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Changelogs - 4th Jobs?

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Goooood day my Limitronians. Time for more stuff to LimitRO.

Hope you like!

Job Revamp:

  • Genetic skills revamped.
    • Hom S skill revamp is not in yet. (Next time.)
  • Patched in brand new skill descriptions.

4th Job Outfit

  • You can change your 3rd job outfit into 4th job outfit in Asgard.
    • Need Base Level 200 and 100 Zeny Coin Gold.
  • Ragnarok Online 4th Jobs : MMORPG

Bug Fixes:

NPC Updates:

  • Updated Fall of Glast Heim Memorial Dungeon
    • FOGH - OSC1198 - Recycle NPC
      - Only allow to exchange if item are eligible for exchange. (Ex: at least 1 enchantment)
    • FOGH - OSC1027 - Enchantment NPC
      - Renamed to OSC1127.
      - Fixed required items for armor/garment enchantment.
      - Fixed enchantment item bonuses.
    • Updated FOGH Monster info
      - Fixed King Schimdt base stats.
    • Misc
      - Reminder for Party leader to re-generate instance if updated party member prior entering the instance.
      - Rewards are given to every party member at the end of stage.
      - Fixed cursed flame monster spawns.
  • Updated Instance Populatiry List - Added FOGH Instance (N & H)
  • Updated Instance Save - Added FOGH Instance (N & H)
  • Update Instance Cooldown List - Added FOGH Instance (N & H)
  •  Updated Rockridge Quest NPC
    - Purple Ore Crate Box - can't sell to NPC.
    - Allow to re-obtain the create box if players lost it in the middle of doing the quest.
  • Fixed Preview NPC stucked issue.
  • Updated GMT Master Nasarin NPC location
  • Add bulk option for Energy Fragment conversion with Thug NPC
  • Fix Battleground randomly assign deserter status.

Cash Shop Updates

  • Re-organized the cash shop.
  • Removed all Cash Ores.
  • Removed a lot Cash Consumes.
  • Removed bloody box.

Misc Updates

  • Updated MVP / Miniboss icon display

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4th job costume for 10b SENPAI ? not worth it... 

since GM wanna make zenny great again.. 

why not implant 4th job for real instead just costume for 10b that will promote the server too the 1st server who had 4th job 


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