Changelogs - Warlock Rebalances

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The job rebalance work has begun for the remaining. 
Warlock rebalances are now here, and next will be RK, Genetic and some (Wanderer/Minstrel again).

17.1 will be a little delayed, we are working to introduce ALL Quests + Instance in 1 go.


New Features

  • Added (at)battleskill command - which display the estimated info of your current skill.

Warlock Skill Rebalances

  • Note: We don't have the latest client, so jack frost effect full effect are missing.
  • Reading Spellbook

    • Becomes passive skill. Enables player to use new type of spellbooks. The player can click on spellbooks to memorize skill directly.

    • Old type of spellbooks can't be used anymore. New type of spellbooks which are consumable type item are provided.

    • There are only 10 spells available now. (Jack Frost is new).

      • Lord of Vermilion, Meteor Storm, Storm Gust, Drain Life, Jack Frost, Earth Strain, Crimson Rock, Chain Lightning, Comet, Tetra Vortex.

    • Deleted some unused spell books from NPC and removed the Warlock spell book quest since we sell them on vend.

  • Release

    • Level 1 will release the memorized spell book skill only, all memorized spells released at once.

  • Summon Fire Ball / Summon Water Ball / Summon Ball Lightning / Summon Stone

    • Reduces max level from 5 to 2. Level 2 will summon 5 balls instantly. (If you have 2 active Water Balls and then cast level 2 Summon Fire Ball. 2 Water Balls will be replaced with 5 Fire Balls)

  • Soul Expansion

    • Improves skill damage formula. (750+(skill level x 150))%Matk)

  • Earth Strain

    • Improves skill damage formula. (1000+(skill level x 600))%Matk)

    • Reduces cooldown from 10 seconds to 7 seconds. Reduces delay after skill from 1 second to 0.5 seconds.

    • Removes equipment divesting effect.

  • Frost Misty

    • Becomes target skill. Deals damage on target enemy and nearby enemies. Can be cast on ground.

    • Inflicts new status effect "Frost" on target. Target under Frost effect will take more damage from Jack Frost for 10 seconds. (Frost will apply to all type of target, include players)

    • Changes damage from 7 split hits to (skill level) cumulative hits. (damage per hit : (200+(skill level x 100))%Matk)

  • Jack Frost

    • Becomes target skill. Deals damage on target enemy and nearby enemies. Requires target to cast. Area of effect : 7x7 (level 1~2) / 9x9 (level 3~4) / 11x11 (level 5)

    • No longer deal more damage on target under Freezing status.

    • The skill will deal more damage on target under Frost status instead.

    • Improves skill damage formula. (1000+(skill level x 300))%Matk) / damage on Frost target : (1200+(skill level x 600))%Matk)

    • Removes Frozen inflicting effect.

    • Adds 4 seconds cooldown.

  • Crimson Rock

    • Reduces delay after skill from 2 seconds to 0.5 seconds.

    • Improves skill damage formula. (700+(skill level x 600))%Matk)

    • Improves damage scales on base level.

    • Removes Stun inflicting effect.

  • Hell Inferno

    • Becomes multi-target skill. Deals damage on target enemy and nearby enemies. Area of effect : 3x3 (level 1~3) / 5x5 (level 4~5)

    • Improves skill damage formula :

      • Fire damage : ((skill level x 400))%Matk)

      • Shadow damage : ((skill level x 600))%Matk). Changes damage display to 3 split hits.

    • Removes Burning inflicting effect.
    • Adds 3 seconds cooldown. Reduces delay after skill to 0.5 seconds
    • Increases SP consumption. 30+(5 x skill level) are increased to 58+(6 x skill level)
  • Comet

    • Removes partner benefits. Removes Red Gemstone consumption.

    • Reduces SP consumption. 400+(80 x skill level) are reduced to 50+(20 x skill level)

    • Fixed casting time is 2 seconds regardless skill level. (changed from 1/1.5/2/2.5/3 seconds (level 1~5))

    • Reduces variable casting time. 10/11/12/13/14 seconds (level 1~5) are reduced to 6/7/8/9/10 seconds (level 1~5)

    • Reduces cooldown from 60 seconds to 20 seconds.

    • Reduces delay after skill from 2 seconds to 1.5 seconds.

    • Removes Burning inflicting effect.

    • Inflicts new status effect "Magical Intoxication" on target for 20 seconds. Target under this effect will take more damage from all property by 50%.

    • Reduces number of hit from 20 hits to 10 hits.

    • Reduces area of effect from 19x19 cells to 13x13 cells.

    • Removes damage variation depends on distance from the center. The skill will deal the same damage to all over the area.

    • Improves damage scales on base level.

  • Mystical Amplification

    • Increases Damage amplification. (5 x skill level)% is increased to (10 x skill level)%

    • Increases SP consumption. 10+(4 x skill level) are increased to 30+(5 x skill level)


Skill Updates

  • Fixed many skills not following official SP cost.


Maps Updates

  • New Vending Maps, can only teleport from Sailor NPC in Asgard.


Bug Fix

  • Fixed issue with Illusion Armor, Legs and Engines enchantable by Illusion Professor NPC.
  • Fixed issue where Treasure Achievement NPC spawned at non-reachable areas.
  • Illusion Sacred Mission cannot be enchanhed
  • Crafting of Illusion Spectral Spear
  • Fixed Modification Module Enchanter - modification tier max stack issue.
  • Fixed missing item from Dealer in Vending Maps
  • Lava Mode Instance will only distribute rewards to online participants.
  • Training Ground - it will restrict access for whoever has any bounty quests.


Monster Updates


Items Updates

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New Login server select should look like this:  ( If not, you need to patch. ) 

Manual download:


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Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some items job masks, some card bonus that triggers with certain base job.
  • Fixed some Twisted Clock tower monster spawn.

Rune Knight Skill Rebalance ?

  • More info soon.


THIS....PLEASE. I NEED IT NAOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi Lai.


First of all, I want to congratulate you on introduding the cooldown for the trade/main/help chats.Some people abused it by engaging in personal drama with other players (especially after woe). Besides, the spam in the trade chat was insane some times (I also abused it sometimes, gotta admit).

However, the time set for the cooldown seems a little excesive. I have talked to other players online and many agree that the idea is pretty good, but a little too much. I know you listen to your players' feedback about this kind of changes and take it into consideration, so here I am expressing my opinion about it.

If you think it is a better idea to create a new topic about it so we can get more opinions from different users I will gladly do it.

Anyway, thanks foor your attention and congratulations on the server. Feels good to be back.



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