EDDA Somatology Laboratory Instance - Complete the missing feature and some tweaks

EDDA Somatology Laboratory Instance - Increase the default materials reward by 2 or 3 times.  

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1) Add the rest of the missing feature of EDDA Somatology instance such as:

  • All mobs should have a chance drop the materials to enchant the weapons.


  • The MVP should have a chance to drop the 19439.pngVicious Mind Aura.
  • Add the 'Story Mode' of the instance.
  • Fix the Biolab Material Box. It's currently listed as misc item when it suppose to give random weapon or materials.

2) Increase the default materials received from both modes of the instance by at least 2 or 3 times.

I like to keep this simple so before I am bombarded with asinine or self serving counter-arguments on the increase reward part, I will give most of the answers in advance.

  1. The instance is easy someone already got the perfect enchant in 1 week+.
    -IDK if anyone notice this but.. Not everyone's life revolves around eat, sleep, defecate and playing RO. We don't have time to spam 50-100 instances a day no matter how brief it is as we have RL obligations and responsibilities.

  2. Then just buy them.
    -There is just a charm in getting an equip by yourself and not just plough through everything by throwing money/zeny at someone.
    -Also there is a monopoly of perfect enchanted EDDA weapons by players who are able to spend most of their waking hours farming be it for enjoyment or to make living. However, this causes the price to skyrocket to a ridiculous proportion hence I suggest to increase the reward to prevent the absurd price for anyone who are interested to just buying one.

  3. You just want to make this easy for yourself.
    -I won't lie this will make it easier for me. But I am already half way there. And I just need 1 perfect weapon so this doesn't really matter much for me. But for those who comes after me will benefit in the long run.

  4. You are just making excuses.
    And MORE excuses shall I give!

    -Limit is suppose to be a 'High Rate' server. Meaning it's suppose to be relatively easier to progress through the game w/o excessive grinding, thus coincide with my suggestion. You can argue all you want.
    -Do you know how many niche builds weapons are there in this update? A LOT. Give them a chance to get their good weapons, not just IB RK, SS Ranger and ROG RG.
    -Isn't Limit aiming to be more PvP in the future? Why farm so much at PvM?
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