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Changelogs - Xmas

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Hi! Only 1 more month and 2020 is gone.

This year has been freaking insane year...and despite all shit, we should all be happy that we survive this crazy year....

Myself included, had big injury...pandemic n lockdowns...lost my grandparents... but hey, we are still here and rolling ❤️


  • Last week maintenance was a little failure, some files got reverted somehow, but we fixed it now.


  • Disabled Anti-AFK warning script.
  • From 2020.12.01 - it's no longer allowed to AFK Farming again.
    • The rules are same as it used to be.

Shop Updates

  • Added new consumes to Supply Machine in VH.
  • Added Kafra Egg Scrolls to Iris in Limit HQ.


  • Christmas Winter Park is back.
  • Chicken Dinner is back with new skill sets to prevent too OP.

Skill Fixes

  • Fixed Gloomy day bug.
  • Fixed Deep sleep bug.

Item Fixes

  • Updated shadow staff.
  • Fixed cannon ball weight.
  • Fixed Genesis shadow weapon.
  • Lacrase and Sucrase Boost (Max) changed to HP and SP Boosts.

WoE Updates

  • Disabled Edda Weapons in Silk Mode.


A little Xmas Sale

For all VIP coin donations from 2020.11.30 to 2020.12.31

Will receive 50% extra VIP Coins.


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