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Changelogs - Cooking improvements

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Bug Fixes


  • Updated EP17.1 Quest NPCs
    • Retrieving Identification Bracelet Quest
      • Quest items drop rate are greatly increased.
    • Updated Second OS Mission
      • Poison Gas no longer instant kill players upon contact.
    • Main Quest NPC - Nyhill
      • This NPC will also reset EP16.2 Quest Progress if found players skipped EP16.2 and started EP17.1 Quests.
        Note: Talk to this NPC if your characters can't proceed with EP16.2 quests, but started EP17.1 Quests
  • Update Instance Popularity List
    • Cor Mission
    • Second OS Mission
  • Cooking System Improvement
    • Normal Status Food (Level 1 ~ 10)
      • Item Weight are greatly reduced to 5.
      • Item no longer heal HP/SP by percent. Each level heal a specific amount of HP now.
      • Introduced Assorted Dishes (Level 5 ~ 10)
    • Cooking Kit
      • Ingredient items for cooking are reduced.
      • Enable to cook for Assorted Dishes.
  • Added Cash Exchanger NPC
    • Enable players to exchange to other items within same category with a small cost.
      Note: only non-rental and clean items can be used for exchange.
    • Available Category:
      • Costumes
      • Amulets
      • Deco Stones
  • Introduced Anti-Player-AFK System
    • Players no longer allowed to AFK in Thanatos Tower maps.
      Note: This included killing a monster while idle. Never standstill and hunting even if groups of monsters ambushed you.
    • Players will be sentenced to death if system believe you're currently AFK.
    • Players name and location will be broadcast across the map.
      • QoL Changes for Non-AFK players
        - Since they no longer need to do the 20 seconds countdown if they suspecting a players is currently AFK.
        - They could just screenshot the broadcast messages and report it in the forum.
        - Anyway they could still continue do this to ensure no one escaped from AFK punishments.
    • Players shall receive an alert message if system believe you're probably AFK.
    • Existing penalties are still applicable if players are found AFK or reported in forum.
      Note: System may not have the banhammer, but GM does.
  • Updated Silk Mode Maps
    • Some item effect (especially Cash Item Effect) will be removed upon entering the map.
    • Removed outdated silk mode maps if any.
  • Update instance Save Feature
    • Added Lunette Island into the list.
  • Updated Warper NPC
    • Added some instance maps into the Instance Warp List.
  • Updated Modification Modules
    • Improved proc rate
  • Updated Mid Camp Food NPC
    • Enable bulk exchange item instead of just one each time.


Item Updates:

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