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Changelogs - New MvP

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Many small bug fixes and added a new Green MvP, planning to add more as a custom feature in LimitRO.

The work of Episode Edda has begun.

New MvP (Custom)

  • Green MvP Egnigem Cenia
  • image.png
  • 4482.pngSealed B Ygnizem Card
  • I plan to release more Green MvP - LimitRO exclusive, this is a warm up.

Bug Fixes

NPC Updates:

  • Updated Temple Of God Instance
    - Cooldown reset everyday at 4am
  • Event Shop has new Costume Box Wig E!
    • Many new Wigs!

Item Updates

  • Added Reginleif, Ingrid and Bone detale cards to "MvP card" list.
    • Also disabled them from Silk Mode.

WoE Updates

  • Silk WoE is now 1 castle only.
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21 hours ago, maehem said:

So we are getting the volar[2] soon? 1f601.png

Im also waiting that. 

Please hurry up a bit with that and the skills animation upgrades, Lai.

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