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Changelogs - Higher Rate - PK Mode

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Changelogs - Higher Rate with PK Mode



  • Server are currently 1000x/1000x/100x.
  • We have enabled PK mode across all the maps, beware of player ambush.
    • Guildmates or party member wont be able to hurt each other.
    • Town / Harbor maps aren't eligible for PK.
  • Battleground will now rotate all 4 modes.
    • Normal
    • Silk (but run as Normal)
    • Death Match
    • Novice Style
  • Silk Mode has been removed.
  • DT earning has been disabled for all instances.
  • Updated EP16.1 Quests
    • Fixed an issue where player stuck upon warped.
  • Some other server setting updates which we hope that would solve the mob freeze issue.



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Cash Shop Update

  • Removed Gemstones and Star stones from cash shop.
  • Removed Deluxe Pets from cash shop.
  • Added them to be sold by cheap zeny in
    • image.png
  • Reduced cost of Refine Tickets in Cash Shop.
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