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Changelogs - Balance 1

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Hi guys, slowly I will add some customize balance based of player requests to the server.

If you think something is not unbalanced, post in discord, forums suggestion or direct PM.
(Add, edit, adjust, all ok.)

NPC Updates

  • Godly Enchanter
    • Now offers perfect enchants for Old Bio hats, Ep 16 robes and King Schmidts gears.
    • This to give everyone opportunity to obtain perfect enchant.

Item Updates

  • Glorious, Bravery, etc BG equips will be tradable next mt.
  • Jitterbug Card stacking will give penalty. (Balance to prevent miss damage)

Christmas Sale

  • Half Cost for all Job Stones.

Skills Updates

  • Extended many 1st/2nd job buff durations.
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