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I've been playing RO since 2006, and there've been a lot of private servers.

I remember playing a private server with my brother which we call as "LRO"

As we don't use the whole private server title name during we play, I can't remember which "L" is this RO server that we've played on back then, but I kinda remember it's also "Limit"


If I'm correct and my memory serves right, is this the same server back then that shutdown because of hackers or something? That summoned lots of boss monsters at Izlude? or at @go 5 if I remember correctly


Lots of people tried to defeat those things back then but suddenly alot more popped out until the monsters overwhelmed the players, as if seeing a scene from a light novel game scene.


It was a low rate server at 10x/10x/10x if I remember correctly

limit was 99

the game icon was a green leaf if that's right

and this server was from around before 2012... can't remember which year as it was too long ago



this is all just my speculation though, as I keep remembering that game since I had a lot of friends which I couldn't contact anymore as we only had met ingame and social media wasn't a trend yet, only yahoo messenger and msn live was available at the time or something


was wondering if this was that same server that we played on... a long, long time ago

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I think you mean LimitRO Metro or Retro.

IT was a sub server 😮 But closed down, later, cause I had no time to manage...

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Hi Lai,


not sure if it was Metro or Retro, but it was probably Retro if it was lowrate, I'm not sure what were those either too XD

Hopefully I could dig up some old files or something, I'd show it then

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