Changelogs - Balance 2

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Berry Guud


Donation Tokens

  • Removed "Hourly DT feature".
  • Added DT to few Battlegrounds, winner team receives 10 DTs.
  • Added Zeny fee in DT exchange NPC.
  • Added Zeny -> DT feature in DT exchange NPC.
  • Added DT -> Zeny feature in DT exchange NPC.

Skill Updates

  • Custom balances Deep Sleep formula to
    • (Int+base level) *150.
    • If  you have 130int and 200 level, it will reduce around ~52seconds of deepsleep.

Item Fixes

  • Fixed Infinity Shadow Earring
  • Fixed Arm Shadow Weapon
  • Updated Juu card not working properly.
  • Updated Trumpet Shell not working properly.
  • Updated Engine Pilebunker


  • Updated Tomb of Honor exchange npc, now possible in bulk.
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