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Changelogs - 4th Jobs?

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Goooood day my Limitronians. Time for more stuff to LimitRO.

Hope you like!

Job Revamp:

  • Genetic skills revamped.
    • Hom S skill revamp is not in yet. (Next time.)
  • Patched in brand new skill descriptions.

4th Job Outfit

  • You can change your 3rd job outfit into 4th job outfit in Asgard.
    • Need Base Level 200 and 100 Zeny Coin Gold.
  • Ragnarok Online 4th Jobs : MMORPG

Bug Fixes:

NPC Updates:

  • Updated Fall of Glast Heim Memorial Dungeon
    • FOGH - OSC1198 - Recycle NPC
      - Only allow to exchange if item are eligible for exchange. (Ex: at least 1 enchantment)
    • FOGH - OSC1027 - Enchantment NPC
      - Renamed to OSC1127.
      - Fixed required items for armor/garment enchantment.
      - Fixed enchantment item bonuses.
    • Updated FOGH Monster info
      - Fixed King Schimdt base stats.
    • Misc
      - Reminder for Party leader to re-generate instance if updated party member prior entering the instance.
      - Rewards are given to every party member at the end of stage.
      - Fixed cursed flame monster spawns.
  • Updated Instance Populatiry List - Added FOGH Instance (N & H)
  • Updated Instance Save - Added FOGH Instance (N & H)
  • Update Instance Cooldown List - Added FOGH Instance (N & H)
  •  Updated Rockridge Quest NPC
    - Purple Ore Crate Box - can't sell to NPC.
    - Allow to re-obtain the create box if players lost it in the middle of doing the quest.
  • Fixed Preview NPC stucked issue.
  • Updated GMT Master Nasarin NPC location
  • Add bulk option for Energy Fragment conversion with Thug NPC
  • Fix Battleground randomly assign deserter status.

Cash Shop Updates

  • Re-organized the cash shop.
  • Removed all Cash Ores.
  • Removed a lot Cash Consumes.
  • Removed bloody box.

Misc Updates

  • Updated MVP / Miniboss icon display

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