New and Old at the same time here~

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I am Sora! A normal human being!

I am from Singapore, uhh, i am a male...

I am only 15... i was born on 1999 but i like 1990 better... dunno why.

I Like anime, not much of manga cause i want to see animations.

I love music too! especially RO BGM in different town or field or dungeon or... basically every map area BGM!

So basically, I have been playing Limit RO for 6 years now... but i have been only playing it when i have the chance, so i always missed out all the big changes and events. so i consider myself new towards RO and also Old at the same time as I've played for 6 years... I still liked the old RO but the changes it is today, it is still awesome~

I will always be in PVP... i dont know why when i am so weak... T_T

Anyways i love Limit RO and i hope i can get used to the new forums... after 6 years >_>


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