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Ending the year safe and healthy

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I would like to thank my guildmates berserk/falconia for helping us to prove that we can compete and stay relevant to our server.

I would like also to thank on behalf of my guildmates to our one and only gm(guildmaster)/father/mentor whatever others call him aka @Prophet for leading and guiding us and for supporting us and makes us feel special.

And yes this scary year is about to end i hope u guys stay healthy and safe 

Happy new year to all Limit ro players also thanks to @Lai for making a wonderful server

lets have a better 2021 guys see ya all on game.

Best regards

Ministress <3









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I remember how we returned to the server for Silk WoE. Berserk was helped us alot with foods +10 and also all guest players berserk was awesome.
One love for Berserk from BlackCat Rampage ❤️

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