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Aimed Bolt instant cast

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Hello lads so i have a couple of players asking for Aimed Bolt build after making the AS build 1sec CD so this is a small PvM or PvP build for instant cast Aimed Bolt

For this build  we have 2 main items to chose 18172.pngScarlet Dragon Leather Bow [2] or 18186.pngAiming Bow [2]

Forst stats instant cast we need

STR 115 AGI 80 VIT 80 INT 80 DEX 130 LUK 90


First lets compare set items



This are supposed to be the main Aimed Bolt set which will only be good if you are using SS build and want to have a cheap and easy switch to use Aimed Bolt for PvP or BG but it will give you half the damage of the next set. ofc the Black Wing Suit is not part of SS build but it also gives lower damage than White Wing Suit even for our Aimed Bolt.


Main Set items for Aimed Bolt


Non PvP cards

PvP Cards

Note: that i am not the best PvP player but this is what im testing right now (if you have better options let me know pls ^^)



For Shadow Gear you may used this set together (no need to rush it except for Arrow Storm ofc) enchantments ATK or ATK% are quite good

Note: that this build has so much ACD redux that u can eventually switch the Reload Set


Job Stones

Our main job stones to have a faster casting and increasing damage ^^


  • 30224.pngTempest Lv3 more casting time improvment (i still prefer Temporal DEX boots)
  • 30225.pngAlmighty Lv3 also improves your casting time and slightly damage.

Costume Garment and Aura

For this part you can get different types of Damage boosters just keep in mind that 32055.pngStar Stone(Atk) will give you better damage.

Note: For better results using this skill try to get at least 700 Hit to avoid missing against players or High lvl mobs (enchanting Shadow Gear can give you a max of 90 Hit) if they are Skill or Class shadow gear

For the PvP part pls feel free to drop some ideas for the build or just pm me in game BlindZniper



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