 pixels, and that's being very generous. If you find that your signature often dwarfs your post, that is a bad sign. Avatars and signatures should be acceptable for forum viewing. (READ: No pornography or excessively gory images). Moreover, if you want to post a picture specifically, please use the gallery option.
  • No "free money" solicitation. This includes a link in your signature, a PM to another player, or making a topic directing players to an awesome way to get money via surveys, posting, or anything of that nature. This is easily abuse-able and will be dealt with simply by not allowing anyone to post even legitimate sites.
  • Use your common sense. Behave, be polite, and be rational.
  • Do not reveal the "legit" of a GM. If, by some reason other than the GM making their legit public, you discover who it is, do not reveal this information to anyone. It is the prerogative of the individual GM whether or not to make their legit known. Unless they chose to do so by revealing his or her identity to one or more players, you may not discuss this information with other players. This includes knowledge gained from other GMs as well as "educated guesses."



We reserve all the rights to ban, warn, or otherwise punish you for whatever we deem fit. If you feel the catchall has been used against you inappropriately, feel free to POLITELY petition a higher authority through PM. Breaking these rules may result in warning, suspension of privileges, or banning. 

How to Report?

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