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Changelogs - QoLs

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Several quality of life improvements to make the game more convenient.

"Disabled Reading spell book" for today, will enable it tomorrow.

Bug Fixes:

Feature Updates

  • A new attendance  calendar! ;) ;)

NPC Updates:

  • Updated Wave Mode Instance - Lava
    - Party Leader no long auto warp into instance upon generate dungeon.
    - Party Leader required to talk with Belka NPC to initiate the dungeon.
    - Dungeon expire time extended to 60 seconds.
  • Updated Instance Popularity List
  • Updated @go commands 
  • Updated Admiral NPC - Added Baby Class Achievement
  • @whosells updated with all vending maps, amount, and total vendor.
  • Updated Attendance Reward
    - Added timer notification (default every 10 minutes)
    - Auto prompt attendance window if players at town.
  • Added @lapinereward command
    - a command which consists of
     custom reward list preview for lapine rewards.


Item Updates / Fixed:

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I've read this post 3 times and didnt found the RK upade part....i belive you forgot something in this changelog 😥

Now ill go back to the corner of the room and start the waiting game again...

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