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The White Wolf Scholah

The Tales of The White Wolf Scholah Part 001/???

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*You Found a Message in a Bottle; where the Message Reads:*

Howdy Howdy Errybody 
My name is The White Wolf Scholah & I'm here to change the world. 

I just recently left my city of Boston, MA in the great ol' USA (Sorry about Trump- we're working on that) and landed here in Alberta on the continent of "LimitRO."
Just like in Pokémon, when its time to go off and change the world? Then its time:
To go off and change the world!

According to my parents; when they hugged me goodbye before Elon Musk brought me to this land; the last words they told me was: "Go find the "Limit Academy" and to start my training there." Part001.thumb.PNG.aa80dc8761aa3525262c935b1b7f1e96.PNG

They told me that I'd know what to do when I got there.

It's customary to write a message in a bottle and throw it into the Earth's Ocean for someone to find; to share a thought or two- before leaving the planet for good.
So to anyone reading this:
"Idk what to do when I land on the continent of LimitRO."
They be telling me I can choose any class I want; that I could be a wizard or a knight; a gunslinger or a ninja; and none of these words mean anything to me. But im here to change the world; and so ima do it. ima do it. Cause the only people who change the world- are those who go out and- do it. Im told the way to do it is to build a 76 person guild so im here to change the world and im looking for others just like me who start up new characters that know absolutely nothing (and cant import gear they don't earn with this new character) and if your down for joining me on this adventure that knows no end; where we get to start our evolution process and become new classes that join this new planet called: "LimitRO"; then im looking for 75 new people here to throw away their old lives; and start a fresh one with me over these next 30 days (Before Part II gets implemented). Take the rocketship to this new continent. Come find me. create new names where you wont be recognized by anyone else and lets reshift this game up a bit for the next 30 days. Ill be sure to leave a clue on where to find me again- 
Just look for the: 

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