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Changelogs - Lesser P2W

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LimitRO is slowly moving towards a PvP server.
By this, it means PvP for all, and affordable by all.
Highlight of todays MT is more consume in BG shop and Ore upgrade.

Bug Fixes

NPC Updates:

  • Updated some Rockridge NPCs
    • Fix quest EXP rewards
    • Fix Inn doesn't recover HP
    • Fix some wrong conversation text and location. 
  • Fixed some Rockridge monster respawn time.
  • image.png
    • To upgrade your ores.

Skill Updates

  • Updated Genetic Hom Skills. 
    • Genetic revamp done.
  • Added new genetic potion creation to create.

Misc Updates

  • Updated (at)battlestats command
    • "All but Neutral" bonus will be auto calculated in respective elemental bonus.
    • Updated item bonus description
    • Some item bonuses will only display if there are changes. (ex: armor element, rate adjustment) 
    • Some item bonuses was removed due to useless for now.
  • Fixed "All but Neutral" item bonuses that doesn't work in respective items.

Battleground Updates

  • @joinbg2 is now normal mode.
  • Added new items to War Store, all items tradeable.
    • image.pngimage.pngimage.png

WoE Updates

  • Added Mid Slotting ticket to treasures of Normal WoE castles.

Item Updates:

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